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Nicki Minaj & Lady Gaga Inspire New Movement in Wigs

Hip-hop bombshell Nicki Minaj is known to sport almost every style and color of hair imaginable, so long as it’s loud. Even more than her dramatic performances and audacious style, Minaj is renowned for never showing up with the same hairdo, and that’s of course due to her love of wigs.

Similar to Lil’ Kim in the mid-nineties, Nicki Minaj stands out as a female in the rap community. Rather than trying to mask her femininity, she throws it in people’s faces with neon wigs that match her music’s energy. On the celebrity variety show Lorraine, Minaj recently stated, “I probably have a thousand [wigs] now. My hairdresser has a room designated to just my wigs. He needs like a mansion now because my wigs are taking over his life.” More than just her hairdresser’s life, Minaj’s wigs are making a big impression on the hair piece market.

In January of 2012 Vicki Ullah, founder of the Wig Boudoir in Harrods, told the The Guardian, "The majority of clients I look after are those suffering from hair loss, although we are seeing a vast increase in those purchasing wigs for a dramatic change. Sales for fashion wigs and hair pieces have risen by almost 40%." Another major wig retailer, the UK-based website, saw a 20% boost in sales across the board in 2011. Other celebrities have joined in the wig wearing including singers Rhianna and Katy Perry. But not all pop stars’ wigs are just for fashion.

Lady Gaga’s Lost Locks

Fellow music icon Lady Gaga is also a notorious wig wearer, but her case may stem from necessity. In 2011 Gaga mentioned that after years of bleaching and dyeing her naturally brunette locks she is beginning to experience hair loss. The diva told People Magazine, "I now have to get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out," and the UK tabloid paper The Sun recently claimed Gaga uses Rogaine for Women to slow her hair fall.

Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical used to bleach hair, and to transform dark hair to Gaga’s signature platinum blond takes powerful treatments which could trigger traction alopecia. Traction alopecia can be reversed if hair is given time to recover, but Gaga’s tale should serve as a cautionary tale to all hair dyers: Treat your hair with respect or risk losing it.

Women’s Hair Loss Awareness

Open attitude towards wig wearing by Minaj and other celebrities coupled with recent development like the toy company Mattel introducing its first bald Barbie doll seem part of a larger trend of embracing women's hair loss. Female hair loss by can be caused by disease, hormones, malnutrition, or shock from severe accidents; and it’s estimated that over 50% of women will experience some hair loss in their lifetime. Losing hair is can be a psychologically traumatic experience for women, but seeing stars go glamorous through hair pieces may help hair loss sufferers embrace new looks without shame. Whether for entertainment, fashion, or dealing with hair loss, it seems wigs are here to stay.

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