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Balding Bears: What Can Be Learned from Alopecia Cases in Alaskan Polar Bears

Baldness Cure 5 Years Away?

Baldness Cure? Japanese Study Successfully Grows Hair on Hairless Mice

Bioluminescence Sheds Light on Stem Cell Hair Therapy

Cancer Survivors Crusade for Bald Barbie

Coconut: The Secret to a Stronger Scalp

Cold Cap Therapy: Reducing Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Could Glaucoma Treatment Cure Hair Loss?

5 Ways To Stop Teen Hair Loss In Its Tracks

The Hair Loss Checklist: A Step By Step Guide to Fighting Baldness

Hairstyles to Hide Hair Loss

Preventing Winter Hair Fall Out

Propecia Over the Counter?

Scalp Cooler Helps Reduce Hair Loss in Cancer Patients

Scientists Researching Stress Stumble On Hair Loss Breakthrough

Stem Cell Recount: A Cure for Hair Loss?

Traction Alopecia: How Braids and Weaves May Cause Hair Loss

Types of Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Why Has Baldness Survived Evolution?

Mexico City Hair Restoration: Bosley Medical

Brothers Undergo Dual Hair Transplants

Elementary School Provides Massive Hair Donation to National Charity

New 'Vampire' Treatment Used In Hair Restoration

Sticky Situation: Glued Wig Provider Refunds Unhappy Customer

Eyebrow Fashions Help Promote Interest in Eyebrow Restoration

Aromatherapy: the Remedy for Temporary Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Drug Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer

Can Stress Really Cause Grey Hair?

9 Year-Old Florida Girl Overcomes Hair Loss

Onion Juice used to Treat Hair Loss?

Vancouver Hair Restoration: Bosley Medical

PRO-VAXA Fights Hair Loss During Menopause

Five Aesthetic Solutions for Hair Loss

Eight Benefits of Castor Oil on the Hair

Fifth-grader Educates Peers about Alopecia Areata

Tap Water in the United Arab Emirates Could Trigger Hair Loss

Biotin Helps Reverse Hair Loss and Promotes Overall Health

Hundreds of Women Blame Smoothing Kit for Hair Loss

Four Things Your Hair Says About Your Health

Rise in Balding Women Resorting to Hair Transplant Surgery

More Men Undergo Hair Transplants in Lieu of 'Miracle Treatments'

Hair Loss Threatens about One in Six Relationships in Singapore

Cloning Cells: The Answer to Hair Loss?

Profollica Treats Male Pattern Baldness

California High School Polo Team Suffers Hair Loss and Skin Irritation from Pool

Products Help Women with Hair Loss

The Truth about Hair Oil and Why It’s Not an Ideal Dandruff Cure

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss Require Immediate Attention

How One Woman Corrected Her Embarrassing Hair Loss

Veterans’ Charity Provides Hair Restoration for Wounded Soldiers

Four Hair Loss Treatments for 2014

Model Doesn’t Let Surgery Scars and Chemo-Induced Baldness Stop Her from Working

Keep Your Hair Loss at Bay, Comb Your Hair the Right Way!

University of Pennsylvania Researchers Offer New Baldness Cure

Stop Damaging Your Hair! Follow These Simple Tips for Hair Preservation

Techniques to Prevent Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

Tests Resume on Cold Caps to Reduce Hair Loss during Chemotherapy

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation: The Latest Weapon Against Hair Loss

Expert Advice Addresses Hair Loss in Children

University of Pennsylvania Dermatologist Closer to Hair Loss Cure

Entrepreneur’s Personal Hair Loss Experience Leads to Wig Shop

Hair Loss Experts Warns Against Transplants for Men in their 20s

Mayo Clinic Points Towards Genetics as Cause of Teen's Hair Loss

Research Could Revolutionize Treatment for Scars, Anti-aging and Hair Loss

Medical Conditions that Cause Hair Loss

Ways to Conquer Stress and Save Your Luscious Locks

Female Alopecia Patients Speak Out on their Hair Loss

Bald Men Turn to Micropigmentation

Henna Crowns and Hair Loss?

In the News: Stem Cells used in Hair Loss Treatment

Statins Causing Hair Loss?

