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Hair Loss Treatment Options

ARTAS Hair Restoration System Receives FDA Approval

Computer technology continues to take hair transplantation to the next level, as the ARTAS System clearly shows.

Yes, Caffeine Can Help Grow Hair!

Caffeine can do wonders for hair growth. We explain why, and to get caffeine directly into your hair care routine.

Hair Loss Treatment Options & Reviews

Find out about the newest hair loss treatments available both for men and women. Hair Loss Specialists will help you determine the best hair loss treatment for you. Treatment options include transplants, follicular unit extraction, laser combs, Propecia, and Rogaine.

Hair Restoration Information

Medical Hair Restoration Treatments: Costs and other hair loss treatment options are compared to hair restoration surgery.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a relatively new, less invasive way of obtaining hair grafts for hair transplant surgery, and it's helping to revolutionize the industry.

FUE vs FUT: Breaking Down Hair Transplant Terminology

While Follicular Unit Transplantation is the old favorite for hair restoration, newcomer Follicular Unit Extraction is touting some attractive perks. Learn more about these hair transplant techniques before deciding which is right for you.

Hair Loss Drugs

Popular treatments for Male Pattern Baldness include hair loss drugs such as Propecia and Rogaine. While, not promising full restoration, these hair growth drugs have shown incredible results.

Rogaine Hair Growth Treatment

Rogaine costs and information, compared with other Hair Loss Treatment Options.

Propecia Hair Growth Treatment

Propecia for hair loss! Find out more about finasteride and Propecia at Hair Loss Specialists.

NeoGraft Hair Transplant Review

The NeoGraft machine speeds up the follicular unit transplantation process, making the path to a full of head of hair even easier.

Automated Hair Transplants Using Follicular Unit Extraction

The latest development in FUE uses a robotic arm to perfectly position hair follicles for natural-looking hair transplants.

Receding Hairline Treatments

While very common, a receding hairline cannot necessarily be treated the same way as any other type of hair loss.

Scarless Hair Transplants?

Follicular unit transplantation is revolutionizing hair restoration and minimizing the side effects of the procedure.

Bosley Professional Strength At-Home Treatment Review

Along with state-of-the-art hair transplantation procedures, Bosley Medical also offers an at-home hair therapy system.

Does Propecia Work on Receding Hairlines?

Propecia is one of the leading hair loss treatments on the market, but can it work on the front of the hairline the way it does for the crown?

Does Rogaine Work on Receding Hairlines?

It's generally prescribed for male pattern baldness, but can Rogaine also help regrow hair at the front of the scalp?

Eyebrow Transplant Information

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the latest new developments in hair transplant surgery, working wonders for burn victims and others who've lost their natural eyebrow hairs.

5 Tips for Natural Hair Loss Prevention

There's no sure way to avoid the genetic causes of hair loss, but some lifestyle choices can affect how and to what degree hair loss starts to occur.

Hair Line Lowering Surgery

Precision hair grafting can help patients overcome the unsightly recession of the hair line.

Hair Loss Replacement Systems

Hairpieces, Toupees, Wigs and other Hair Loss Replacement Systems can be an excellent alternative to transplant surgery and drugs. Hair loss replacement has many different option, let Hair Loss Specialists be your guide!

Hair Restoration Surgery Information

Hair restoration surgery has come a long way from obvious hair plugs. Follicular unit transplantation and mico-grafts are changing the look of hair restoration surgery.

Ketoconazole for Hair Loss

The synthetic antifungal ingredient in many dandruff shampoos may also help some hair loss patients regrow hair.

Laser Hair Restoration

Besides hair transplant surgery, Hair Loss Specialists highlights some of the most cutting edge non-surgical hair loss treatments such as Laser Hair Restoration. Laser hair regrowth uses revolutionary cold lasers to achieve hair replacement.

Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair?

Some women in the early stages of hair loss might turn to hair extensions to mask the condition, but does this strategy really accomplish the desired effect?

Stopping the Genetic Hair Loss Process

Hair replacement procedures offer a great new option in fighting back against male pattern baldness.

Laser Hair Removal

Losing hair isn’t the only problem most men face, growing new hair on the back, shoulders, or stomach can be just as devastating. Hair Loss Specialists also options for body hair removal such as state-of-the-art treatments like Laser Hair Removal.

Other Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments address hair loss using vitamins, specially-formulated shampoos, and even hairpieces. They serve as an ideal first step to countering hair loss, thanks to their affordability and lack of recovery time.

Nine Hair Loss-Causing Habits to Avoid

Want to prevent hair loss? It may be as simple as identifying the everyday bad habits that are wreaking havoc on your hair and making simple changes to avoid them.

Help Hair Loss with DIY Masks

Hair loss affects 80 percent of men and 15 percent of women in their lifetimes. But fret not, the solution to the problem could be found in your kitchen.


Top 10 Celebrity Hair Transplants

Hair Transplant Surgery has taken Hollywood by storm. See what big names have been rumored to have had the procedure.

Prince William: Rogaine Spokesman?

The makers of the popular hair loss treatment Rogaine see the recently engaged British prince as a perfect patient and poster boy.

There She Is, Bald Miss America?

Could Miss Delaware, who suffers from the hair loss condition alopecia areata, be crowned Miss America 2011?

Female Celebrity Hair Loss Cases

Whether causes by genetics, over-use of chemicals, or plain craziness, female celebrities are not immune to hair loss.

Wayne Rooney Shares Hair Transplant Experience Online

Soccer superstar Wayne Rooney hasn't shied away from sharing his hair restoration treatments with the world.

Comedian Louis C.K. Talks Hair Loss in Online Chat

The stand-up and star of 'Louie' isn't ashamed of his receding hairline.

5 Balding Athletes & What They're Doing About It

From Wayne Rooney to Lebron James, many superstar athletes have faced their toughest opponent in male pattern baldness.

Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga Inspire New Movement in Wigs

The eccentric, theatrical pop stars own over 1,000 wigs between them, but their style is also leading everyday women to try new styles in hair pieces.

Is Lindsay Lohan Balding?

The ever-troubled Mean Girls star has some speculating that her harsh lifestyle may now be reflecting itself in hair loss.

Justin Bieber Offers Hair Advice to Prince William

The teen pop star, best known for his hair, says the Prince's balding problem perplexes him.

Olympic Cyclist Joanna Rowsell Spins Hair Loss Into Gold

The British gold medal winner credits her struggle with alopecia areata for helping her to become a more focused athlete.

NFL Star Wes Welker Gets Hair Transplant Surgery

The sure-handed New England Patriots receiver got a grip on his hair loss problem over the offseason.

Megan Fox & Kim Kardashian Lead Eyebrow Transplant Trend

According to hair transplant experts, these femme fatales are bringing an increasing number of women into the office for permanently fuller brows.

Skyfall or Hairfall? How Daniel Craig’s Hair Line May Jeopardize Role as James Bond

The latest actor to play 007 isn't the first to see his hairline recede during his time in the role.

Olympic Swimmer Receives FUE Hair Transplant

"I wanted to soften my whole image and make sure that I was a little more approachable to strangers. The best way to do that was by having a hair transplant," said British diver Peter Waterfield.

Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean Transforms With Hair Transplant

Former heartthrob and Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean no longer has to hide under funky fedoras and beanies, thanks to an advanced form of hair transplant surgery.

Can Prince Harry Expect His Own Hair Loss?

Recent photos of the 28-year-old prince suggest Harry may be a victim of the genetics of his older brother and other family members, as thinning spots are emerging on his head as well.

Wayne Rooney Receives 2nd Hair Transplant

Although he received a hair transplant two years ago, Rooney is ready to undergo a supplemental follicular unit extraction transplant to fortify his scalp.

Has Kristen Stewart’s Post-breakup Stress Caused Hair Loss?

Kristen Stewart’s split from Robert Pattinson has taken a toll on the actress, who has been sighted with a large bald patch on her head.

Naomi Campbell's Hair Loss

Naomi Campbell is widely considered one of the world's most beautiful women, but recent beach photos reveal that she has suffered considerable hair loss.

‘N Sync’s Joey Fatone Becomes Hair Loss Spokesman

Former boy band star Joey Fatone recently opened up about his follicular restoration

Stay Cool Megan: 'Cold Cap' Therapy Prevented Hair Loss for Pro Snowboarder

Former British Columbia pro-snowboarder Megan Pischke didn't mess around when it came to dealing with chemotherapy-induced hair loss after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012

Celebrity Interior Designer Redefines Her Image after Hair Loss

After graduating from Brown University and Parsons, Sheila Bridges became a star interior designer, whose clients ranged from entertainers to doctors to a former President and whose talents brought her magazine spreads, a television show and a store in upstate New York

Syreeta Scott Helps Women with Hair Loss from Chemotherapy

Natural hair expert Syreeta Scott has crafted hairstyles for Philadelphia’s A-list celebrities, including singer Jill Scott and Questlove of The Roots. Now, she’s helping those who have lost their hair battling cancer.

Little Known Reasons You May Be Going Bald

For men, hair loss is almost expected. After all, since more than 80% of men experience thinning or loss at some point in their lives, it almost seems like a foregone conclusion, right?

Rob Kardashian’s Struggles with Insomnia and Hair Loss

Reality star and sock designer Rob Kardashian is all about personal improvement these days.

Bradley Cooper Taking Propecia To Combat Hair Loss

Bradley Cooper has successfully made the transition from comedy co-star to Academy Award-nominated leading man, but he’s concerned about preventing another transition - from a full head of hair to baldness

Hair Loss Expert on Beard Transplants and Celebrity Scruff with Howard Stern

Nationally renowned hair loss expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman recently discussed beard transplants and celebrity scruff on Howard Stern’s popular radio show

Celebrity Retreat Uses Diets and Head Massages to Cure Female Baldness

About eight million British women suffer from hair thinning or hair loss at some point in their lives, with causes ranging from hormonal and genetic to dietary and psychological

Three Celebs Who Battled Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

While losing hair after giving birth is natural and well worth it, it is nonetheless an issue that comes at a time when many women are already suffering from low self-esteem after acting as an incubator for nine months.

Former Model Gail Porter Opens Up About Struggle with Alopecia

Used to getting glammed up on a daily basis, Scottish model and actress Gail Porter didn’t feel so beautiful when her hair began to fall out in 2005.

Even Female Celebrities Lose Their Hair

Whether you can take her or leave her, Rosie O’Donnell has always been known for speaking her mind. She recently went public about her hair loss, an issue affecting many women as they age.

The Rise of Donald Trump Shows the Importance of Natural-Looking Hair

Since announcing his candidacy for President of the United States more than a year ago, Donald Trump has been making headlines seemingly around the clock. Whether it’s ongoing debates about Trump’s policy proposals or pundits dissecting his bombastic comments, it seems like you can’t turn on a television or walk by a magazine rack without seeing the business mogul’s face. While the country remains largely divided over the political and social ramifications of Trump’s campaign, most people can generally agree on one thing: something is definitely wrong with his hair.

Matthew McConaughey's Hair Treatmeant: Natural or Surgery?

The controversy surrounding Matthew McConaughey's hair treatment has been as abundant as his newly grown hairline. Was it a hair transplant? Was it a topical hair treatment?

Celebrity Hair Loss Roundup

Celebrity hair loss and subsequent hair loss treatments are always hot topics in tabloids and social media.

Before And After Photos

Hair Restoration Gallery

A collection of hair transplantation before and after images from Hair Loss Specialists.

Bosley Before & After Photos

The following gallery of hair transplant before and after photos showcase the work of professionals from Bosley Hair Restoration, the country's largest network of hair transplant surgeons.

Milwaukee Hair Restoration Before & After Photos

Here are exclusive before and after photos from Dr. Mixter, Dr. Blake, and the technicians at Milwaukee Hair Restoration.

USHR Before & After Pictures

Here is a collection of recent hair transplant surgery before and after photos from the offices of U.S. Hair Restoration in California.

Van Scoy Hair Clinic Before & After Photos

Ohio's family owned and operated Van Scoy Hair Clinic shares some sample before and after results of recent hair loss patients.

