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Is Lindsay Lohan Balding?

by Clem Mestre

Since her breakout role in the movie Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan’s personal life and career have taken a few rocky turns. Over the last few years she has endured legal trouble, multiple stints in drug rehabilitation centers, and endless ridicule from celebrity gossipers. And it seems that all of this stress is coming to a head—or perhaps a scalp—as recent paparazzi photos reveal a larger hairless patch parting Miss Lohan’s signature auburn tresses. Whether Lindsay’s balding is due to the stress of her career, poor diet, drug abuse, or the over-use of hair products like dyes and weaves is unclear, but we have our suspicions.

The unflattering photographs of Lohan were snapped outside of a Beverly Hills Italian restaurant, ironically named E. Baldi. The series of pictures showcases the frazzled star walking to her car and covering her face while an unmistakable, oblong bald spot at the crown of her head is lit up by the camera flash. Upon viewing the pictures Lucia Binding of commented, “It appears that the years of hard partying and high-maintenance glamour with constant hair extensions has taken its toll on Lindsay’s locks.”

The “high maintenance glamour” and “hair-extensions” aspects of Binding’s suggestions indirectly refer to a hair loss ailment known as traction alopecia. The disorder can be caused by frequent changes of hair color or long-term use of integrated hairpieces, as is often required by actresses or performers. Lindsay’s flip-flopping between red and blond hair and donning scalp-stressing hair extensions for movie shoots could have easily given her traction alopecia, leading to the blatant bald spot. If traction alopecia is the culprit, Lohan is lucky. Most cases can be reversed if caught early, but who knows if this bad girl would have the willpower to resist bleaching her hair or using weaves for the recommended six-month recovery period.

Another potential cause for Lindsay’s lost locks is telogen effluvium. This disorder usually stems from a sudden stress to the body, including emotional trauma, weight loss, and drug use. As Lindsay Lohan has recently experienced several stressful court cases, admitted drug abuse, and yo-yoing weight, telogen effluvium is a very likely culprit. The disorder basically puts up to thirty percent of your hair follicles into a stage of dormancy, allowing your body to focus more energy on surviving the stress that triggered it. While hair lost due to telogen effluvium typically grows back after six months, some doctors believe the condition may accelerate an even more serious balding disorder: androgenic alopecia.

The leading cause of hair loss in women, and final suspect in Lindsay Lohan’s hair disaster, is androgenic alopecia. Also responsible for male pattern baldness, this disorder causes hair follicles to shrivel due to genetic sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone. It usually begins causing hair loss in women between the ages of twelve and forty, making 26-year-old Lohan well within range. Female pattern baldness via androgenic alopecia usually shows up as a thinning hair along the middle of the scalp, another possible explanation for Lindsay’s mysteriously missing strands.

Whether Lohan’s hair woes are the symptoms of her lifestyle or the first signs of a bigger balding issue will only be revealed—and hopefully remedied—with time. But if you are female and experiencing abnormal hair fall, don’t wait around. Contact us today! We have a network of premium hair loss specialists located and proudly offer free consultations at all of our hair loss clinics nationwide!

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