Helping Hair Loss One Wig at a Time

New Technology May Limit Hair Transplant Scarring

Scrub Hair Loss with Homemade Shampoos

Arthritis Drug Cures One Man’s Hair Loss

Wig Seller Gives Second Chances for Women

5 Misconceptions about Baldness

Senior Explores Laser Treatments for Hair Loss

Fight Cancer, Keep Your Hair: A Radiation Remedy?

Asper-Lame: How Diet Coke & Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Hair Loss

British Star Turns Tide on Hair Loss, So Can You!

Batten Down the Lashes: Dr. Oz Speaks About Hair Loss

Provillus Prevails: The 3 Best Hair Loss Treatments of 2014

Mo' Money, Mo' Baldness: Do Higher Salaries Lead to Hair Loss?

Balding Men: What You Need to Know Before it's Too Late

The Bald and the Beautiful: Wigs for Kids Makes a Difference

Good Sportsmanship: Footballer Helps Young Fan with Alopecia

Losing Hair? Better Check Your Prostate

Want to Prevent Hair Loss? Try These Yoga Moves!

Consider the Onion: How One Bitter Bulb Can Make Your Hair Look Sweet

How to Get Away with Hair Loss: Viola Davis Shares Her Story

Sorry, Dracula, Garlic Linked to Hair Restoration

Poor Diet, Tight Ponytail, and More: 5 Horrible Hair Loss Habits to Avoid

Joan Lunden Inspires Viewers with Hair Loss

Apple Fans, Beware: The Latest iPhone Could Lead to Hair Loss

Did Ancient Egypt Hold the Secrets to Hair Restoration?

A Safe Haven Salon for Chemo-Patients

Popular Birth Control Pill Linked to Hair Loss: Is It Yours?

Could Your Medication Cause Hair Loss?

Get Luscious Locks with Keratin: Just Powder, Pat & Spray

Have a Beer and Burger, Get Healthy Hair

The ‘Man Bun’ Ain’t So Fun

Lasers Are The Future of Healthy Hair

Started From The Bottom, Now We're Here...With Healthy, Natural Hair

Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

All About Alopecia: The Silent Killer

De-Stress for Your Tresses

Maximize Your Manly Baldness with 3 Easy Tips

3 Causes of Hair Loss and How to Combat Them

From Hormones to Medications: Learn What's Causing Your Hair Loss

Excess Oil Plus Tight Hairstyles Equals Hair Loss

3 Underlying Causes of Hair Loss in Women

The Permanent Buzz Cut: Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

Grow Thicker Healthier Hair at Home with Kitchen Ingredients

The Connection Between Hair Loss and White Blood Cells

I Like Your Beehive: Bee Glue Helps Hair Grow

From Cloning to Robots: Top Hair Restoration Methods

Footballer Helps Sister With Alopecia

Not Just A Bad Hair Day: Female Hair Loss On The Rise

Fighting the Waking Nightmare That is Hair Loss

From Brussels Sprouts to Yogurt: How to Halt Hair Loss

Prevent Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss with These Tips

Raising Research and Improving Lives for Alopecia Sufferers

Is This Future Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Treatment for You?

4 Supplements to Supercharge Your Hair Health

Over-Dyed and Undernourished: Too Many Dye Jobs Leave Woman with Bald Spots

From H2O to Leafy Greens: What You Need to Boost Hair Health

11 Tips for Healthy, Flowing Locks

From Organic Products to Sun Protection: Hair and Skin Care from an Expert

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Venture into Hair Kare

Everyday Seasonings to Boost Hair Health

Want Voluminous Hair? Avoid Fatty, Sugary Foods

Battle of the Braids: Their Damage and What You Can Do About It

From Oysters to Spinach: The Best Eats for Strong Hair

Hair Building Fibers: Shampoo, Condition and Spray Your Way to Longer Locks

Rub Some Java On Your Head, Sit Back and Watch Your Hair Grow!

The Top 4 Dos and Don'ts to Revive Thinning Hair

Promising Study Shows Nutrition Key to Fighting Female Hair Loss

Let Chili Powder Give Your Hair the Growth Kick It Needs!