Hair Restoration for Men

Male Hair Loss

Hair Loss Specialists provides real answers for men’s hair loss. Hair Transplants and Restoration is THE cure for male pattern baldness, no other male hair loss treatments works better. Our network of 40+ US locations with board certified hair transplant surgeons provides hair loss relief to men all across the country.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness and Hair Loss Solutions for baldness. The Norwood classification system for male pattern hair loss can help identify your particular baldness pattern and help select the best baldness treatment for you.

Hair Transplant Recovery Process

A post-op guide for what to expect after the completion of your hair transplant procedure.

Hair Restoration for Women

Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Hair Loss in Women can differ from the causes of hair loss in men. Find out more about female hair loss at Hair Loss Specialists: causes in women, solutions, hair transplants, hair restoration, and other information.

Hair Transplants for Women

Hair Loss specialists can help provide hair transplants for women. Female hair transplant are not for every woman, but in many case it can restore a woman's natural hairline. Find out more about female hair loss solutions, hair transplants for women, and other hair restoration methods.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern baldness: how does female pattern hair loss differ for women than men? Hair Loss Specialists presents hair loss causes for women, solutions, and facts about female pattern baldness.

Rogaine for Women

Hair Loss in Women. Causes, solutions, hair transplants, hair restoration and other information.

Female Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss in Women. Causes, solutions, hair transplants, hair restoration and other information. What causes hair loss in women: the answer may surprise you.

Can Genetics Cause Female Hair Loss?

New scientific breakthroughs may have identified the genetic key to female hair loss.

Female Hair Loss Treatments

Women's Hair Loss Treatments: Hair Loss Specialists offers the top hair loss treatments for women. We make it easier to explore female hair loss treatments as well as causes and other hair loss information for women.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

The Ludwig classification system shows female pattern hair loss.

Female Shedding: How Much Hair Loss is Too Much?

It certainly isn't unusual for a woman to find a lot of hair in her drain, but when does normal shedding become something more serious?

Hair Restoration for Women

Hair Loss in Women. Causes, solutions, hair transplants, hair restoration and other information.

Thinning Hair in Women

Hair Loss in Women. Causes, solutions, hair transplants, hair restoration and other information.

Vitamin Supplements for Female Hair Loss

For women worried about early hair loss, some vitamin supplements may help encourage follicle strength and thickness, but their effect is limited.

Theradome Laser Helmet Fights Hair Loss in Women

The Theradome helmet offers the first and only FDA-approved clinical strength restorative laser hair treatment.

Causes of Hair Loss

Uncovering the Connection: COVID-19 and Male Hair Loss

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a number of unexpected changes to our lives, and one of the most common side effects reported is male hair loss.

Nine Hair Loss-Causing Habits to Avoid

Want to prevent hair loss? It may be as simple as identifying the everyday bad habits that are wreaking havoc on your hair and making simple changes to avoid them.

Hundreds of Women Blame Smoothing Kit for Hair Loss

Hundreds of women across the United States recently sued the manufacturer and designer of a hair smoothing product that allegedly caused severe hair loss

Hair Loss Causes

What causes hair loss? Find out hair loss causes and solutions for men at Hair Loss Specialists.

Actress Selma Blair Draws Attention to Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss can catch many new mothers off guard, but can it be permanent?

Autumn Hair Loss Panic: Is Seasonal Shedding Real?

It's not all in your head! Seasonal hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, including hormone phases and decreased sunlight.

Can a Healthy Diet Help Prevent Hair Loss?

While eating habits can't prevent genetics from taking hold, some foods may help hair stay healthier and reduce the onset of hair loss.

Can Certain Diets Help Cause Hair Loss?

Some fad diets may help you lose pounds, but reduced iron, protein, and vitamins may have unexpected consequences.

Can Genetics Cause Female Hair Loss?

New scientific breakthroughs may have identified the genetic key to female hair loss.

Can Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

Millions of people, particularly women, use dye regularly to give their hair a new look. But could repeated use of hair dye actually contribute to hair loss down the road?

Can Sleep Apnea Cause Hair Loss?

This sleep disorder, and the stress associated with it, may raise the risk of early hair loss.

Can Wearing Hats Cause Hair Loss?

Is there any truth to the myth that consistent hat wearing can actually contribute to increased hair loss? Hair Loss Specialists investigates.

Can Weaves and Braids Cause Hair Loss?

A new study shows certain popular African-American hairstyles may increase the chance for premature balding in women and men.

Does Hair Loss Really Skip a Generation?

Time to set the record straight. Are you really fated to your grandpa's hairline?

8 Hair Loss Myths: Fact vs Fiction

Everyone has their theories about what does or doesn't lead to hair loss. Now it's time to get to the root of the matter.

8 Medications That Cause Hair Loss

Before presuming you're losing your hair for good, it's important to note whether some of these common medications may to blame for your thinning hairline.

Female Hair Loss Causes

Hair Loss in Women. Causes, solutions, hair transplants, hair restoration and other information. What causes hair loss in women: the answer may surprise you.

5 Odd Reasons for Hair Fall

Losing between 50-100 hairs per day is normal, but these five conditions may be contributing to even greater hair loss.

Hair Loss Causes: DHT

The hormone DHT is now considered one of the primary causes of hair loss. So what is DHT, and can anything to curb its effects?

How Fast Can the Hair Loss Process Happen?

Once you start losing your hair, the rate at which its lost can depend on a number of factors.

An Intro to Pregnancy Related Hair Loss

Pregnancy can give a woman a lovely glow, but it some cases, it may also take a toll on her hairline.

L’Oreal Scientists Say Hair Thinning Caused by ‘Sleepy’ Follicles

Study suggests not only that hair sometimes goes dormant, but that it could also be revived.

Medical & Non-Medical Approaches to Menopause-Related Hair Loss

Up to 50% of women experiencing menopause will suffer from hair loss—find out why, and what you can do about it.

Menopause and Hair Loss

While less publicized than male pattern baldness, women can face a similar problem with thinning hair, particular with the onset of menopause.

New Connection Found Between Human Hair Loss and Animal Fur Shedding

Recent USC study unearths surprising parallels between human balding and the way animals shed their fur.

New Study: Divorce Contributes to Female Hair Loss

Recent research has identified divorce and the death of a husband among the leading causes of hair loss in women.

Possible Psychological Causes of Hair Loss

Losing one's hair is not always the result of a genetic predisposition, as stress and other factors can have surprising effects on the hairline.

Steroids and Hair Loss

Among a long list of potential health risks linked to steroid use, hair loss is one of the most often discussed. Hair Loss Specialists takes a closer look.

Thinning Hair vs Hair Loss: Assessing the Differences

The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but hair that's thinning is not necessarily falling out.

What is Alopecia?

Scientists continue to debate the causes of hair loss, or alopecia, as well as how it might be prevented.

What Is Telogen Effluvium?

A form of rapid, sudden hair loss or alopecia, telogen effuvium may not respond to the same sorts of hair restoration methods as other types of hair loss.

Constant Dyeing is Ruining January Jones' Hair

The blonde bombshell's increasing screen time has wreaked havoc on her strands. Use our tips to learn how to fight hair loss caused by excessive hair dyeing.

Hair Sunscreen and Other Ingenious Ways to Battle Thinning Hair

We have more control over hair loss than we think. And that gives back power to both genders tirelessly fighting thinning scalps.

Prematurely Bald

Going prematurely bald is common. In fact, more than one in four men experience hair loss before the age of 21. Learn more and find out how to combat your hair loss in this helpful post.

From Nutrient Deficiency to Stress: 4 Reasons You Could Be Going Bald

For some men, going bald is no big deal, but for others it can be a source of insecurity and embarrassment. While there are a number of contributing factors – many of them like genetics entirely beyond your control – it's entirely possible that certain lifestyle choices are exacerbating or even causing your hair loss.

Hair Restoration Costs and Financing

Hair Restoration Costs

Hair Loss Specialists offers hair restoration cost information and hair transplant surgery price ranges. Find out the costs of hair transplants by hair graft or by surgery.

Hair Transplant Costs

Up to date Hair Transplant cost information and comparisons. Surgeons can charge per graft or per hour, find out what the right costs of hair transplants are for your needs.

Hair Transplant Risks & Side Effects

Hair Transplant Risks and Side Effects

Modern hair restoration surgery is very safe, but as with any procedure, there are risk factors to know ahead of time, and some possible side effects to be aware of post-surgery.

Hair Transplant Recovery Information

Once your hair transplant is complete, it's vitally important to follow these steps to ensure great, long lasting results.

Propecia Risks and Side Effects

The popular hair loss solution Propecia is FDA approved and proven effective, but like any drug, it does have potential risks.

Rogaine Risks and Side Effects

Like any prescription drug, Rogaine can offer great results, but also comes with potential risks, which Hair Loss Specialists investigates here.

Finasteride Side Effects and Risks

Better known by the brand name Propecia, Finasteride has shown success in slowing male hair loss, but it's not without potential risks.

Minoxidil Risks and Side Effects

Known by the brand name Rogaine, the hair loss treatment Minoxidil is FDA approved, but can pose some risks that users should be aware of.

About Hair Transplant Scars

The follicular unit extraction method of hair transplant surgery is helping hair loss doctors to deliver better results with minimal to no scarring.

Can Hair Loss Drugs Cause Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual side effects have occasionally been linked to hair loss drugs like Propecia, but what have the studies actually shown?

Hair Transplants and Water: Do They Mix?

One of the key tests for any hair restoration treatment is how restored hair looks when wet. Will a day at the pool reveal anything about a hair transplant?

Research Suggests Avodart is not a Desirable Hair Restoration Option

medical advisers warn you to avoid the drug dutasteride- Avodart- since the drug can cause serious birth defects and risks can continue several months after stopping use

Hair Loss Product Reviews

The Best (and Worst) Hair Thickening Products

Hair Loss Specialists looks at some of the most popular store-bought solutions for thinning hair, and how they stack up.

Do Hair Loss Shampoos Really Work?

The hair care market has been flooded with supposed hair growth shampoos, but can any of them truly slow the hair loss process?

HairMax Laser Comb Review

The HairMax Laser comb uses low level light therapy to revitalize your hair line. Compares cost and information to other Hair Restoration Options.

Nizoral Shampoo Review: Anti-Dandruff Turned Anti-Balding?

You may have heard that shampoos with Nizoral are needed to help any hair restoration treatment succeed, but is this backed up by research?

Propecia Linked to Depression?

A study about rare side effects of the hair loss drug also show increased chance of depression with affected patients.

Propecia vs. Rogaine: Head to Head

They're the two biggest names in at-home hair loss treatments, so how do Propecia and Rogaine stack up against each other and other treatment options?

Provillus Review: Hair Loss Helper or Overambitious Multivitamin?

New hair growth product tries to cover the oral and topical supplement market, but does it work?

Ranking the Best Hair Thickening Shampoos

Hair Loss Specialists looks at some of the leading, non-prescription shampoos available to help fight thinning hair.

Review of Keranique’s Thinning Hair Solution for Women Kit

Keranique's line of hair thickening products for women make bold promises, but are they viable alternatives to prescription meds or hair transplants?

Review: Procerin for Hair Loss

It claims to be a natural solution to hair loss, but the oral tablet and topical treatment Procerin may not deliver results for all users.

Review: Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Toppik hair products won't help with hair regrowth or thinning, but can have aesthetic benefits in terms of how your existing hair looks to others.

Top 5 Hair Loss Shampoos

While no shampoo is able to help regrow hair, these noted hair loss shampoos are believed to help slow hair loss and retain current follicles.

Top 5 Hair Loss Vitamin Supplements

The jury is still out on whether hair loss supplements and pills can truly deliver the consistent results they promise, but these 5 products have managed to gain favor with hair loss patients in recent years.

What is Minoxidil?

The key ingredient in popular hair growth creams like Rogaine, Minoxidil is still somewhat of a mystery to scientists.


Hair Loss Treatment FAQ

Hair Loss Specialists provides upto-date research and information about hair loss treatment options including FAQ’s… Discover the definition of follicular and micro grafts, how hair transplant surgery works, the cost of hair transplants, minimum age for surgery, female hair loss treatment information, Propecia, and more!

