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The Best (and Worst) Hair Thickening Products

There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with fine, limp, lifeless hair. Whether you’re a man trying to cover embarrassing bald spots or a woman looking to add a little va-va-voom to her hairstyle, hair thickening products can actually make a big difference in your mane. But not all hair thickening sprays, creams, and serums are alike—the best products will leave your hair feeling naturally thickened while the lackluster bunch will worsen your hair’s tendency to fall flat.

Types of Hair Thickening Products

Shampoo and Conditioner. Thickening shampoos and conditioners attempt to start adding volume at the beginning of the hairstyling process. Since most of these products will be washed out of the hair, it’s not the best way to make your hair look dramatically fuller. However, it can prime the hair for further thickening by not depositing unnecessary moisture or conditioning agents. Thickening shampoo and conditioner is also the most low-maintenance step toward fuller hair—balding men and unfussy women, take note.

Spray. Hair thickening spray, or mist, is probably the most popular way to achieve volume with a product. Just spritz it on wet hair after you get out of the shower and watch your slim strands expand into a voluminous style. Hair thickening spray should easily dissipate throughout your hair without weighing it down.

Mousse. Mousse is the most traditional way to truly add fullness to the hair. It spreads easily throughout the hair and instantly increases existing texture, which can make any hair texture look thicker. Stick-straight hair will look tousled, and wavy hair will look beachy. Just make sure to blend hair thickening mousse well into the hair so you aren’t left with any white spots.

Powder. Powder is quickly becoming a popular way to add volume to hair. When used correctly, its dryness can create extra traction to build volume. Hair thickening powders will require some work to blend and comb, so it’s not the best option if you don’t want to spend a few minutes on your hair.

Pomade. Pomade formulas can range from a thin, oily substance to a waxy solid. Waxier pomades can do wonders for thickening hair, as it adds a non-oily substance that provides hold and texture.

The following list shows what products are worthwhile, and which ones you should avoid.

The Best Hair Thickening Products

  • Big Sexy Hair® Powder Play. This powder formula is incredibly effective at adding texture, volume, and thickness to fine hair. The natural formula soaks up excess oil at the root while adding visible density. Expect Powder Play to make your hair look fuller and the scalp to be less visible. The only downfall? Powder Play is best used in conjunction with a backcombing technique, which could render it useless to men or women with very short hair.
  • Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray. Hair thickening sprays are often hit or miss—and this one is a total hit. Perfect for men and women, a few spritzes of this product lifts roots and nourishes existing hair to make it more luscious.
  • got2b Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse. This product is a bargain that really works. Mousses are excellent for expanding limp hair, and got2be’s version contains collagen for an added boost. Tousle a golf ball-sized amount throughout damp hair and either blow dry or air dry. Fat-Tastic helps hold hair in place, too.

The Worst Hair Thickening Products

  • Paul Mitchell Lab Extreme Thickening Glue. This product’s name is slightly misleading, which led to its poor ranking on the list. If you’re looking to make your hair look fuller, thicker, more plentiful, or luxurious—steer clear of this product. It’s much closer to a glue and best for very short or extreme styles. Used on thinning or fine hair, Extreme Thickening Glue shows off bald patches and makes hair sticky.
  • SAMY Fat Hair 0 Calories Thickening Spray. SAMY is known for making affordable hair care products that mimic the cult brands on salon shelves. Unfortunately, this thickening spray just isn’t up to par. The nozzle makes it hard to spray the roots, and the product leaves hair crackly, dry, and full of residue.
  • Blow Pro Blow Up Thickening Mist. Blow Up’s pre-blow dry formula is chock full of conditioners that tend to weigh hair down. While a healthy sheen is desirable, people who struggle with thin hair tend to find that ultra-moisturizing formulas like this can make hair appear oily. It can also cause hair to separate and look thinner than before.

Hair thickening products may make a subtle difference on people with fine or thinning hair. More serious hair loss conditions like bald spots and receding hair lines can’t be covered with even the best hair thickening products, which is when permanent treatments like hair restoration medication, hair transplants, and laser hair therapy become reasonable options. Hair Loss Specialists makes it easy to schedule a free consultation with a hair restoration expert in your area. Contact our representatives today!

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