Five Shampoos to Fight Hair Loss

Luscious Locks Also Come with More Body Hair

The Important Role Vitamins Play in Hair Growth

To Dry Shampoo or Not to Dry Shampoo, That is the Question

Could Plucking Your Hair Actually Lead to Regrowth?

It's Kind of Like Magic: How You Can Get Jennifer Aniston's Hair

British Report Gives the Latest Hair Loss Details

Protein Packs a Powerful Punch for Healthy Hair

Basil Beats Baldness and Bedhead

Is the Newest Baldness Cure a Hair-Growing Helmet?

'Cause It's Long and It's Strong and Her Hair's Got It Going On

How to Shake Up Your Hair Care Routine for the Seasons

Is Your New Diet Causing You to Lose Your Hair?

Healthier Hair Doesn't Have to Bust the Wallet: Product Round Up

From Minoxidil to Low-Light Therapy: Four Tips for Hair Growth

Don’t Blame Your Mom for Your Hair Loss

9 Women Who Lost Their Hair But Gained Strength

MicroRNA Research Could Lead to Hair Loss Cure

Don't Panic! Despite These Signs, You Are NOT Going Bald

Understanding Male Pattern Baldness

Keep It Natural: Treat Your Hair Loss Today with These Remedies

Could a New Super Drug Cure Arthritis, Eczema and Hair Loss?

Hit the Gym and Eat Your Protein: How to Have Healthy Hair

Sunscreen is Just as Necessary for Your Hair as It is for Your Skin

Are Carbs Actually Good for You? Your Hair, At Least

How Far Away Is a Cure For Baldness?

New Options Available for Women Suffering From Hair Loss

From Fruit to Shellfish: What to Add to Your Shopping List for Radiant Hair and Skin

Herbs and Acupuncture May Reverse Hair Loss

Can Scalp Cooling Help Save the Hair of Chemotherapy Patients?

How Do Women Fight Hair Loss?

From Anxiety to Anxiety Medications: 5 Causes of Hair Loss

Beat Breakage and Vamp Up the Volume with These Hair Healthy Foods

Pass Me the Straightener, Honey: Guys Get Into Hair Care

New Face of Pantene Selena Gomez Shares Hair Care Tips

The Benefits of Using All-Natural Hair Care Products

What’s Normal When It Comes to Hair Shedding?

Dr. William Rassman Discusses Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention

Poland's Hair Care Market Is Booming

Female Hair Loss: Causes and Solutions

How Much Is Too Much Hair Loss?

Have a Receding Hairline? Here’s How to Fix It!

When Should You Worry About Hair Loss?

Head Covering Options for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

7 Easy Hacks for Lustrous Hair

Nine Tips for Healthier Hair

How To Stop Your Hair From Falling Out in the Fall

Man Buns Wreak Havoc on Hair

The Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Try Raw Juice for Strong Hair Today

Robots Being Used in Hair Transplant Surgery

Could Blocking the Immune System Help to Stop Hair Loss in Women?

Five Best Practices for Healthier Hair

Can Drugs For Arthritis and Cancer Reverse Hair Loss?

7 Foods To Help Battle Hair Loss

Can Pumpkin Seed Oil Stop Hair Loss?

Three Ways That You Could Be Making Your Hair Fall Out

6 Natural Remedies to Battle Hair Loss

Heredity is the Most Common Contributor to Female Hair Loss

Can Problems With Circulation and Testosterone Cause Hair Loss in Men?

Rare Treatment Can Be Used to Help Cancer Patients Reverse Hair Loss

Early Warning Signs For Female Hair Loss and Tips For Stopping It

Three Common Contributors to Hair Loss and Remedies to Get it Back

Breaking Down Barriers: Female Hair Loss

How To: Combat Hair Loss and Dandruff with Methi Seeds

Trending Now: Salon Owner Dedicated to Helping Hair Loss Victims wins Entrepreneur of the Year

Five Simple Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

First Look: Cooling Cap Designed to Combat Hair loss Approved by FDA

Trending Now: Male Hair Loss May Lead to Anxiety, Depression

Low T and Me: How Low Testosterone Levels Are Affecting Men

Inside Out: Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Work Wonders for Skin and Hair

Hair Loss 101: Dieting and Supplementation

Five All-Natural Hair Care Tips for 2016

Helpful Remedies to Four Common Scalp Problems

Hair Care 101: 3 Things That Might Be Causing Your Hair Loss

7 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Hair in 2016

How To: Prevent Thinning Hair

Can You Stop Your Eyebrows From Shedding?