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Hair Loss Forum

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General Interest

Balding Bears: What Can Be Learned from Alopecia Cases in Alaskan Polar Bears

A mysterious outbreak of hair loss in some Alaskan polar bears seems surprisingly similar to human alopecia cases.

Baldness Cure 5 Years Away?

German scientists have used stem cells to successfully grow hair follicles, setting the stage for a potential hair loss cure in the near future.

Baldness Cure? Japanese Study Successfully Grows Hair on Hairless Mice

Stem cell research has brought a group of Japanese scientists closer to a possible breakthrough in hair loss treatment.

Bioluminescence Sheds Light on Stem Cell Hair Therapy

New research indicates that scientific hair regeneration might be a viable solution for hair loss in the near future.

Cancer Survivors Crusade for Bald Barbie

Two women have started a campaign for a new educational Barbie doll in 2012.

Coconut: The Secret to a Stronger Scalp

Rely on these coconut concoctions for a more conditioned scalp, leading to a fuller head of hair.

Cold Cap Therapy: Reducing Chemotherapy Hair Loss

For cancer patients on chemotherapy, a new development out of England may prevent the hair loss that generally accompanies the treatment.

Could Glaucoma Treatment Cure Hair Loss?

Studies show that the glaucoma medication Bimatoprost may offer a strand of hope to those suffering from hair loss.

5 Ways To Stop Teen Hair Loss In Its Tracks

Nutrient deficiency, certain medications, and psychological disorders may be the root cause of teen hair loss.

The Hair Loss Checklist: A Step By Step Guide to Fighting Baldness

Hair Loss Specialists simplifies the process of assessing all your hair restoration options with this handy collection of tips.

Hairstyles to Hide Hair Loss

During the early stages of hair loss, you can get creative to conceal thinning areas of the scalp.

Preventing Winter Hair Fall Out

It's not just your toes that need extra layers during the winter-- hot oil, a healthy diet, and gentle styling can keep your hair intact in even the harshest weather.

Propecia Over the Counter?

The so-called hair loss miracle drug requires a prescription from a doctor, but might this change in the near future?

Scalp Cooler Helps Reduce Hair Loss in Cancer Patients

A new British invention may help cancer patients retain more of their hair during chemotherapy sessions.

Scientists Researching Stress Stumble On Hair Loss Breakthrough

A recent UCLA study may have unintentionally brought us closer to finding a cure for baldness.

Stem Cell Recount: A Cure for Hair Loss?

A new study about the true nature of male hair loss is giving new hope to a baldness cure in the near future.

Traction Alopecia: How Braids and Weaves May Cause Hair Loss

African-American women have proven particularly vulnerable to this specific form of gradual hair loss.

Types of Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Women considering hair extensions as a hair loss solution should be well versed in the numerous options available.

Why Has Baldness Survived Evolution?

Vitamin D absorption and heightened sexual attraction may have contributed to the survival of baldness in humans.

Mexico City Hair Restoration: Bosley Medical

Bosley employs the world's most experienced network of hair transplant surgeons, and patients in Mexico City can now enjoy the benefits of this unmatched hair loss solution.

Brothers Undergo Dual Hair Transplants

Two brothers from the United Kingdom are taking family bonding to new heights by undergoing follicular unit extraction hair transplant surgery together.

Elementary School Provides Massive Hair Donation to National Charity

Sixty-six students, parents, and staff members of the Amsterdam Elementary School in New Jersey have donated over a whopping 660 inches- over 5.5 feet- to the Locks of Love, a non-profit charity that provides for disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss.

New 'Vampire' Treatment Used In Hair Restoration

The Vampire Treatment uses substances in the patient’s own blood to stimulate new hair growth.

Sticky Situation: Glued Wig Provider Refunds Unhappy Customer

A Melbourne hair-growth company will refund an unhappy client $3,500 after questions are raised about the company's links to a new hair treatment business.

Eyebrow Fashions Help Promote Interest in Eyebrow Restoration

As the brow struts back into style, many are now considering eyebrow restoration treatments as a worthwhile investment.

Aromatherapy: the Remedy for Temporary Hair Loss?

This alternative therapy, which uses essential plant oils treats a form of temporary, often stress-related ‘patchy’ hair loss called alopecia areatna.

Hair Loss Drug Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer

Men widely use the hormone-blocking drug finasteride to treat male-pattern baldness and shrink enlarged prostates. According to a recent study, they could use it to lower their risk for prostate cancer.

Can Stress Really Cause Grey Hair?

Ever been told to relax to keep your hair from greying? Well, it turns out that there is some scientific evidence to back the anecdotal belief that stress can turn your hair grey

9 Year-Old Florida Girl Overcomes Hair Loss

Orlando doctors successfully treated a 9-year-old girl suffering from alopecia areata after years of mysterious hair loss

Onion Juice used to Treat Hair Loss?

Using onion juice for hair loss is an age old phenomenon. Believe it or not, the vegetable does, in fact, treat hair loss effectively.

Vancouver Hair Restoration: Bosley Medical

Bosley employs North America's largest, most experienced network of hair transplant surgeons, and Vancouver residents can now benefit from this unmatched hair loss solution.

PRO-VAXA Fights Hair Loss During Menopause

The dietary supplement PRO-VAXA is now the preferred alternative to prescription medications and surgical treatments for fighting hair loss in women during menopause

Five Aesthetic Solutions for Hair Loss

Everyday hair loss is a common problem among aging women, but the topic is taboo. Luckily, AARP offers five solutions for looks that work after hair loss occurs.

Eight Benefits of Castor Oil on the Hair

Hair problems can come in many forms, from thinning to dry scalp to hair loss to split ends, but now, you can rid your hair of these issues with castor oil.

Fifth-grader Educates Peers about Alopecia Areata

Jeremiah Spaude, a fifth grader in Wisconsin, recently taught his classmates about alopecia areata, a hair loss condition and autoimmune disease with which he was diagnosed at age 6.

Tap Water in the United Arab Emirates Could Trigger Hair Loss

Medical experts have recently speculated that tap water found in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) could trigger hair loss

Biotin Helps Reverse Hair Loss and Promotes Overall Health

Many women use Biotin, a vitamin found on the shelves of most local drugstores and natural food shops, for the beauty benefits, but it turns out that biotin could play a much larger role in women’s overall health.

Hundreds of Women Blame Smoothing Kit for Hair Loss

Hundreds of women across the United States recently sued the manufacturer and designer of a hair smoothing product that allegedly caused severe hair loss

Four Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

Much like our nails, hair is an extension of our body that lends clues about our overall health

Rise in Balding Women Resorting to Hair Transplant Surgery

A London clinic claims that compared to 2011, it has witnessed an 82 percent increase in the number of women undergoing hair transplants this year. The clinic also notes that the average age of women seeking hair transplants is 39

More Men Undergo Hair Transplants in Lieu of 'Miracle Treatments'

It appears that male hair loss sufferers are giving up on trying miracle pills and internet potions to reverse their condition

Hair Loss Threatens about One in Six Relationships in Singapore

According to a recent survey of Singaporean perceptions on balding, seven percent of Singaporeans would consider breaking up with their partners and a further 10 percent would be embarrassed about introducing partners to their friends and family, if said partners were suffering from hair loss

Cloning Cells: The Answer to Hair Loss?

United States researchers recently created a hair restoration method to potentially grow new hair follicles using a patient’s own cells

Profollica Treats Male Pattern Baldness

Thoroughly researched and tested in clinical trials, Profollica has shown a 90 percent reduction in hair loss

California High School Polo Team Suffers Hair Loss and Skin Irritation from Pool

With a faulty carbon dioxide tank and a low chlorine level, Berkeley High School’s swimming pool irritated students’ eyes and skin, changed their hair color and caused them to lose their body hair

Products Help Women with Hair Loss

According to ABC Local in Houston, about 60 percent of women deal with hair loss, either hereditary or caused by such lifestyle factors as pregnancy, stress, medication or surgery

The Truth about Hair Oil and Why It’s Not an Ideal Dandruff Cure

Hair oil may offer relief from an itchy flaky scalp, but the oil is not the best cure for dandruff, according to Dr. Vijay Singhal, dermatologist at Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss Require Immediate Attention

Hair loss can cause a myriad of side effects, from the physical to the psychological and emotional

How One Woman Corrected Her Embarrassing Hair Loss

When 32-year-old event planner Victoria Gibson saw pictures from her office Christmas party she was shocked by the extent of her hair loss

Veterans’ Charity Provides Hair Restoration for Wounded Soldiers

When most people think of hair restoration surgery, they imagine a man who has fallen victim to that inherited condition that is the bane of so many men’s scalps - male pattern baldness.

Four Hair Loss Treatments for 2014

In October, big headlines announced that scientists had successfully grown human hair in the laboratory. Some trumpeted it as the end of baldness or a miracle cure. But the truth is that hair “cloning” and gene therapy are far from being available on the market to combat baldness.

Model Doesn’t Let Surgery Scars and Chemo-Induced Baldness Stop Her from Working

Elly Mayday, a 25-year-old model who is often described in the industry as plus-size (she prefers normal-size), hasn’t let her battle with ovarian cancer stop her career

Keep Your Hair Loss at Bay, Comb Your Hair the Right Way!

Failing to take the time to comb your hair well may be ruining your luscious locks. Hair experts claim that combing your hair is the best way to keep your hair healthy, shiny and lustrous. Combing your hair the right way can also keep hair loss at bay

University of Pennsylvania Researchers Offer New Baldness Cure

University of Pennsylvania researchers recently released a study using stem cells in mice to grow large numbers of active hair follicles, offering a potential cure for male pattern baldness.

Stop Damaging Your Hair! Follow These Simple Tips for Hair Preservation

Hair grows when it’s healthy, but if we damage our locks enough, our hair stops growing back the way we want it to.

Techniques to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Hair loss is a common problem for chemotherapy patients. The therapy targets the uncontrollable growth of cancer cells but unfortunately also acts on normal cells and often results in numerous other side effects

Tests Resume on Cold Caps to Reduce Hair Loss during Chemotherapy

Before undergoing her second round of chemotherapy, breast cancer patient Deborah Cohan dipped her brown ringlets in water and put on a tight, silicone and neoprene cap to cool her head to just above freezing.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation: The Latest Weapon Against Hair Loss

Scalp micro-pigmentation offers sufferers the option of a faster and less invasive process of concealing balding or thinning areas

Expert Advice Addresses Hair Loss in Children

While we tend to think of older adults when it comes to hair loss, children are often plagued with the condition as well, despite their young age

University of Pennsylvania Dermatologist Closer to Hair Loss Cure

Xu told that his research is promising in finding a human hair loss treatment.

Entrepreneur’s Personal Hair Loss Experience Leads to Wig Shop

Allyson Toone lost her hair after developing leukemia at age 19 and going through several treatments, including a bone marrow transplant. Even after beating cancer, her hair never grew all the way back

Hair Loss Experts Warns Against Transplants for Men in their 20s

Hair loss expert Dr. Abraham Armani warns that men in their 20s will regret undergoing a hair transplant

Mayo Clinic Points Towards Genetics as Cause of Teen's Hair Loss

The Mayo Clinic recently responded to a question concerning a 19-year-old’s hair loss, citing genetics as a potential cause of the condition.

Research Could Revolutionize Treatment for Scars, Anti-aging and Hair Loss

This newfound discovery could pave the way for treatments to repair injured skin and reduce the negative impact of aging on skin function

Medical Conditions that Cause Hair Loss

While most hair loss is simply hereditary, if hair follicles are uniform in size or the hair loss is sudden, the condition is likely caused by something else, like a medical issue or disease

Ways to Conquer Stress and Save Your Luscious Locks

Dealing with problems head on as well as anticipating and preventing problems will significantly reduce stress levels. Therefore, it’s very important to speak up when something is bothering you

Female Alopecia Patients Speak Out on their Hair Loss

When it comes to prom, most teenage girls focus on details like the perfect dress and accessories, but for alopecia patient Jennifer DeFreece, she remembers one simple detail

Bald Men Turn to Micropigmentation

Bald men are increasingly turning to an ink procedure called micropigmentation as a permanent cure for their hair loss.

Henna Crowns and Hair Loss?

With artists across the globe, Toronto-based company Henna Heals aims to help hair loss sufferers reclaim control over their bodies by drawing elaborate henna crowns on their heads.

