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Thinning Hair vs Hair Loss: Assessing the Differences

Is there a difference between thinning hair and hair loss? Yes. While many people use the terms interchangeably, they aren’t exactly the same thing. The terms are used to refer to the hair at different stages. Hair thinning refers to the early stages of hair loss. When hair thins, the hair shaft itself begins to get thinner. Hair loss, on the other hand, refers to the stage at which some hairs thin so much that they become fluffy white hair called vellus, which is not always visible to the eye. Baldness is the term used to refer to the head when most of the hair has become vellus.

Most often, thinning hair is caused by DHT’s effects on hair follicles. DHT is a natural byproduct of testosterone, which is found in both women and men. When DHT concentrates on the scalp, it can cause the follicle to deteriorate. Of course, hair thinning can be caused by other factors, as well. Some of these include stress, chemicals used on the hair, certain medications, and certain vitamin or mineral deficiencies. Sometimes, hair thinning occurs simply as a result of genetics.

More than half of individuals—both men and women—experience hair thinning during some point in life. Luckily, many individuals experiencing thinning hair can take measures to prevent hair loss, especially if caught in the early stages. Hair thinning from chemicals, medications, stress, or mineral deficiencies is often easily treated once one of these causes has been identified. When DHT is the cause, doctors often prescribe DHT blockers to help prevent continued hair thinning and eventual hair loss. DHT often causes only thinning, but not hair loss, in women, but tends to cause hair loss in men, if not treated.

If you are unable to prevent hair from thinning, perhaps because the condition is genetic, and are beginning to notice hair loss, there are still many treatments available for hair loss. Hair transplant surgery is a highly successful treatment for hair loss. In hair transplant surgery, healthy hair is taken from one part of the scalp and transplanted to the area of hair loss, where it will continue to grow for life. Additionally, there are a number of laser hair loss treatments available. Laser treatments can make your hair healthy again, restoring the follicles for stronger, thicker hair. Often, laser treatments are used in conjunction with hair transplant surgery to improve the overall look of the hair.

Whether a man or a woman, if you start noticing hair thinning, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor. If the cause of hair thinning can be identified early on, the chance of treating it before it turns into hair loss are better than if you wait. If you’re looking for a qualified hair loss specialist in your area, HairLossSpecialists representatives will help you find one from our listings of experienced professionals. If you’re concerned about the health of your hair, give us a call today, and we’ll schedule your personal consultation.

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