Haircare 101: What’s Really Causing your Hair Loss?

4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Beautiful All Year Long

Haircare 101: Eating for Healthy Hair

4 Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Beautiful All Year Long

Hair Loss Linked to Aging Process

4 Natural Remedies to Fight Baldness

5 Facts About The Links Between The Thyroid and Hair Loss

Trending Now: Cutting-Edge Product May Prevent Hair Loss in Cancer Patients

Does Damage to DNA Cause Hair Loss?

Try Before You Buy: At-Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Common Beauty Mistakes

Love Your Locks: How to Combat Stress-Induced Hair Loss

Styling Trends Could Be Causing Hair Loss Among Black Women

Five Herbs to Improve the Health of Your Hair

Men’s Hair Loss: Common Causes and Solutions

What’s Causing Your Hair Loss?

Could 3D Printing Be the Solution to Hair Loss?

Four Nutritional Tips to Give you Better Hair and Nails

How To: Revamp Your Haircare Regimen

6 Surefire Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

5 Easy Ways for Women to Deal with Hair Loss

Can Dry Shampoo Wreck Your Hair?

How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

Could Protein Shakes Be Causing Your Hair to Fall Out?

5 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

Certain Hairstyles May Lead to Hair Loss

3 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

21 Foods for Great Skin and Hair

4 Unexpected Causes of Hair Loss

Should You Blame Your Mom for Your Hair Loss?

Do Hair Loss Products Actually Stop Hair Loss?

Seven Tips for Preventing Female Hair Loss

Can Magnesium Treat Hair Loss?

Your Hairstyle Might Cause Hair Loss

Indications That Your Hair Isn't Healthy

Cooling Cap Could Limit Hair Fallout Folllowing Chemotherapy

3D Printing Could Offer New Hair Loss Solution

Can Low-Level Laser Therapy Cure Hair Loss?

Wig Specialists: Important Allies in the Battle Against Cancer

Hairless Mom in the UK Writes Book to Educate Children About Diversity

Is There Any Way to Stop Hair Loss?

Restore Hair with Amniotic Fluid

7 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

Companies in Japan Looking for a Cure for Baldness

New Therapy Allows Chemo Patients to Keep More Hair

Could Dry Shampoo Be Killing Your Hair?

The Best Diet for Healthy Hair

5 Things to Stop Doing to Avoid Hair Loss

Three Reasons Women Lose Their Hair and What You Can Do to Stop It

Wen Hair Care May Cause Hair Loss

Can Overdyeing Lead to Hair Loss?

Female Hair Loss: Causes and Prevention

Want Radiant, Flowing Hair? Follow These 4 Simple (and Cheap) Tips

What Men Need to Know About Hair Loss

Constant Hair Style Changes Can Lead to Hair Loss

5 Essential Products for Women Suffering from Hair Loss

Do You Have Healthy Hair? Look for These 6 Signs

Eating Your Way to Healthy Hair

New Research Shows Arthritis Drug May Reverse Hair Loss

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

New Treatment Can Restore Up to 90 Percent of Hair

Is 3D Printing The Baldness Cure We've Been Waiting For?

One Woman's Hair Loss Journey Inspires Others

For Chemo Patients, a Cold Cap Can Help Retain Hair

Common Conditions That Lead to Hair Loss

Is Dry Shampoo Ruining People's Hair?

Can Conditioner Washing Cause Your Hair to Fall Out?

Turmeric for Healthy Hair

Four Facts About Hair Loss

How to Tell Whether or Not Your Hair Loss is Normal

Is an Arthritis Drug the Key to Curing Hair Loss?

Dealing With Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Can Scalp Cooling Help You Keep Your Hair During Chemotherapy?

Mold in Your Hair? It Can Happen If You Don't Take Care of Your Scalp

Could Plasma Injections Offer a Cure for Baldness?