In the News: Stem Cells used in Hair Loss Treatment

The emotional affects of hair loss can be devastating.

Statins Causing Hair Loss?

Is hair loss an effect of Statins?

Helping Hair Loss One Wig at a Time

One hairdresser is combating this problem one wig at a time

New Technology May Limit Hair Transplant Scarring

There might be a new hair transplant technique that will involve minimal scarring.

Scrub Hair Loss with Homemade Shampoos

Salon owner and stylist Tamika Fletcher uses a scalp scope at her Natural Resouces Salon to take photos of the scalp and identify and address individual hair loss and growth problems

Arthritis Drug Cures One Man’s Hair Loss

When it comes to his hair, Kyle Rhodes can choose from a myriad of styles, from a long full Viking beard to a 1980s style mullet to a nice clean shaven look

Wig Seller Gives Second Chances for Women

Flora Shepelsky of Design by Flora does more than simply sell wigs to female hair loss sufferers.

5 Misconceptions about Baldness

Pinpointing one cause of hair loss is difficult, since genetic, hormonal and environmental factors all contribute to the condition.

Senior Explores Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

When Mercedes Lopez first noticed her hair falling out in the shower, she didn’t pay much attention to it, but soon enough, entire clumps were falling out in her hands

Fight Cancer, Keep Your Hair: A Radiation Remedy?

Lynn Malayter was shocked to be diagnosed with breast cancer nearly two years ago. After she started chemotherapy and began losing her hair, her husband shaved her head. She bought scarves, hats and wigs to cover her head, which was constantly cold

Asper-Lame: How Diet Coke & Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Hair Loss

Could diet drinks actually cause hair loss?

British Star Turns Tide on Hair Loss, So Can You!

“An inch fell out from all around my hairline and I had bald patches in my parting all over the top of my head that were up to a centimeter wide,” the 47-year-old star explained

Provillus Prevails: The 3 Best Hair Loss Treatments of 2014

While large amounts of testosterone can lead to hair loss in men, the most common cause is male pattern baldness, a genetic trait passed down from either parent

Mo' Money, Mo' Baldness: Do Higher Salaries Lead to Hair Loss?

Brits who earn £75k (roughly $125k) or more are more likely to believe their hair is thinning due to the pressure and strain of their work than those earning just £15k ($24k), according to a recent survey carried out on behalf of L’Oréal Professional

Balding Men: What You Need to Know Before it's Too Late

According to a recent study, over 62 percent of men say that losing their tresses could also reduce their sense of self esteem

The Bald and the Beautiful: Wigs for Kids Makes a Difference

Michael Suba never gave much thought to the wig business, until he was diagnosed in 1990 with Hodgkin lymphoma

Good Sportsmanship: Footballer Helps Young Fan with Alopecia

English footballer Jonjo Shelvey has just secured a very important fan. Young Harry Jacobs, age 7, suffers from Alopecia totalis, the exact same condition as his 22-year-old Premier League midfielder role model

Losing Hair? Better Check Your Prostate

According to data collected and screened by the U.S. Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial, men who undergo significant hair loss at age 45 are more prone to an aggressive form of prostate cancer

Want to Prevent Hair Loss? Try These Yoga Moves!

From hormonal issues to pollution to chemical treatments, a myriad of factors can cause hair loss

Consider the Onion: How One Bitter Bulb Can Make Your Hair Look Sweet

Onions are a favorite topping for salads and burgers and they taste great fried into rings. The one place you probably haven’t thought of putting onions is on your head.

How to Get Away with Hair Loss: Viola Davis Shares Her Story

Hair Loss is not limited to men. Just ask critically acclaimed actress Viola Davis. The first rate performer and first class individual may have caused waves in the entertainment industry by walking down the 2012 Oscar red carpet with her natural hair but it was a long time coming for Davis

Sorry, Dracula, Garlic Linked to Hair Restoration

Garlic breath never had it so good. According to a new report, garlic is getting a shot at redemption by offering numerous health benefits. Published by The Raw Food World News, the account links garlic to the treatment of over 150 ailments.

Poor Diet, Tight Ponytail, and More: 5 Horrible Hair Loss Habits to Avoid

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the average person loses about 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, some men and women experience much more hair loss and thinning. The earlier this issue is address, the better the outcome for hair loss sufferers

Joan Lunden Inspires Viewers with Hair Loss

Bald is beautiful and Joan Lunden proved it on October’s People magazine cover

Apple Fans, Beware: The Latest iPhone Could Lead to Hair Loss

After initial reports that the 6 has an unfortunate habit of bending in users’ pockets, the Internet is now abuzz with a new phenomenon known as Hairgate

Did Ancient Egypt Hold the Secrets to Hair Restoration?

Ancient Egyptians and alopecia, who would have thought?

A Safe Haven Salon for Chemo-Patients

Imagine having your breasts removed, gaining weight and losing your hair in haystacks in a matter of months

Popular Birth Control Pill Linked to Hair Loss: Is It Yours?

One of the most widespread forms of birth control, the pill offers easy family planning for millions of Americans. However, new research suggests that not all brands of birth control are created equal. In fact, a popular contraceptive pill called Loestrin has been linked to serious hair loss among its female users

Could Your Medication Cause Hair Loss?

For many of us, hair isn’t just something that grows on the top of our heads. It’s also an important aspect of our personal style and identity, affecting the way others perceive us as well as how we see ourselves. As a result, hair loss can have a profound and devastating effect on our lives

Get Luscious Locks with Keratin: Just Powder, Pat & Spray

The moment before a selfie is shot, we pucker up like Marilyn Monroe and make sure our hair is perfect. But for the many who suffer from hair thinning and loss, snapping a picture that inevitably shows the crown can be embarrassing to say the least.

Have a Beer and Burger, Get Healthy Hair

And according to research, 10 foods that fortify hair and nails prove that what you put in your mouth will make a noticeable difference in your appearance.

The ‘Man Bun’ Ain’t So Fun

Male pattern baldness is a common problem among men of a certain age. However, according to new reports, genetics isn’t the only factor contributing to hair loss in members of the masculine sex. Popularized by celebs such as Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth, a new hairstyle known as the man bun could be causing dozens of dudes to suffer hair loss due to a condition called traction alopecia.

Lasers Are The Future of Healthy Hair

Tom Magliaro got the attention of former NFL star Ryan Pontbriand. When the 9-year Cleveland Browns snapper realized his hair was thinning, it was not too late for the player. Pontbriand shared his story in a TM Hair testimonial, explaining how uncomfortable it was for him to wear a football helmet for almost a decade during his career.

Started From The Bottom, Now We're Here...With Healthy, Natural Hair

Sick of suffering through long hours with hair straighteners? These days, many women are ditching their hot irons and expensive weaves in favor of rocking their beautiful, natural ‘dos. However, it’s important to remember that natural hair has its own set of strict care requirements.

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The best kept hair growth secret in the world, according to Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport, is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP). Exactly as it sounds, platelet-rich plasma is hemoglobin augmented with platelets that include numerous and diverse growth factors that prove to keep hair in place.

All About Alopecia: The Silent Killer

Hair loss can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from male pattern baldness to chemical damage due to over-processing. However, there’s one cause of hair loss with which you may be less familiar.

De-Stress for Your Tresses

Suffering from hair loss? Your stress level could be to blame. From relationship issues to problems at work, excess worrying can have a significant effect on hair growth in women.

Maximize Your Manly Baldness with 3 Easy Tips

No one looks forward to dealing with hair loss. However, for many men, suffering from thinning hair is a regrettable but inevitable part of the aging process. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to minimize the trauma of losing your hair and make the most out of your new ‘do. Here are a few great tips to help men bear their hair loss with style.

3 Causes of Hair Loss and How to Combat Them

Losing a few strands of hair in the shower is hardly the end of the world. However, if you’re shedding more than 100 hairs a day, you may be experiencing higher-than-average hair loss.

From Hormones to Medications: Learn What's Causing Your Hair Loss

Celebrities like The Rock, Bruce Willis and Sean Connery have turned baldness into a sexy trend, but women are not afforded such a luxury. When women lose their hair, it is a whole different story, except for brave souls like Joan Lunden, who appeared on the October cover of People bald and beautiful, showing she battles her cancer courageously.

Excess Oil Plus Tight Hairstyles Equals Hair Loss

Dr. Milton Moore heard of Brittany Dever’s condition and immediately sought to help her fight folliculitis induced alopecia.

3 Underlying Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Did you know that thinning hair and hair loss affect 25 percent of women in the United States? Although female hair loss is clearly a common problem, women with this condition may feel isolated and even ashamed.

The Permanent Buzz Cut: Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

New York photographer Juan Calcano’s family cannot tell the difference between the 32-year-old’s real hair and the Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP) he has had performed.

Grow Thicker Healthier Hair at Home with Kitchen Ingredients

Hair loss can result from a wide range of factors including increased stress levels, genetic conditions and predilections and even poor air and water quality.

The Connection Between Hair Loss and White Blood Cells

Hair loss isn’t just an aesthetic issue. The condition can also cause a great deal of psychological pain and even have a significant effect on your self-esteem.

I Like Your Beehive: Bee Glue Helps Hair Grow

Who ever would have thought that bees would have anything to do with hair loss?

From Cloning to Robots: Top Hair Restoration Methods

With science and technology changing the course of balding caused by heredity or disease, losing one’s hair is not as life-alarming as it used to be. Not only can it be stopped, a few top hair loss treatments give patients more than one option to take off their hats with confidence.

Footballer Helps Sister With Alopecia

A disease in which patients suddenly lose the hair on their heads and bodies, alopecia can cause a great deal of pain and suffering for those afflicted. Recently, the sister of Premier League footballer James Ward-Prowse, Emma Turner, made headlines as one of the youngest people in Britain to be diagnosed with this troubling condition.

Not Just A Bad Hair Day: Female Hair Loss On The Rise

Do you worry about losing your hair? If so, then you’re not alone. While studies in Britain indicate that 8 million women in the UK currently suffer from hair loss, anecdotal evidence suggests that the true figures may be much higher.

Fighting the Waking Nightmare That is Hair Loss

When Delilah cut Sampson’s hair while he was sleeping to leave him vulnerable when facing the enemy, he woke weak and without the strength and confidence he needed to conquer evil. The famous Old Testament tale is a solid example of how balding women must feel when they realize hair loss.

From Brussels Sprouts to Yogurt: How to Halt Hair Loss

According to a recent study from the Laboratoires Innéov in France, supplementing one’s diet with fatty acids may result in an overall improvement to both hair health and appearance.

Prevent Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss with These Tips

Post delivery hair loss is a direct result of childbirth. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), directly after giving birth some hair loss will inevitably occur.

Raising Research and Improving Lives for Alopecia Sufferers

Recently, a mother in England found a very special way of showing her young son how much she cares. After her son Ethan was diagnosed with alopecia, Melanie Doig organized a fundraising event to help sponsor research about this devastating condition.

Is This Future Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Treatment for You?

It’s easy to see why finding a cure for baldness has become a scientific holy grail. And now, a team of researchers in Orlando believes it’s on track to developing a natural treatment for hair loss using human stem cells.

4 Supplements to Supercharge Your Hair Health

Hard to pronounce but promising to promote hair growth, four ingredients can help you keep your head of locks, according to Youth Health Magazine.

Over-Dyed and Undernourished: Too Many Dye Jobs Leave Woman with Bald Spots

A 28-year-old woman was left with thinning hair and a bald crown after bleaching and dyeing her hair hundreds of times throughout adolescence and early adulthood.

From H2O to Leafy Greens: What You Need to Boost Hair Health

From suffering high stress levels to not getting enough sleep, there are various factors that can affect your hair’s health and appearance. While many of these influences are difficult to control, one easy way to boost hair strength is to improve the overall quality of your diet.

11 Tips for Healthy, Flowing Locks

Want to grow your hair longer? Cosmopolitan went to hair care expert and celebrity stylist Mark Townsend for the best tips and tricks to achieve long, radiant hair.

From Organic Products to Sun Protection: Hair and Skin Care from an Expert

When you testify before Congress, host PBS specials and author four best-selling books, assumingly you know a thing or two about hair and skin care.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Venture into Hair Kare

With her sisters Kourtney and Khloe, 34-year-old Kim Kardashian West recently unveiled her new hair care line.

