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Laser Hair Restoration

You might know that lasers have been used to remove hairs for years, but did you know lasers can also help you grow back the hair you've lost? Regrowth is possible with the latest laser hair loss treatments! Laser hair therapy is a hair loss alternative to surgery and drugs. Laser hair restoration is a low level laser therapy (LLLT) that has similar properties to other light-based treatments used on skin, such as IPL Photofacial. However, low level lasers are often referred to as "cold" lasers. This is because laser hair therapy doesn't contain that thermal component to burn or vaporize tissue. Although like Photofacial, laser hair therapy's light is absorbed into your skin cells to promote improvement in the deepest layers of your scalp. What laser hair restoration does is increase blood supply to your scalp, which simulates microcirculation, protein synthesis, and cellular metabolism. The results of which should be fuller, thicker hair.

Laser hair growth therapy has been used in Europe and Asia since the 1980's to treat hair loss. Originally developed to remedy diabetics with poor blood flow, low level lasers were found to also increase the thickness and length of body hairs within the laser's radius. Laser Hair therapy can repair and improve hair shaft quality and increase volume, and in some cases provides hair regrowth! Laser hair replacement is also often used in pre- and post- hair transplant surgeries. Many hair transplant surgeons believe laser hair restoration can help the transplant grow quicker and improve your recovery time.

Laser hair therapy is safe and easy to perform and is often recommended by hair transplant surgeons as an accompaniment to hair transplant surgery. A particularly common medium for low level laser therapy includes the HairMax and the Rezultz laser combs. Learn more about these laser hair restoration options during your free consultation!

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