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Hair Restoration Costs

Hair transplant costs will vary from case to case. The price of transplants can vary so greatly because each patient's hair loss and expectations are unique, the only way to learn the total expense of your own surgery is through a personal consultation with a reputable hair loss specialist. There are several ways hair transplant costs are billed, a personal consultation will give you a better idea of your hair restoration costs.

Comparing Prices
The most common ways hair transplant clinics charging by the graft, by the hair and even by the session, so it can be hard to really compare hair transplantation costs. For example, price per graft means nothing unless you know how many hairs you get in a graft and the experience of the doctor. A skilled hair restoration surgeon can greatly cut down on the costs of grafts. Different hair restoration surgeons can perform a different number of micro-grafts per session, and these grafts can range in cost from $3 to $10. A final price of a smaller hair restoration procedure may wind up costing between $4,000 and $5,000, while an extensive hair transplant surgery may total out closer to $12,000. At a consultation, a specialist can break down hair restoration costs and give you a good sense of the total hair transplant price tag of your unique treatment plan.

Can You Afford NOT to Have a Hair Transplant?
As with any elective procedure, hair transplant cost comparing is an important part of the research process. However, the costs of grafts shouldn't be the sole deciding factor. Hair restoration surgery can be custom-tailored and planned out to fit each patient's individual budgetary needs. Plus, remember that hair restoration is a valuable investment, producing results that last a lifetime. Can you really put a price tag on peace of mind? When it's all said and done, most find that hair transplant costs are no where near the costs some people pay worrying about their hair loss.

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