Everyday Seasonings to Boost Hair Health

According to recent statistics, 35 million men and 21 million women in the United States suffer some degree of hair loss, along with the accompanying negative impact to self-esteem. While some hair loss results from underlying health conditions, many cases can be mitigated with changes to diet and lifestyle.

Want Voluminous Hair? Avoid Fatty, Sugary Foods

If you don’t want flat hair, then don’t eat certain fare. Some proteins, carbohydrates, sugars and salt keep hair down, not letting it shine to the occasion, according to The Daily Meal.

Battle of the Braids: Their Damage and What You Can Do About It

Attention extension lovers: your braids could be doing serious damage to your hair. For years now, braids have been extremely popular, based in part on claims that they can help hair to grow. Sadly, like many beauty secrets, these claims are somewhat exaggerated. Braids don’t actually help your hair to grow, but they can aid in length retention.

From Oysters to Spinach: The Best Eats for Strong Hair

Want to avoid brittle hair that breaks? Then get out your pen and add some of this strong hair fare to your grocery shopping list.

Hair Building Fibers: Shampoo, Condition and Spray Your Way to Longer Locks

Hair building fibers are exactly as they sound. When hair building fibers, which are made of natural and keratin protein similar to human hair, are charged with energy, growth will occur.

Rub Some Java On Your Head, Sit Back and Watch Your Hair Grow!

While the “hair of the dog” is drinking alcohol to help with a hangover, consuming caffeine can put hair on a human, according to Dr. Adolph Klenk.

The Top 4 Dos and Don'ts to Revive Thinning Hair

Have you noticed that your hair doesn’t look as full as it once did? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, roughly two-thirds of all women experience some degree of hair loss. And while thinning hair may be frustrating, you’re certainly not powerless to stop it.

Promising Study Shows Nutrition Key to Fighting Female Hair Loss

Although hair loss is traditionally thought of as a male problem, roughly half of all women over the age of 50 report experiencing thinning or lost hair. Even today, treatment options for hair loss are fairly limited, consisting mostly of topical creams or follicle transplantation.

Let Chili Powder Give Your Hair the Growth Kick It Needs!

Roughly 50 percent of us will experience hair loss at some point in our lives. So far, medical science has yet to uncover a surefire way to help fight hair loss.

Five Shampoos to Fight Hair Loss

According to experts, more than 80% of men will see a noticeable loss or thinning of hair before their 50th birthday.

Luscious Locks Also Come with More Body Hair

Often we can’t see what is right in front of our eyes. An awesome example is taking supplements to have strong healthy hair but then wondering why we are constantly having to schedule lunch break waxing or laser treatments to remove the speedy growth.

The Important Role Vitamins Play in Hair Growth

It’s a simple fact. Our body must be fed to give us energy, so optimal nutrition means better body opportunities. In the very complex human system, the most vital factor is protein.

To Dry Shampoo or Not to Dry Shampoo, That is the Question

With time of the essence, the luxury of washing one’s hair daily is simply not always an option anymore.

Could Plucking Your Hair Actually Lead to Regrowth?

Plucking hair may help regrow the strands rather than keeping your skin fuzz-free.

It's Kind of Like Magic: How You Can Get Jennifer Aniston's Hair

Aside from landing Brad Pitt in the ‘90s, Aniston’s head of hair literally swept the nation, with women all over America wanting the “Rachel” from the hit television sitcom Friends.

British Report Gives the Latest Hair Loss Details

Diagnosing the common hair loss condition alopecia in the earliest stages is proven to help keep hair on the head and out of the shower drain.

Protein Packs a Powerful Punch for Healthy Hair

We all know that protein is vital to proper nutrition, giving us the energy to get through our day. Recently though, dermatologists have been examining the effects that protein consumption has on the health of our hair.

Basil Beats Baldness and Bedhead

Most often associated with Italian cooking, basil boasts many other qualities rather than just spicing up Sunday gravy.

Is the Newest Baldness Cure a Hair-Growing Helmet?

More than half of us will experience some degree of hair loss at some point in our lives. Sadly, though, between all the creams and vitamin supplements currently on the market, there is no surefire way to combat baldness and regrow hair.

'Cause It's Long and It's Strong and Her Hair's Got It Going On

Long hair: those two words alone evoke sexiness and style, with most women wanting a gorgeous mane that would make Jennifer Aniston jealous. Unless you’re using a weave or extensions, however, having long and healthy hair is not an easy feat to accomplish.

How to Shake Up Your Hair Care Routine for the Seasons

Staying healthy is not an easy job by any means, never mind looking great while doing so. With a body needing a plethora of supplements to survive, it is almost impossible to keep track of it all. Then of course is the need for specific seasonal maintenance?oh, say it ain’t so!

Is Your New Diet Causing You to Lose Your Hair?

Researchers have learned that the food we put into our bodies has an enormous impact on the health of our hair. So if you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning, maybe your diet is to blame.

Healthier Hair Doesn't Have to Bust the Wallet: Product Round Up

In a May 2015 report, the magazine reviewed how you could get more bang for your buck with certain hair products. Reporting that 95 percent of male pattern baldness is genetic, “hair loss and thinning hair might also stem from how you treat your strands, and maybe more importantly, your scalp.” Knowing that hair loss can be controlled with certain chemically treated products sheds a new light on where to look for help when hair is thinning.

From Minoxidil to Low-Light Therapy: Four Tips for Hair Growth

Terrence Keaney founded the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery W For Men with one thing in mind—male skin.

Don’t Blame Your Mom for Your Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness accounts for over 95% of hair loss in men. And the older you get, the likelihood that male pattern baldness will strike increases exponentially.

9 Women Who Lost Their Hair But Gained Strength

The black-and-white photo of Mia Sidaros’ bold, dark eyes is stunning to say the least, especially since the 17-year-old California beauty is no longer alive.

MicroRNA Research Could Lead to Hair Loss Cure

Recently, a team of scientists who have been studying the mechanics of hair loss at a genetic level found that a single microRNA could hold the key to reversing premature baldness.

Don't Panic! Despite These Signs, You Are NOT Going Bald

There’s a time to worry and a time to shake it off. However, when it comes to hair loss, serious panic often sets in unnecessarily when either gender believes hair is falling out.

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

By some estimates, nearly twice as many men suffer from hair loss as women, and men tend to lose significantly more hair than their female counterparts. But why do men lose their hair at a disproportionately higher rate than women?

Keep It Natural: Treat Your Hair Loss Today with These Remedies

It naturally falls out, so why not try to get it back naturally? When hair leaves the scalp, it’s gone for good, but with there are a few organics methods you can get it growing again.

Could a New Super Drug Cure Arthritis, Eczema and Hair Loss?

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on various scientific studies around the world. At the outset, each of these studies has a specific set of agendas and goals, and yet some of the greatest scientific discoveries over the years have been made almost entirely by accident.

Hit the Gym and Eat Your Protein: How to Have Healthy Hair

It’s not always easy to maintain a healthy, radiant head of hair. Between adverse weather, chronic dryness and thinning follicles, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. If you’re looking for a few surefire tips to keep your hair looking its best, then check out the six tips below.

Sunscreen is Just as Necessary for Your Hair as It is for Your Skin

Sunscreen for the hair. It may sound silly but is actually seriously needed when scorching temperatures burn an exposed scalp, reports Bustle.

Are Carbs Actually Good for You? Your Hair, At Least

Carbohydrates and hair care? The two go hand-in-hand according to Charlotte’s Book, saying “the reality is that your body—especially your hair cells—need carbohydrates to function.”

How Far Away Is a Cure For Baldness?

According to recent numbers, roughly 70% of men and 40% of women suffer from some degree of hair loss. Given the prevalence of this problem, it’s no surprise that scientists have been working for years to develop a surefire cure, but so far all we have are imperfect, stopgap solutions.

New Options Available for Women Suffering From Hair Loss

Typically, people perceive hair loss as a problem that only affects men. According to some estimates, however, almost 40% of those who experience a thinning or loss of hair are actually women.

From Fruit to Shellfish: What to Add to Your Shopping List for Radiant Hair and Skin

By eating right, it is inevitable that needed nutrients, fatty acids and minerals, which act as “building blocks of healthy hair and skin,” are absorbed into the body. Proving you can truly kill two birds with one stone when consuming strengthening substances, being healthy begins the moment you wake up each morning with a cup of coffee.

Herbs and Acupuncture May Reverse Hair Loss

If you’re suffering from hair loss, then you’re far from alone. According to current statistics, more than 35 million men and 20 million women in the United States report thinning or loss of hair.

Can Scalp Cooling Help Save the Hair of Chemotherapy Patients?

Fighting cancer is one of the hardest battles anyone can experience. As if the pain and trauma of the disease weren’t bad enough, often side effects of treatment can be even worse, and for some people one of the most traumatic byproducts of chemotherapy is hair loss.

How Do Women Fight Hair Loss?

For most women, their hair changes as they age just as their bodies do, and thinning hair can be a perfectly natural part of the aging process. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that you can do to slow the process down or even stop it entirely.

From Anxiety to Anxiety Medications: 5 Causes of Hair Loss

As National Hair Loss Awareness month, August is about much more than just sun and fun.

Beat Breakage and Vamp Up the Volume with These Hair Healthy Foods

For most of us, maintaining a luxurious, healthy head of hair can be difficult. A lot of people shell out big bucks for high-end shampoos, conditioners and masks to help elevate their dry, unhealthy hair. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, it’s important to remember that what you put in your body matters just as much, if not more, than what you put on your hair.

Pass Me the Straightener, Honey: Guys Get Into Hair Care

More and more men are putting effort into improving the look of their hair, and beauty product companies have taken notice.

New Face of Pantene Selena Gomez Shares Hair Care Tips

Calling Selena Gomez a hair goddess, Twist magazine reports how the brown haired beauty whose “tresses are always on point” is sharing her secrets with the world.

The Benefits of Using All-Natural Hair Care Products

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy, most of us instinctively turn to the most well-known brands on the market. Unfortunately, a lot of these products contain chemicals that can be harmful not only to your body but also to the environment. Because of the problems created by chemical-laden hair products, many people are increasingly looking for all-natural alternatives, and going organic with your hair care needs can have a number of advantages.

What’s Normal When It Comes to Hair Shedding?

“It’s all good!” That is what you must tell yourself this fall if panicking over the notable hair loss on your brush and at the bottom of the shower or sink.

Dr. William Rassman Discusses Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention

There is nothing like going right to the source. When it comes to hair loss this is the best course of action and Frontiers Media took the route by seeking out the advice of a New Hair Institute (NHI) expert Dr. William Rassman in a Q&A article.

Poland's Hair Care Market Is Booming

Over the last several years, the overall economy in Poland has improved dramatically. As part of that improvement, people across the country are finding themselves with more disposable income, and according to market researchers a lot of that money is going towards beauty and hair care services.

Female Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

What is the underlying cause of female hair loss and are there any surefire ways to cure it?

How Much Is Too Much Hair Loss?

Before getting anxious and diagnosing yourself with alopecia, remember hair loss is as normal as growth. But how much loss is normal?

Have a Receding Hairline? Here’s How to Fix It!

Some celebrities with receding hairlines loo­­k just fine. As a matter of fact, I don’t think women would want them any other way. Take actors Josh Duhamel, Ryan Reynolds and Matthew McConaughey for example. Why would any women change one hair o­­n their handsome heads?

When Should You Worry About Hair Loss?

Hair loss does not discriminate. Dictating the lives of both genders and all nationalities, “less than half of women go through life with a full head of hair,” according to The Guardian. “For men, it’s closer to 20%.”

Head Covering Options for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss can be embarrassing, but it can be helpful to look at the problem as a chance to explore new fashions. With a little creativity, no one will suspect your stylish new head covering is hiding anything at all.

7 Easy Hacks for Lustrous Hair

There are seven simple solutions to achieve shinier, healthier hair, and who doesn’t want that?

Nine Tips for Healthier Hair

There are nine ways to achieve healthier hair, so listen up for lovelier locks.

