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Prince William: Rogaine Spokesman?

Pictures of Prince William ten years ago show a full head of wavy, golden locks. Now, the recent engagement photos of the prince and his fiancée, Kate Middleton, reveal thinning hair and a growing bald spot. Luckily, Rogaine has offered Prince William a chance to treat his hair loss while simultaneously promoting their product. That’s right, the company’s representatives want Prince William to be the Rogaine spokesman.

Prince William and Rogaine: A Winning Combination?

With the royal wedding fast approaching, everyone is turning their attention to the Isle of England and keeping a close eye on Prince William. Rogaine is keeping the prince’s best interests in mind and want to provide him with a healthy head of hair for his special day. The company claims it has been watching William’s bald spot for years and believes he would be the perfect person to represent Rogaine’s effective hair regrowth capabilities. Not only would their products help him minimize his bald spot and increase his self-esteem—not that he needs anymore—,but the deal would also be a great way to reach the millions of men and women suffering from hair loss. Yes, thinning hair even effects royalty!

Will Rogaine and Prince William Work Together?

While it’s no secret that Prince William’s hair has thinned out considerably, Rogaine may have crossed a line with their commercialized, for-profit goals. It is said that Rogaine is just trying to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the wedding. The only way this proposition would go through is if the prince felt self-conscious about his hair, and he appears quite satisfied with his current look. However, bald spots and receding hairlines are major concerns for many men and women alike, so William might consider the sponsorship.

For those who are not of royal descent and are struggling with thinning hair, Rogaine is a great option. It has been shown to slow down hair loss and even promote partial regrowth in some patients. The Minoxidil solution increases blood flow to thinning areas, which causes the follicle to grow. Rogaine is a convenient, over-the-counter option for hair-loss sufferers, and it is relatively inexpensive. However, it has been shown that Rogaine’s effectiveness can diminish over time, so it will not permanently treat hair loss. The most effective way to fight thinning hair is through surgical hair restoration procedures, such as follicular unit transplantation.

Even if Prince William and Rogaine don’t work out, there are many other hair-loss sufferers who can benefit from this hair restoring product. If you want to learn more about Rogaine or other hair restoration treatments, contact us today. We can set up a personal consultation with a certified hair loss specialist.

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