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Mo' Money, Mo' Baldness: Do Higher Salaries Lead to Hair Loss?

by Alex Kilpatrick


Brits who earn £75k (roughly $125k) or more are more likely to believe their hair is thinning due to the pressure and strain of their work than those earning just £15k ($24k), according to a recent survey carried out on behalf of L’Oréal Professional.

According to findings published in The Telegraph, a survey of 2,000 adults revealed that nearly 75 percent of women believe that stress is the source for hair loss with a whopping one in three stating they had personally experienced thinning hair. By contrast, men affirmed their belief that genes were more liable for hair loss, even though 50 percent still rationalized that work pressure was additionally a factor.

However, high earners of both genders were more susceptible to blaming their work stress for their hair loss than those with considerably smaller wages.

“One in five Britons taking home a salary of more than £75k a year blamed work stress for hair thinning, compared to just one in ten of those earning up to £15k,” The Telegraph reported.

But is this real or some sort of psychosomatic nonsense? The answer may surprise you. Hair loss from stress is not without precedent. Telogen effluvium is a type of hair loss that can occur through the stress of emotional or physical trauma.

Hair loss among both women and men through stress does exist, according to Adam Reed, the co-founder of Percy & Reed salon, which boasts numerous A-list British celebrities, including Sophie Dahl and Diane Kruger.

“British women are facing increasingly stressful lives as they struggle to balance work-life pressures and their hair is suffering as a result,” Reed explained to The Telegraph. “This research leaves little doubt that stress is currently the biggest factor facing women when it comes to their thinning hair.”

Reed comments that the good news is the commercial availability of numerous hair care products now accessible to the general public. These products will help slow down the rate of hair loss as well as promote growth for both males and females.

“But people have to recognise they are suffering from thinning hair and be prepared to seek help,” Reed told The Telegraph. “Hiding your head in the sand simply isn’t going to help.”

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