How To Stop Your Hair From Falling Out in the Fall

During the summer, we often expose our hair to a number of damaging elements, such as increased sun and pool chemicals. These hazards combined with natural hormonal changes can wreak havoc on the health of your hair, and people often find that they experience a greater amount of hair loss during the autumn months.

Man Buns Wreak Havoc on Hair

The loss of locks is often inevitable either way, but recent studies show a top-knot doesn’t help hair matters at all

The Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Although losing the hair atop your head can certainly be traumatic, most of us have come to terms with the fact that, at some point in our lives, our hair will start to thin and fall out. What can be even harder for people to come to terms with, however, is losing their eyebrow hair.

Try Raw Juice for Strong Hair Today

With several different kinds including garlic, onion and aloe vera, certain fruit and vegetable drinks make a notable difference from scalp protection to preventing hair loss.

Robots Being Used in Hair Transplant Surgery

Nowadays, it sometimes seems like you can’t turn on the news or surf the Internet without finding stories about machines doing the work of humans. From self-service checkouts at the grocery store to electronic restaurant ordering systems, it seems that machines are everywhere.

Could Blocking the Immune System Help to Stop Hair Loss in Women?

Currently, one of the most common causes of hair loss for women around the world is a condition known as alopecia areata. Fortunately though, a new treatment option might be on the horizon that could serve as a cure for alopecia areata.

Five Best Practices for Healthier Hair

Often seen with long, healthy black hair, Indian women are known for terrific tresses, and according to The Times of India, there are least five reasons why.

Can Drugs For Arthritis and Cancer Reverse Hair Loss?

Recently, a team of scientists has taken an unorthodox approach to fighting hair loss by testing drugs designed to treat arthritis and cancer to see if they can be used to regrow hair.

7 Foods To Help Battle Hair Loss

According to statistics, more than 60% of men and 40% of women will experience some degree of hair loss at some point in their lives. But despite these numbers, you can help to give your hair a fighting chance by giving it the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. So take a look at these amazing super foods and what benefits they can bring to your hair!

Can Pumpkin Seed Oil Stop Hair Loss?

In order to combat hair loss, men have turned to a number of different remedies, such as topical creams, medications and follicle transplantation, but surprisingly there is a simple supplement that can help to stop baldness in its tracks and even regrow hair. That supplement is pumpkin seed oil.

Three Ways That You Could Be Making Your Hair Fall Out

Although some hair loss is due to genetics, there are a number of simple activities that women do every day that could be causing their hair to fall out prematurely. So what are the most common culprits and what can you do to avoid them?

6 Natural Remedies to Battle Hair Loss

According to recent statistics, more than 60% of men will experience a noticeable amount of hair loss by the time they reach their 35th birthday. By the age of 50, that number skyrockets to a staggering 85%, with most of that hair loss attributable to androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. But despite these depressing statistics, there are some simple, all-natural steps that you can take to help you hold on to your hair.

Heredity is the Most Common Contributor to Female Hair Loss

An estimated 40% of the hair loss sufferers in the United States are women, with nearly 50% of women experiencing a noticeable amount of hair loss by the time they reach 50 years old. So what is the most common cause of female hair loss and, perhaps more importantly, is there anything that can be done about it?

Can Problems With Circulation and Testosterone Cause Hair Loss in Men?

By their mid-30's, more than 40% of men have a noticeable amount of hair loss, and by the time they reach their 50th birthday, that number jumps to more than 80%. Without question, the vast majority of this hair loss is due to a condition known as androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, but there are a number of contributing factors. In particular, circulation and testosterone can play big roles when it comes to hair loss.

Rare Treatment Can Be Used to Help Cancer Patients Reverse Hair Loss

At some point in their lives, most people start to lose their hair. Around 80% of men and 50% of women can expect to see noticeable hair loss by the time they reach their 50th birthday. While the vast majority of that hair loss occurs naturally, some of it doesn’t. In fact, a sizable number of people lose their hair each year as the result of medical treatment, most notably chemotherapy.

Early Warning Signs For Female Hair Loss and Tips For Stopping It

It’s important for women to hold on to as much of their hair as they can, and the easiest way to do that is through early detection and prevention of hair loss. But what are the early warning signs that you may be losing your hair and what steps can you take to stop baldness in its tracks?

Three Common Contributors to Hair Loss and Remedies to Get it Back

In general, both men and women start to see a noticeable amount of hair thinning and baldness by the time they reach 50, and while the majority of this hair loss is completely natural, due to genetics, there are a number of factors and behaviors that could be exacerbating it. If you’ve noticed more hair in your sink or stuck in your brush, then check out the list below to see if you’re engaging in practices that are contributing to your hair loss.

Breaking Down Barriers: Female Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness has been in the spotlight for years, as over 50% of men over 50 experience some degree of balding each year. Female pattern baldness, while significantly different, is just as severe; women lose roughly 100 hairs a day, and 40% will experience significant hair loss as they grow older.

How To: Combat Hair Loss and Dandruff with Methi Seeds

If you’re tired of spending a fortune fighting dandruff and unexpected hair loss, look no further: Methi seeds may solve your hair problems for a fraction of the cost.

Trending Now: Salon Owner Dedicated to Helping Hair Loss Victims wins Entrepreneur of the Year

Selected from a group of sixteen small business owners honored at the inaugural Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Simone Thomas was recognized for her innovative spirit in the face of adversity.

Five Simple Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Many men and women spend vast amounts of money on over-the-counter topical solutions and medications only to see no change in their hair loss rate. There are, however, a handful of simple, natural steps that you can take to keep more hair on your head without spending a dime.

First Look: Cooling Cap Designed to Combat Hair loss Approved by FDA

Chemotherapy-induced hair loss occurs in 65 percent of treatments. A recently-approved Swedish cooling system may be the first step to changing that.

Trending Now: Male Hair Loss May Lead to Anxiety, Depression

Nearly 35 million men in the United States suffer from hair loss. Now, doctors say the condition may have more serious implications than we know.

Low T and Me: How Low Testosterone Levels Are Affecting Men

With nearly a quarter of men in the U.S. experiencing lower-than-normal testosterone levels, researchers are continuing to identify ways to reverse the age-induced decline.

Inside Out: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Work Wonders for Skin and Hair

Vitamin E, an antioxidant found in abundance in the Aloe plant, has been long touted as an effective way to treat unsightly scars and stretch marks.

Hair Loss 101: Dieting and Supplementation

Looking to combat hair loss and protect that flowing, glorious mane? Tweaking your dietary habits and introducing a few key supplements may prove beneficial.

Five All-Natural Hair Care Tips for 2016

If you’re looking to improve the health of your locks, check out the five easy, all-natural tips below.

Helpful Remedies to Four Common Scalp Problems

Most scalp issues have simple remedies, and here are four of the most common problems and suggestions for how to fix them.

Hair Care 101: 3 Things That Might Be Causing Your Hair Loss

The exact cause of your hair loss may not be fully understood, but it can usually be traced to one of the reasons on this list.

7 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Hair in 2016

While your promises to exercise seven days a week or to only eat junk food every other Saturday may be a tad too lofty, resolutions regarding hair care are easy to keep and can greatly benefit the health of one of your most important features.

How To: Prevent Thinning Hair

Each day, the average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs. While natural hair loss is rarely noticeable, excessive hair loss and thinning is a common problem across the globe. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent hair from thinning prematurely...

Can You Stop Your Eyebrows From Shedding?

Is hair loss in your eyebrow region normal? And is there any way to reverse eyebrow shedding once it has begun?

Haircare 101: What’s Really Causing your Hair Loss?

You could be inadvertently causing your hair to thin or fall out without even knowing it! Read on to find out some of most common causes of temporary hair loss – and how to reverse them.

4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Beautiful All Year Long

If you’ve noticed that your hair gets dull and lifeless at times, then it may be time to switch up your hair care routine, and here are four helpful tips to get you started.

Haircare 101: Eating for Healthy Hair

There are easier and less expensive ways to maintain beautiful, illustrious hair. Instead of investing all your time and money into mass-produced products or clinical treatments, try adjusting your diet.

4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Beautiful All Year Long

Maintaining a radiant head of hair throughout the year can be challenging. Between environmental damage and daily wear and tear, your hair takes a lot of abuse, so you need to take the right steps to keep your flowing locks looking healthy and radiant.

Hair Loss Linked to Aging Process

Before you head out and spend a single penny on hair regrowth products or schedule a consultation with a specialist, consider the alternative; many times, hair loss is uncontrollable and determined entirely by your genes.

4 Natural Remedies to Fight Baldness

Even if you’ve never heard of androgenetic alopecia, you’re probably familiar with it. Androgenetic alopecia is the scientific designation for what is commonly known as male-pattern baldness, but don’t let that name fool you, as women also suffer from the condition as well.

5 Facts About The Links Between The Thyroid and Hair Loss

Like it or not, hair loss is a natural part of aging. In fact, according to statistics, you have less than a 30% chance at holding on to the bulk of your hair for the rest of your life.

Trending Now: Cutting-Edge Product May Prevent Hair Loss in Cancer Patients

Great news for cancer patients around the globe: The FDA recently approved the first cooling cap designed specifically to treat hair loss (alopecia) in female patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Does Damage to DNA Cause Hair Loss?

Recently, scientists around the world have started to examine whether or not damage done to DNA could contribute to hair loss later in life.

Try Before You Buy: At-Home Remedies for Hair Loss

There are 100,000 strands of hair on the average head; losing 50 to 100 of these a day is considered normal. But when you start losing more than that, it’s time for you to take some action so it doesn’t progress to baldness or bald spots. Many readily available ingredients can be used to treat hair loss at home.

Common Beauty Mistakes

Whether it’s the wrong haircut or the wrong makeup choice, there are countless pitfalls in the world of beauty. Some will age you, some will date you, and some will even change your look for the worse!

Love Your Locks: How to Combat Stress-Induced Hair Loss

More often than not, temporary hair loss can be traced back to elevated stress levels in both men and women. If you’re experiencing temporary hair loss, try to lower levels of stress and eat for healthy hair.

Styling Trends Could Be Causing Hair Loss Among Black Women

When it comes to a certain segment of the population, namely black women, popular styling trends are dramatically increasing the rate of hair loss.

Five Herbs to Improve the Health of Your Hair

If you’ve noticed that your usual hair care products aren’t cutting it anymore, here are five herbs that you can use to noticeably improve the health of your hair.

Men’s Hair Loss: Common Causes and Solutions

There are ways to battle thinning hair or stop the cycle of hair loss. Read on below to uncover what might me causing your hair loss- and what you can do to stop it.

What’s Causing Your Hair Loss?

In many cases, there are ways to treat both male and female hair loss, but it all depends on the cause. Here are some reasons why you might be seeing less hair on your head.

Could 3D Printing Be the Solution to Hair Loss?

For the last several years, the researchers there have been focused on giving people new hair using 3D printing, and so far the results have been incredibly positive.

Four Nutritional Tips to Give you Better Hair and Nails

If you've noticed that your hair or nails are looking a little lackluster these days, then here are four vitamins and minerals that you need to be including in your diet.

How To: Revamp Your Haircare Regimen

We all have our own unique hair type, and especially during different times of the year, it can get unruly and out of control. We’ve compiled a list of hair treatments that are DIY friendly and designed for different types of hair; check out our custom masks below!

6 Surefire Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

If you routinely find clumps of hair on your drain after you shower or stray hairs lying on your pillow when you wake up in the morning, then you may be experiencing an unnatural amount of hair loss.

5 Easy Ways for Women to Deal with Hair Loss

If you're a woman dealing with hair loss, then you're far from alone. In fact, according to the experts over at the American Hair Loss Association, roughly 40% of the people who suffer from hair loss are women.

Can Dry Shampoo Wreck Your Hair?

For people looking to change up their hair care routine, dry shampoo has been a revelation. In addition to giving you a simple, easy way to keep your hair clean, dry shampoo also offers a number of overall benefits to your hair and scalp.

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

If you’re panicking at the sight of the amount of your hair going down the sink or shower drain, calm down. Odds are your hair loss is perfectly normal.

Could Protein Shakes Be Causing Your Hair to Fall Out?

