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Female Hair Loss
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Hair Loss Treatments For Women

Hair Transplant Surgery

There may be a lack of sensitivity among the general public toward women's hair loss as compared to the response to the same issue for men. However, what's conceived as a lack of sensitivity can simply be a profound lack of knowledge. Plain and simple: women just like men, lose their hair. In fact, the numbers show that men and women suffer from pattern baldness equally. The main difference is the shape of the pattern and what can be done to hide pattern baldness in women.

The main difference between male and female hair loss is the pattern. In men the hairline recedes and moves further and further back until the man might be completely bald. However, with hair loss in women the hair thins in a very diffuse manner; female hair loss is evenly distributed over the scalp. As the hair gets thinner in female hair loss the scalp may become more visible. Hair loss can happen in women young or older, but the important thing to know is that there are hair loss options available.

Female Hair Loss FAQ

The scariest part about female hair loss can sometimes be trying to find real answers that can actually help. There are a variety of different causes for hair loss in women and identifying what's causing your loss of hair can be the first step. Sometimes the cause of hair loss in women can be as simple as a vitamin deficiency. There are also valid options available to women for hair restoration besides wigs and elaborate weaves; Women's Rogaine® and hair restoration surgery for women can both make a real difference.
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Hair Loss in Women

The treatment of hair loss in women usually differs from the route taken for men. Women are different than men, and even though men and women both can be prone to follicular loss, we lose it by different means. Because of the different causes usually at play for hair loss in women, most hair transplant surgeons would suggest a slightly different treatment route be chosen. Women are encouraged to consult with dermatology experts and hair restoration specialists to manage their female hair loss appropriately. The solutions for men and women may be different, but the results can be the same: the restoration of natural flowing hair!

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