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Justin Bieber Offers Hair Advice to Prince William

by Clem Mestre

In a recent interview with the UK magazine Rollacoaster the immaculately coiffed singer Justin Bieber questioned Prince William’s failure to take action on his receding hairline. The 18-year-old pop star seemed deeply perplexed by the future king’s hairless crown, and offered him a piece of advice. “You just take Propecia and your hair grows back … Have you not got it over here?” While it’s likely that William is too preoccupied by the media frenzy of London’s Olympic ceremonies for comment, the aside has gotten fans of both parties and the hair loss community buzzing.

Prince William, now 30, has been steadily losing hair since his mid-twenties. The subject of the prince’s hair, or lack there-of, was a hot topic leading up to his royal wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011, and several engagement portraits taken by acclaimed celebrity photographer Mario Testino had the top of William’s head conveniently cropped out.

The prince is diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, also know as male pattern baldness, a condition where follicles become sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone and slowly shrivel. The hair loss disorder is typically hereditary, and William’s father Charles and grandfather Prince Phillip both experienced balding, albeit at a slower pace. If William stays course without some sort of hair loss treatment his shedding will likely proceed until he’s left with only a “power-ring” of hair along the sides and back of the head.

While many American and English fans share Bieber’s view that Prince William should do something about his chroming dome, other celebs see his lack of action as a confident move. Jennifer Aniston recently weighed in on the subject during a radio interview with Capital FM. "I think he should just let whatever's happening happen, don't you?” the 43-year-old actress mused. "I think there's nothing wrong with it, like Ed Harris. Gorgeous."

Although Bieber’s advice lacked tact, his suggestion is similar to those of leading hair professionals. “Considering his young age and the unpredictability of where [William's] hair loss is going to end, his main priority should be to stabilize his situation,” Dr. Bessam Farjo, a hair transplant surgeon from Manchester, commented to the Associated Press. “Some medications certainly have a track record of stopping the hair loss so long as the person continues to use [them].”

Propecia, the drug that Biebes recommended, is an FDA-approved oral hair restoration drug with active ingredient finasteride. The medication modifies the way testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone, blocking its production in the body. Over 80% of those prescribed Propecia see a complete halt of hair fall after three months, and some users even report that lost hair can be re-grown during treatment. An estimated 4 million men take Propecia worldwide, and yes, Justin, the drug is available throughout Great Britain.

While consistent use of the Justin Bieber-approved Propecia can stop hair fall, it must be taken indefinitely to keep balding at bay. If you’re interested in exploring permanent hair loss solutions, such as hair transplant surgery, contact us today! Hair Loss Specialists representatives can schedule you a free, private consultation with at one of our hair restoration clinics in a city near you!

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