For the health-conscious among us, protein shakes are a godsend. Drinking down a shake once or twice a day is an efficient, easy way to increase your protein intake, give your body the energy that it needs to function and provide your muscles with the fuel to exercise, all while keeping your calorie intake to a minimum.

5 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

All of this thinning and loss can stem from a number of different causes, and here are five of the most common.

Certain Hairstyles May Lead to Hair Loss

Some of the most beautiful and intricate hairstyles found in the black community may lead to later hair loss. That’s according to a study published April 27 in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology.

3 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

When women start to notice stray hairs turning up on their pillow in the morning and clogging their shower drains, it can be cause for concern.

21 Foods for Great Skin and Hair

Although topical products can help, radiant skin and healthy hair result from the inside out, not vice versa.

4 Unexpected Causes of Hair Loss

Women start to lose their hair as they get older, just as men do. For the majority of women, this thinning and loss begins once they reach their 40s and 50s, although there are some women who start to experience the first signs of baldness as early as their 20s.

Should You Blame Your Mom for Your Hair Loss?

You’ve probably been told that the genetic cause for hair loss gets passed down through the mother's side of the family. On the surface, this little factoid seems just odd enough to be true. But is it? Well, yes and no.

Do Hair Loss Products Actually Stop Hair Loss?

Going bald can wreck havoc on your confidence, and unfortunately it's a problem that most of us will have to deal with at some point in our lives. According to the most recent estimates, experts predict that almost 70% of men and 45% of women will experience a noticeable amount of hair loss by the time they reach their 60s. And despite the prevalence of the problem, researchers and medical companies are yet to create a surefire cure.

Seven Tips for Preventing Female Hair Loss

Women don’t go bald the way men do, but they still lose hair as they age. Thinning hair results in bald patches and visible hair loss near the part and the crown. It’s never too early to reduce the odds of hair loss by changing the way you wear and treat your crowning glory.

Can Magnesium Treat Hair Loss?

Premature hair loss is one of the most common problems in the world. By some estimates, more than 60% of men will see a noticeable amount of hair loss by the age of 60, and even though it isn't as widely discussed, more than 50% of women also suffer hair loss. Unfortunately, despite the widespread nature of the problem, there is still a lot that we don't know about hair loss.

Your Hairstyle Might Cause Hair Loss

If your hair is thinning, or there’s a lot more of it on your comb or in the shower, your hairstyle could be the culprit. Any style that puts constant tension on the hair can lead to hair loss, but some are especially problematic. Even if you hairstyle doesn’t pull on your hair, the devices you use to achieve a certain look might contribute to balding.

Indications That Your Hair Isn't Healthy

There’s hair that doesn’t look so great, and then there’s hair that’s actually unhealthy.

Cooling Cap Could Limit Hair Fallout Folllowing Chemotherapy

We all know that cancer is an incredibly devastating disease. Despite the medical progress made in the last few decades, with researchers constantly finding new ways to battle the illness, chemotherapy still comprises at least some part of the treatment plan for many sufferers.

3D Printing Could Offer New Hair Loss Solution

Hair loss is one of the most widespread problems in the world. While it can be difficult to live with hair loss under any circumstances, people who suffer from various types of alopecia can have a particularly trying time. With alopecia areata, the body's own immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles, rendering them incapable of creating new hairs. Similarly, cicatricial alopecia leaves the hair follicles destroyed and replaced with scar tissue.

Can Low-Level Laser Therapy Cure Hair Loss?

Typically, we think of lasers as a way to get rid of unwanted hair. In these treatments, high intensity light damages the follicles, causing them to stop producing new hairs. But, as it turns out, lasers can also have the opposite effect. Surprisingly, some studies have shown that certain types of lasers set at the appropriate level can actually stimulate follicles and accelerate hair growth. So how exactly can lasers be used to regrow hair and is it a viable cure for baldness?

Wig Specialists: Important Allies in the Battle Against Cancer

Virtually all of us have been touched in some way by cancer. Whether you’ve had friends or family members who have battled the disease or whether you’ve experienced it firsthand, cancer is so pervasive that there is practically no escaping it. Due to the widespread nature of the problem, the physical toll that cancer can take on sufferers is generally well known, but what about the mental strain?

Hairless Mom in the UK Writes Book to Educate Children About Diversity

Hair loss comes in lot of different varieties. Typically, we think of the problem affecting men in their 40s or older, as their hairline gradually recedes and hair disappears from the crowns of their heads.

Is There Any Way to Stop Hair Loss?

Nobody wants to go bald, and yet odds are that at some point in your life you're going to start losing your hair. By some estimates, more then 60% of men and 40% of women will experience a significant amount of hair loss by the time they reach 70 years old.

Restore Hair with Amniotic Fluid

You don’t want to wear wigs to hide your thinning hair, or resort to common topical or oral medications that help restore hair. Those medications may work, but require you to use them for life if you don’t want to start balding again.

7 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

No one wants to lose their hair, but some shedding is inevitable. For some women, that natural shedding goes into overdrive and noticeable hair loss occurs.

Companies in Japan Looking for a Cure for Baldness

Hair loss is a concern for people all around the world. In general, roughly 70% of men and 40% of women can expect to see a noticeable amount of thinning or loss at some point in their lives.

New Therapy Allows Chemo Patients to Keep More Hair

For many people, going through chemotherapy is as difficult as the cancer diagnosis. For patients diagnosed with breast and other cancers who otherwise feel fine, losing hair through chemo brings home the fact they have a potentially deadly disease.

Could Dry Shampoo Be Killing Your Hair?

In recent years, dry shampoo has become all the rage. And rightfully so.

The Best Diet for Healthy Hair

If you’re suffering from hair loss, the right diet can make a difference in whether or not you continue to lose locks. The overall quality of your hair correlates significantly with the quality of your diet.

5 Things to Stop Doing to Avoid Hair Loss

If you’re suffering from – and panicking about – hair loss, there’s a good chance your locks loss results from your own practices.

Three Reasons Women Lose Their Hair and What You Can Do to Stop It

If you're over the age of 40, then chances are you've probably noticed some changes with your hair.

Wen Hair Care May Cause Hair Loss

The Food and Drug Administration is conducting an investigation on Wen Hair Care after receiving 127 complaints about the products from users who experienced hair loss.

Can Overdyeing Lead to Hair Loss?

It seems that even Hollywood's most glamorous actresses aren't immune from the ravages of hair loss.

Female Hair Loss: Causes and Prevention

Men with male pattern baldness often start losing their hair while still in their 20s. By the time they hit 40, their heads are likely hairless.

Want Radiant, Flowing Hair? Follow These 4 Simple (and Cheap) Tips

We all have bad hair days every once in a while. But having them day after day can really have a disastrous impact on your self-esteem.

What Men Need to Know About Hair Loss

For men, hair loss results from the roll of the genetic dice. But men not subject to hereditary male pattern baldness lose hair, with approximately 66 percent of males over 35 experiencing some hair loss.

Constant Hair Style Changes Can Lead to Hair Loss

It is fun to experiment with a new look. If you’re blessed with a decent head of hair, you may be tempted to try all sorts of styles, and possibly colors.

5 Essential Products for Women Suffering from Hair Loss

For a lot of women, their self-esteem and sense of beauty is closely tied to their hair. Unfortunately, that makes it all the more troubling when they start to lose it.

Do You Have Healthy Hair? Look for These 6 Signs

We all spend a fair amount of time and energy making sure that our hair looks healthy and beautiful. But how do you know if you're actually succeeding?

Eating Your Way to Healthy Hair

The right diet keeps your hair healthy and can diminish – or even stem – hair loss. Such foods aren’t just beneficial for your hair, but aid your skin’s appearance and your overall health.

New Research Shows Arthritis Drug May Reverse Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the most common issues in the world. While the majority of this hair loss is the result of androgenetic alopecia – otherwise known as male/female pattern baldness – some of it is due to other conditions.

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, has been used for years to treat soft tissue injuries, and has helped revive the careers of many well-known athletes sidelined by tendon and other issues. Now, it appears protein-loaded PRP also works for hair restoration.

New Treatment Can Restore Up to 90 Percent of Hair

Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitors are already in use to combat bone marrow cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other immune diseases.

Is 3D Printing The Baldness Cure We've Been Waiting For?

Over the last several years, 3D printing has revolutionized a wide variety of industries. The ability of companies and consumers to create three-dimensional objects has changed the face of manufacturing.

One Woman's Hair Loss Journey Inspires Others

The country’s leading hair loss consultant, Amy Gibson, knows exactly what her clients go through. A former actress, Gibson first experienced hair loss at the tender age of 13 – while performing a major role in a soap opera.

For Chemo Patients, a Cold Cap Can Help Retain Hair

For many women – and some men – the most devastating part of chemotherapy isn’t the discomfort that may accompany the treatment, but the loss of hair.

Common Conditions That Lead to Hair Loss

A woman’s crowning glory has always been her hair, but more women are experiencing hair loss at an early age.

Is Dry Shampoo Ruining People's Hair?

Washing your hair on a daily basis is problematic for a number of reasons.

Can Conditioner Washing Cause Your Hair to Fall Out?

Growing up, most of us were raised to shampoo our hair every day.

Turmeric for Healthy Hair

You’ve probably heard about the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and how it may help your joints.

Four Facts About Hair Loss

A certain amount of hair loss is normal. Old hairs fall out and new hairs grow in. When more hair falls out than comes back in, that’s true hair loss.

How to Tell Whether or Not Your Hair Loss is Normal

You’ll always find stray hairs in the sink, on your clothing or on your pillow. Hair constantly falls out and grows in – that’s the natural process.

Is an Arthritis Drug the Key to Curing Hair Loss?

Hair loss is one of the most common ailments on the planet. While male/female pattern baldness remains the most common type of hair loss, there are other reasons that people begin to shed their lovely locks.

Dealing With Hair Loss After Pregnancy

You’re doting on your little bundle of joy, but post-pregnancy hair loss has you worrying you and your newborn may soon sport similar scalps.

Can Scalp Cooling Help You Keep Your Hair During Chemotherapy?

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases on the planet. While the illness itself can take your life, the treatment required to combat it can often take your dignity.

Mold in Your Hair? It Can Happen If You Don't Take Care of Your Scalp

The idea of mold in your hair – or anywhere on your body – turns your stomach. Yet the common practice of going to bed with wet locks can actually cause mold growth on the scalp.

Could Plasma Injections Offer a Cure for Baldness?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems in the world. Just look around and you’re likely to see its effects on someone close by.

Hair Loss An Issue for Millennial Women

Young, vivacious, energetic – these are the adjectives springing to mind if the topic is women in their 20s and 30s.

Is Stress Causing You to Go Bald?

We've all heard that stress can make you lose your hair. On the surface, it seems like a pretty far-fetched claim.

Do You Suffer from Hair Loss or Thinning?

Do you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning? Are you SICK and TIRED of losing your hair? If so, you might be the ideal candidate for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss!

Can Microblading Help to Hide Hair Loss?

In recent years, microblading has become a hot, new trend in the world of beauty solutions.

Hormones and Hair Loss

Virtually all of us are going to experience hair thinning or loss at some point in our lives.

What You Need to Know About Winter Hair Loss

Winter is tough on every part of the body, and that includes the hair.

Getting Through Chemo with Style: Tips on Wigs and Hair Loss

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. For many people, especially those who feel perfectly fine, the idea of chemotherapy is as scary as the disease itself.

What Types of Medication Can Cause Hair Loss?

Without question, hair loss is one of the most common problems in the world.

Strategies for Dealing with Male Hair Loss

Virtually every man loses considerable hair as he ages. Some guys manage to hang to a decent head of hair well into their 70s or 80s, while others are pretty much bald by 30.

Could Stem Cell Therapy Offer a Cure for Baldness?

Stem cells have been all the rage in scientific circles for several years now.

3D Printing Offers New Hair Loss Solution

In the short time since 3-D printing has become widely available, it has revolutionized a number of different industries.

New Gene Research Could Reveal the Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss may be a generally accepted part of getting older, but that doesn't make it any less annoying or embarrassing.

6 Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked

Hair loss is a staggeringly common problem. By some estimates, more than 3/4 of people will suffer from some degree of thinning or loss at some point in their lives.

