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Xtrands (1 Review)
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A hair restoration procedure exclusive to Hair Club, Xtrands is the latest and greatest non-invasive volumizing treatment to maximize thickness and fullness by using your own hair. The brand new technique adds multiple strands to your existing hair at the scalp level, creating more volume and intensity.... Read More

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By O.G.
from Vancouver, WA


O.G. spent $3,595 in Tigard, OR

Comments about Xtrands:
The woman I spoke with did a good job of explaining my situation to me and how much I can pay. I am thankful for her service. ...READ MORE

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Xtrands binds multiple strands together for ease of placement, but the strands will separate when shampooed and styled for amazing results. In just one session, you can experience lasting results!

A licensed and certified Hair Club stylist will section existing hair in thinning areas into a precise part, carefully select "host" hairs and lock new hairs containing up to four strands each onto the base of each host hair, using an application wand. You will also receive a personalized styling session at the end of your treatment to achieve your new look.


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