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5 Summer Tips for Newly Grown Hair

by Hannah Kohut

If you’ve had a recent hair transplant or have regrown new hair, you’ve invested considerable time and money toward your hair goals. Now it’s time to take care of it, especially in the summer.

Summer is a time when we are less than careful with our skin and hair care. 

Here are some tips for maintaining your new hair and preventing hair loss during the summer.

Ditch the Ball Caps

Tight ball caps might be your summer go-to, but they can cause tugging and pulling on your hair. Opt for a looser fitting hat like a straw or floppy hat. The hat will also protect your scalp and hair follicles from sun and UV damage. 

Avoid Chlorine and Saltwater

Chlorine and saltwater can be harsh and damaging to your hair, scalp, and new grafts. Your follicles can also absorb the chemicals and salts, which could damage the integrity of new hair growth.

If you go swimming in chlorine or salt water, try to keep your head out of the water or wear a swimming cap (if using a swimming cap, gently put it on and take it off). If your hair comes in contact with either, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water as soon as possible. 

Avoid Sun and Heat

We already know the sun can easily damage your scalp, hair, and follicles, but so can heat in general. Sweating causes you to touch your hair and wipe away the moisture, which puts strain on your new hair growth and grafts. Try to remain cool as much as possible. If your scalp does sweat, gently blot it with a soft, dry cloth. Also wash your hair as soon as you can so sweat bacteria doesn’t set in your follicles.

Another few notes about the sun – sun exposure can break down the proteins that bind hair together, and it can dry out your scalp, making it harder for your hair follicles to maintain new hair and growth.

Keep Hydrated

Chugging water this summer will help strengthen your hair and keep it moisturized. Dehydration can cause trouble for recently grafted hairs, dry your scalp, and dry out your hair, making it brittle and prone to breakage. 

Maintain a Hair-Healthy Diet

Your hair needs to be fed from within. Make sure you add protein to your daily diet along with hair-healthy foods like antioxidant-rich berries, eggs, nutrient-dense dark greens, and omega-filled fatty fish like salmon. If you are vegetarian, avocados, nuts, and seeds can also feed your hair the healthy fats it needs. 

You can also add supplements like biotin and vitamins A, C, and E, all of which promote healthy hair conditions.

Above all, follow your hair replacement professional’s recommended care routine and use all prescribed products as directed. Summer is no doubt challenging for those of us with new hair growth and grafts, but with some simple care and modifications, you can have a worry-free summer.

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