Hair Loss An Issue for Millennial Women

Is Stress Causing You to Go Bald?

Do You Suffer from Hair Loss or Thinning?

Can Microblading Help to Hide Hair Loss?

Hormones and Hair Loss

What You Need to Know About Winter Hair Loss

Getting Through Chemo with Style: Tips on Wigs and Hair Loss

What Types of Medication Can Cause Hair Loss?

Strategies for Dealing with Male Hair Loss

Could Stem Cell Therapy Offer a Cure for Baldness?

3D Printing Offers New Hair Loss Solution

New Gene Research Could Reveal the Causes of Hair Loss

6 Common Hair Loss Myths Debunked

Genetic Markers Tally Hair Loss Risk

Gabrielle Union's Latest Project: A Hair Care Line

Hair Care (and Hair Loss) Market is Growing

Five Early Signs of Hair Loss

When Hair Band Members Lose Their Locks

3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Hair Loss

New Peptide Therapy Could Reverse Hair Loss

FDA Approves Scalp Cooling Device to Stop Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

Are You Losing Your Hair? Here are Nine Reasons Why It Might Be Happening

Five Tips for Men Losing Their Hair

Female Pattern Baldness: A Major Cause of Hair Loss in Women

Dealing with Female Pattern Baldness

Could You Be Causing Your Hair to Fall Out?

FDA Allows Hair Loss Drug Study to Move Forward

Six Ways to Stop Hair Loss

A New Drug May Someday Offer Cure for Baldness

Going Vegan Could Cause Men to Go Bald

How to Stop Hair Loss

Dealing with Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss

Is Hair Loss More Likely During Certain Times of the Year?

The Social Stigma of Hair Loss

Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Help to Regrow Hair?

Hair Loss Supplements May Prevent Balding

New Skin Cell Research Could Hold Key to Regrowing Hair

Essential Nutrients to Prevent Hair Loss

'Tis The Season for Shedding Hair

The Perils of Pregnancy-Induced Hair Loss

Can Caffeine Prevent Hair Loss?

Laser Hair Therapy with PRP

Factors Triggering Female Hair Loss

Scientists in South Korea Say They May Have Baldness Cure

Veganism Can Cause Hair Loss

New Drug Combo Could Help with Female Hair Loss

Ways Men Can Reduce Hair Loss

The Emotional Side of Hair Loss

How Can Men Regrow Their Hair?

Avoid Hair Loss by Changing Your Habits

Do You Want a Thicker Beard? Here's How You Get It

Do You Want a Pillowcase That Won't Destroy Your Hair?

Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

Do Men Really Get More Hair Loss Than Women?

Little Known Reasons You May Be Going Bald

McDonald's Fries Chemical May Restore Hair

Men Should Look For These Early Signs of Hair Loss

Natural Treatments Can Help with Female Hair Loss

FDA-Approved Devices Could Help Chemo Patients Battle Hair Loss

New Research May Aid Age-Related Hair Loss

How Deion Sanders is Dealing with Hair Loss

Six Reasons You Might Be Losing Your Hair

Understanding Seasonal Hair Shedding

The Latest Baldness Remedy Could Already Exist

Can Vitamin C Help Reverse Thinning Hair?

Do Hair Loss Treatments Work?

Stress and Hair Loss

Should You Be Worried About Your Thinning Hair?

Tech to the Rescue for Hair Loss

Hair Loss Prevention for Women

New Research Proves Ability to Reverse Hair Loss in Mice

Tips for Achieving Strong, Healthy Hair

When Women Should Worry About Hair Loss

Experimental Drug Compound Could Offer Hair Loss Cure

Five Foods That Can Prevent Hair Loss

Diet and Hair Loss

Dealing with Hair Loss

Is the Cure for Hair Loss Just Around The Corner?

The Many Benefits of Rosemary Oil

Help Prevent Hair Thinning with These Four Home Remedies

Castor Oil for Hair

Dealing with Postpartum Hair Loss

How Hair Loss Affects Confidence

5 Summer Tips for Newly Grown Hair

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Male Hair Massages: The Ultimate Grooming Experience from the Barbershop

Turkish Hair Transplants: Are They Worth it?