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Constant Dyeing is Ruining January Jones' Hair

by Barb Tate

Sometimes, preparing for a Hollywood role involves more than just wearing different pieces of clothing and talking in a different accent. A true chameleon of the silver and small screens, January Jones has portrayed an amazing array of characters. Even though she may not be out of breath, her hair definitely is: the ever changing chemical color wheel of permanent hair dye is taking its toll on her locks. Few actresses have been through the Hollywood salon cycle as much as January, and now the young actress is feeling the effect of a sour scalp with dye-related hair loss .

While January is best known for her fair blonde locks in the TV series Mad Men, she attained her first break into major motion pictures in 1999. Throughout her 14-year film and television career, January has sported almost every color. Unfortunately, the stress her hair is under is making it fall out in clumps like a shedding canine. "I've been blonde, red with extensions for this film, then blonde, then black, and now blonde again. I'm going to have to shave it off and wear a wig,” said January.

Primarily a television actress, January must maintain a fortified color for months, or even years at a time. This means that she must frequently use heavy-duty synthetic hair dyes. As her hair dances around the color wheel with synthetic dyes, it’s no surprise that her lovely locks are uprooting.

January isn’t the first star to report hair loss from dye damage. Recently, pop starlet Lady Gaga admitted that she had been clumping throughout her most recent wild and color-changing world tour. “I must occasionally get a chemical haircut, because my blonde hair is falling out!” said the star.

What Can January Jones Do To Keep Her Hair From Falling Out?

If January wants to keep those clumps close to her head, there’s a few preventative things she can do.

Typically, there main ingredients in conventional hair dye that will eventually wear down your hair strands, follicles, and scalp are: ammonia, coal tar, lead, resorcinol, toluene, PPDs (para-phenyleneiamines, the color creating chemical that is considered carcinogenic), and peroxide. While these ingredients won’t strip your head the first time you use them, women like the constantly transforming January Jones are advised to seek out safer and organic hair dye products.

All hair dyes are going to have some chemical agent in them. No hair dye is completely organic- even though many hair dye brands will use this trait purely as a marketing technique (always read your labels). You can, however, find products with limited amounts of these harsh ingredients.

If the role calls for it, January could also opt for high lights or low lights. These styles offer a minimal amount of dye and zero contact with the scalp—excellent for people with irritated scalps or hair loss. Additionally, choosing a hair dye that is no more than three shades from your natural hair color will benefit your scalp in the long term.

Scheduling a Hair Loss Consultation

If you are experiencing hair loss from chemical applications like hair dyes or oil treatments, hop over to Hair Loss Specialists and research your options for a stronger scalp and healthier hair. Contact our on-call, verified team to schedule a personal consultation with a provider in your area.

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