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AccuGraft Hair Transplant

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AccuGraft Hair Transplant Information:

Unlike painful FUE Hair Transplant machines of the past, which used strip methods of transplantation that resulted in higher scarring and bleeding, the new AccuGraft machine provides a quick and efficient FUE transplant. The automated AccuGraft uses air pressure to remove and implant individual hair follicles safely and painlessly. With no scalpel, a motorized, rotating extracting extension suctions out the hair follicle from the scalp gently and precisely.

A trained hair loss specialist then safely keeps the grafts moist and healthy in an automated sterile saline misting canister before using a dexterous and precise hand tool to reintroduce the follicles into the patient’s bald or balding areas of the scalp. AccuGraft provides a quick, safe and efficient FUE transplant, yielding up to 2,000 follicles per session while minimizing pain and bleeding, eliminating the risk of nerve damage and reducing scarring.

This Hair Transplant is ideal for patients who want to wear their hair at a shorter length, but any patient with thinning hair in need of a minimally invasive transplant can rest assured that the AccuGraft procedure is a safe and viable option. Speak with a certified hair specialist if you or someone you know is interested in FUE Hair Transplants and the AccuGraft treatment.

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