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Scalp Cooler Helps Reduce Hair Loss in Cancer Patients

A new machine called the Scalp Cooler is helping reduce hair loss in cancer patients, according to a Scottish newspaper. The advanced technology aims to lessen the emotional turmoil associated with chemotherapy and cancer.

The Scalp Cooler was invented by Glenn Paxman, who was disturbed by his wife’s hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy. After her death, Glenn sought a way to decrease the effects of hair loss on cancer patients. The Scalp Cooler works by reducing blood flow to the scalp—something that usually causes hair loss. But in the case of chemotherapy patients, restricted blood flow allows less radiation to reach the hair follicles. The theory is simple, but the Scalp Cooler is the first advanced cooling cap of its kind.

Hospitals in Edinburgh and Livingston purchased the Scalp Coolers using funds from the Edinburgh Moonwalk charity event, which raised over £2 million. Additional Scalp Coolers are popping up all over the United Kingdom, but the machines have yet to reach the states.

So why focus on hair loss, when life-threatening cancer is nearby? While hair loss is a cosmetic side effect to radiation therapy, many cancer patients find it to be one of the most traumatic aspects of their disease. Any steps taken toward battling cancer hair loss may not be a matter of life and death, but it can certainly improve a patient’s emotional well being. Hair loss associated with cancer is obviously detrimental to both men and women. But it’s arguably a bigger ordeal to women, who associate their hair with their femininity. For both sexes, a lack of hair is inherently tied to the idea of poor health, age, and deterioration.

Claire Paxman runs the Scalp Cooler company on her father’s behalf. Watching her mother suffer from cancer had a profound effect on her, and the Scalp Cooler is a way to funnel the memory of her mother into something that can help others. Claire said: “For me personally, at 14 years old, I actually cut all her hair off in the bathroom. My father wanted to understand what scalp cooling was and how it worked. Unfortunately we lost my mum, so it puts it into perspective and every time we supply a scalp cooler her legacy lives on.”

The staff at both hospitals appreciate the treatment that the Scalp Coolers are bringing to their patients. Nurse Julie Reid said: “They are a massive benefit to patients who will be able to use them during their cancer treatment because obviously it’s more evident to people that they are under going treatment when they have no hair.”

Oncologist Larry Hayward said, “Obviously the most important thing is to control the cancer, get rid of it if we can but allowing patients to get on with life is normal whilst they have what’s otherwise quite complicated treatment is going to be a huge advantage.”

Hair Transplants for Cancer-Related Hair Loss

While Scalp Cooler is a solid preventative measure that can be utilized during chemotherapy, many cancer patients seek a permanent solution to hair loss. Hair transplant surgery is the only way to permanently restore the hair you once had. This surgery is effective on both men and women, and you can treat your new hair as your own—because it is. Hair Loss Specialists can book you a consultation with a hair restoration professional in your area. During your consultation, you’ll learn more about hair restoration options and choose which one is right for you. Contact our representatives today!

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