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Can Wearing Hats Cause Hair Loss?

by Marisa Amorasak


There’s an old wives tale that says wearing hats can lead to hair loss. Maybe it’s because so many balding men use hats to cover up their hair loss or because people think that hats have a negative effect on scalp circulation. But in truth, hats do not cause or contribute to hair loss. That means that you can continue to wear your dirtiest, smelliest baseball cap on a daily basis without it affecting the amount of hair on your head. Read on more about hats, hair loss, and effective treatment options.

Androgenic Alopecia

The vast majority of men and women who are balding suffer from androgenic alopecia, a condition that’s completely reliant on genetics. Androgenic alopecia places people at a predisposition for receding hairlines, thinning hair, and that pesky bald spot in the center of the scalp. Unfortunately, people with androgenic alopecia can’t escape it: it’s in their genes. No matter what, the blocked production of a chemical called DHT will prohibit the natural hair cycle. It doesn’t make a difference if a person with androgenic alopecia wears hats—they’ll still lose their hair. Similarly, a person who doesn’t suffer from androgenic alopecia is not going to cause an onset of hair loss by wearing hats.

Although androgenic alopecia is not preventable, it is possible to make it appear as though it never happened. Hair transplants and laser hair treatment use the latest technology to restore your scalp with your own real, touchable, growing hair.

Sebum Buildup and Hair Loss

Theoretically, one of the only ways that wearing a hat could have any affect on hair loss is due to sebum buildup. In extremely hot, humid, and sweaty conditions, the scalp can be the site of sebum buildup. Sebum is the thick, oily substance excreted from oil glands. When the sebum on the scalp mixes with naturally occurring cholesterol, it can create a stiff “plug” that cuts off the hair follicle’s circulation. Although hats can contribute to sweaty, oily scalps, hardened sebum buildup is completely preventable by washing the hair.

Hats and Hair Growth Circulation

Speaking of circulation being conducive to hair growth, couldn’t wearing a hat disrupt follicle circulation? A hat would have to be extremely tight and be worn for a long amount of time before it started affecting the scalp’s circulation. If a hat is comfortable enough to wear, there’s no way it will effect hair growth.

Benefits of Hair Growth and Hats

Hat-wearing may even be beneficial to hair growth. Hats offer the scalp and hair protection from the sun, which actually can cause hair loss. Healthy hair grows quickly, and hair that has spent extensive amounts of time is less likely to be healthy. Hats also protect the scalp from sunburn, which can lead to slower hair growth.

If you’d like to learn more about your hair restoration options, contact our representatives today. We’ll help schedule a private consultation with an experienced hair loss specialist in your area.

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