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Can Certain Diets Help Cause Hair Loss?

These days, many people subscribe to strict fad diets that lead only to temporary weight loss and crushed hopes. Even worse, many of these diets don't provide an adequate amount of nutrients for everyday body functions. One side effect of poor nutrition from fad dieting is hair loss. If you're not getting enough protein, iron, and vitamins, your hair may start to suffer.

The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet is a popular low-carbohydrate, high diet that has helped many people lose a significant amount of weight. But this diet is also known shed more than just pounds. Since Atkins is best known as a high-protein diet, it would seem as though it might encourage hair growth. After all, protein is arguably the most important component in hair growth. It's what hair is made out of. So all of that protein can only do a body good, right? Well, kind of. The Atkins Diet suggests that users get their proteins from lean meats such as fish and chicken. But many people abuse the diet's protein allowance, and end up eating a lot of high-fat proteins like ground beef and steak. These fatty foods can clog arteries and restrict circulation, the key function to quick hair growth. Moreover, the Atkins Diet rejects fruits and vegetables during its initial stages, which isn't a good idea for your health in general. The loss of B vitamins, which are essential to healthy hair growth, may wreak havoc on your hair growth plans. If you are concerned about hair loss and are on the Atkins Diet, be sure to make smart protein choices. During the first few weeks, add those loss vitamins that you aren't getting from fruits and vegetables and take them in supplement form.

Crash Diets

These diets are designed to make you lose weight very quickly. In order to do so, they cut out essential nutrients. The lemon and cayenne pepper diet, cookie diet, grapefruit diet, and cabbage soup diet are examples of crash diets. These diets drastically cut your diet down to just a few foods. Some of these diets-- like the lemon and cayenne pepper diet, for example-- provide hardly any nutritional benefits. You'll lose out on protein, iron, vitamins, and quite possibly your hair. Don't attempt these diets if you're concerned about hair loss, especially for an extended amount of time.

Vegetarian Diet

In the United States, vegetarianism is more popular than ever. About 3% of Americans adhere to a vegetarian diet, according to a recent study by Vegetarian Times. That may not seem like a lot, but vegetarians are definitely having an influence on the kind of food that restaurants and grocery stores are offering. Even if only a small percentage of Americans are vegetarian, there are definitely even more that stick to an occasional vegetarian diet. Of those 3%, .5% are vegan.

People mainly choose vegetarianism for animal welfare, environmental concerns, and a healthier lifestyle. A well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet won't have any protein deficiency problems. Although there is a lot of protein to be found in meat, there's also plenty to be found in beans, legumes, tofu, peanut butter, and spinach. It's not that vegetarians don't have protein options, but they do have to make a more conscious effort to consume enough of them. If you're a vegetarian or vegan, just take special care to eat enough high-protein foods and you won't have a problem.

Low Iron Diets

A diet high in iron is often encouraged in our society, but that doesn't mean everyone has one. Anemics (people who have an iron deficiency) often struggle with hair loss. Low iron diets may also be recommended by doctor to treat conditions such as hemochromatosis and gastrointestinal diseases. Iron is one of the most important nutrients in hair growth. If you want to consume more iron, you won't have to look far-- it's in some of the most delicious foods. It's found in fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, and seafood.

Just as a poor diet can restrict hair growth, a diet plentiful in healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins can make your head as fluffy as a parakeet. Sprouts, soy milk, and oysters are all foods that promote hair growth. But if you're looking for a more immediate way to replenish your hair, hair transplant surgery provides a natural head of hair in a short amount of time. If you'd like more information about hair transplants, contact us today so we can schedule a private consultation with an experienced hair loss specialist in your area.

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