Genetic Markers Tally Hair Loss Risk

It’s no secret that male pattern baldness is hereditary. Now, a British study reveals 200 genetic markers for male hair loss, raising the previous known number from a measly eight.

Gabrielle Union's Latest Project: A Hair Care Line

By almost any measure, Gabrielle Union has lived a pretty remarkable life.

Hair Care (and Hair Loss) Market is Growing

An aging population bodes well for the future of the hair care market, and that includes scalp treatments and other products targeting hair loss.

Five Early Signs of Hair Loss

By the time most people notice they’re losing hair, the process has been going on for some time.

When Hair Band Members Lose Their Locks

Purists may argue that Guns N Roses wasn’t a hair metal band, because that’s a pejorative term. However, there’s no question these 80s rockers all had long, copious locks.

3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Hair Loss

For many women, dealing with hair loss can be incredibly aggravating. And if you think it won't happen to you, then think again.

New Peptide Therapy Could Reverse Hair Loss

Old age catches up with all of us eventually, and it brings some nasty side effects, including hair loss and decreased stamina. But what if it didn't have to?

FDA Approves Scalp Cooling Device to Stop Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

By now you probably know that chemotherapy, a common cancer treatment, causes hair loss.

Are You Losing Your Hair? Here are Nine Reasons Why It Might Be Happening

Sadly, most of us will experience hair loss at some point in our lives. Yes, although hair loss is thought of as a problem that only men experience, more than 50% of women over the age of 50 also have a noticeable amount of thinning or loss.

Five Tips for Men Losing Their Hair

That receding hairline or bald spot on the crown of the head are tough to deny. As hair loss increases, many guys panic.

Female Pattern Baldness: A Major Cause of Hair Loss in Women

You’ve probably heard of male pattern baldness. You probably know men affected by it, perhaps those in your own family.

Dealing with Female Pattern Baldness

If you think you can avoid going bald simply because you're a woman, think again. In fact, it's estimated that roughly half of all women over the age of 65 suffer from some degree of hair thinning or loss, and for some women, it can be significant.

Could You Be Causing Your Hair to Fall Out?

For women, hair loss can be incredibly traumatic. In general, most female hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia, which is the same kind of genetic condition that causes men to lose their hair.

FDA Allows Hair Loss Drug Study to Move Forward

The FDA is allowing Concert Pharmaceuticals to resume clinical trials of its hair loss drug, CTP-543, or deuterated ruxolitinib.

Six Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss doesn't look attractive on most people. Still, more than half of the adult population suffers from some degree of thinning hair, so what can be done about it?

A New Drug May Someday Offer Cure for Baldness

Don’t rush to your doctor or pharmacist quite yet, but a new drug may offer a cure for baldness. So far, the medication has regrown hair in mice, but unless you’re a rodent, there’s no definite proof it will cause hair to grow back.

Going Vegan Could Cause Men to Go Bald

Today, it seems like people are more food conscious than ever before. Whether it's for medical reasons, ethical reasons or simply a growing environmental awareness, more and more men are choosing to go vegan, entirely eliminating meat and any kind of animal product from their diets.

How to Stop Hair Loss

Did you know that losing your hair is perfectly natural? It's true. In fact, most of us lose up to 100 hairs a day on average.

Dealing with Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

After nine months, baby has finally arrived. You expected some sleepless nights and fatigue during the day post-pregnancy, but you didn’t plan on losing large amounts of hair.

Is Hair Loss More Likely During Certain Times of the Year?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems on the planet. For most men, the problem starts in their 30s and 40s. By the time they reach 50, more than 80% of men have lost a noticeable amount of hair.

The Social Stigma of Hair Loss

Thick, healthy hair is always prized, much like a clear complexion and good figure. For those suffering from hair loss, there’s a social stigma attached to their thin or balding pates.

Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Help to Regrow Hair?

Hair loss is one of the most common problems on the planet, and scientists are yet to develop a surefire method for dealing with it.

Hair Loss Supplements May Prevent Balding

Wouldn’t taking a tablet to prevent hair loss prove a magical invention? Well, there is no magic tablet available yet, but there are various supplements you can take that may slow down or even prevent hair loss.

New Skin Cell Research Could Hold Key to Regrowing Hair

Hair loss is among the most common problems in the world, and amazingly it's one that scientists are yet to be able to cure. Just in the United States, more than 60 million men and women suffer from a noticeable degree of thinning and loss.

Essential Nutrients to Prevent Hair Loss

What you eat is a major factor in your current state of health, and that extends to hair.

'Tis The Season for Shedding Hair

Winter is approaching, the season of major holidays, snow and ice, and excess hair shedding. Yes, if you think there’s more hair in your brush on in the sink as colder weather comes on, you’re not imagining it.

The Perils of Pregnancy-Induced Hair Loss

For men, hair loss is expected and rarely the topic of conversation. For women, on the other hand, the situation is decidedly different.

Can Caffeine Prevent Hair Loss?

You can’t get through the day without a few cups of java. The caffeine in your coffee keeps you bright-eyed and ready to get to work, but caffeine may also get to work on your hair and prevent hair loss.

Laser Hair Therapy with PRP

Interested in a non-surgical solution for your hair loss? Check out this helpful infographic detailing laser hair therapy with PRP and schedule a consultation with one of our local hair restoration providers today!

Factors Triggering Female Hair Loss

While male pattern balding gets all the publicity, female hair loss is almost as common – but not as severe.

Scientists in South Korea Say They May Have Baldness Cure

If you're worried about baldness, then you're probably right. According to the most recent statistics, more than 60% of men experience a noticeable amount of hair loss by the time they reach 35.

Veganism Can Cause Hair Loss

More and more people – especially women – are turning to veganism. That’s a diet abstaining from any animal products.

New Drug Combo Could Help with Female Hair Loss

For men, hair loss is somewhat expected. By the age of 50, the overwhelming majority of men experience a noticeable degree of hair loss, and it seems that socially we've simply come to expect it.

Ways Men Can Reduce Hair Loss

By the age of 35, approximately 2/3 of men have experienced obvious hair loss. Fast forward another twenty years, and 85 percent of men are balding or completely bald.

The Emotional Side of Hair Loss

If you're interested in learning more about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

How Can Men Regrow Their Hair?

For men, hair loss is incredibly common. In fact, with more than 80% of men experiencing a noticeable about of thinning or baldness in their lifetimes, it's basically a foregone conclusion.

Avoid Hair Loss by Changing Your Habits

Nobody wants to lose their hair, but it’s a fact of life for millions of people, male and female.

Do You Want a Thicker Beard? Here's How You Get It

When it comes to facial hair, guys can either grow or they can't. Sure, there is a widely held belief that the more you shave, the thicker it'll grow in, but sadly that isn't always true.

Do You Want a Pillowcase That Won't Destroy Your Hair?

Be honest, how often do you think about your pillowcase? If the answer is never, then you're definitely in the majority.

Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

Few personal grooming issues can cause the panic of hair loss. No one feels good about thinning hair or bald patches.

Do Men Really Get More Hair Loss Than Women?

When you think of someone dealing with hair loss, you probably think of a man. But should you? Believe it or not, almost half of the people who lose their hair are women.

Little Known Reasons You May Be Going Bald

For men, hair loss is almost expected. After all, since more than 80% of men experience thinning or loss at some point in their lives, it almost seems like a foregone conclusion, right?

McDonald's Fries Chemical May Restore Hair

Japanese researchers recently discovered a chemical used in McDonald’s fries can help restore hair.

Men Should Look For These Early Signs of Hair Loss

For men, hair loss can sometimes seem inevitable, and the numbers are certainly scary. By the time they reach 40, more than 60% of men experience a noticeable amount of thinning or loss.

Natural Treatments Can Help with Female Hair Loss

Female hair loss differs from that of males. Women with hair loss don’t usually experience complete baldness, but their hair thins considerably, and bald patches and a widening part may appear.

FDA-Approved Devices Could Help Chemo Patients Battle Hair Loss

Cancer is one of the most pernicious diseases on the planet. Unfortunately for many sufferers, cancer doesn't just threaten their lives.

New Research May Aid Age-Related Hair Loss

New research by the Singapore-based Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) may show how slowing metabolism in older people may affect hair loss.

How Deion Sanders is Dealing with Hair Loss

Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is no stranger to an issue affecting millions of men across the country: hair loss.

Six Reasons You Might Be Losing Your Hair

Sooner or later, hair loss impacts almost everyone on the planet. For men, thinning can begin as early as the 20s or 30s, with more than 80% of men experiencing a noticeable amount of loss by the age of 80.

Understanding Seasonal Hair Shedding

Ideally, we all want our hair to look amazing all year round. Unfortunately though, our hair goes through different cycles depending on the season.

The Latest Baldness Remedy Could Already Exist

Without question, hair loss is one of the most common medical issues in the world. On average, more than 80 percent of men will experience a noticeable amount of hair loss in their lifetimes, and the numbers are roughly the same for women.

Can Vitamin C Help Reverse Thinning Hair?

Hair loss is no joke, and sadly the odds of it happening to you are really high. All in all, hair loss happens to more than 40% of the population by the time they reach for.

Do Hair Loss Treatments Work?

Losing your hair is a part of life. Whether you realize it or not, most of us lose between 100 and 200 hairs a day.

Stress and Hair Loss

Lots of hair in your brushes or in your shower is probably stressing you out, but stress may prove the culprit causing hair loss in the first place.

Should You Be Worried About Your Thinning Hair?

For women, hair loss can be stressful and embarrassing. Despite the fact that women lose their hair at almost the same rate as men, there is still a negative social stigma attached to female hair loss.

Tech to the Rescue for Hair Loss

Tech is now part of virtually every aspect of our lives, and if you’re dealing with hair loss, that area is no exception.

Hair Loss Prevention for Women

Men aren’t the only gender prone to hair loss as they age. Up to 70 percent of women will experience hair loss as well, although relatively few of them go completely bald compared to their male counterparts.

New Research Proves Ability to Reverse Hair Loss in Mice

Hair loss is one of the most common problems in the world, and yet scientists are yet to discover a way to reverse it.

Tips for Achieving Strong, Healthy Hair

Everybody wants a thick, healthy head of hair. Genetic factors may limit an individual’s ability to achieve that goal, but everyone can make the best of the hair they have.

When Women Should Worry About Hair Loss

You lose some hair every day. That’s part of the normal shedding process. When are you losing so much hair that it becomes a problem?

Experimental Drug Compound Could Offer Hair Loss Cure

There are potentially a number of different ways that hair loss can be stopped in its tracks.

Five Foods That Can Prevent Hair Loss

You are what you eat – and what you eat can affect the health and strength of your hair.

Diet and Hair Loss

You’ve started a new diet and the pounds are starting to shed. Unfortunately, your hair is also shedding, an unforeseen but common side effect of many crash diets.

Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss is devastating, but it’s not the end of the world. Once there’s a diagnosis, so to speak, you can start working towards a cure, or at least develop a treatment plan.

Is the Cure for Hair Loss Just Around The Corner?

Hair loss is a problem. A big one. According to the most recent statistics, roughly 65% of men suffer a noticeable amount of hair loss by the time they're 60, and women don't fare much better, with more than 50% experiencing hair loss by the age of 60.

The Many Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Since time immemorial, people have relied on rosemary to boost their health and well-being. The ancients considered it a sacred plant.

Help Prevent Hair Thinning with These Four Home Remedies

Aging, environmental toxins and hormonal shifts can result in thinning hair. While there are medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, available for treatment of the condition, you can help prevent mild hair thinning with some basic home remedies.

Castor Oil for Hair

Kids growing up in the pre-World War II era were regularly dosed with foul-tasting castor oil for its health benefits.

Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

New mothers have so much on their plate it has spilled over onto the tablecloth. Along with feedings, changing diapers and trying to get baby to sleep, she may have to deal with the hair loss that comes as hormone levels in her body shift after delivery.

How Hair Loss Affects Confidence

Hair loss has a significant impact on your confidence. Here's how.

5 Summer Tips for Newly Grown Hair

You spent a lot of money and time regrowing your hair. Don’t let bad summer habits reverse that hard work. Here are common habits you’ll want to avoid to protect your new hair.