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Automated Hair Transplants Using Follicular Unit Extraction

by Marisa Amorasak

Gone are the days of obvious hair plugs, toupees, and other sorry excuses for disguising hair loss—modern technology has made today’s hair transplants absolutely indistinguishable. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is already the preferred method of hair transplantation by many doctors, thanks to the technique’s precision placement that allows artful shaping and true-to-life growth patterns. But since FUE is a lengthy procedure that requires a trained specialist, it can be too costly and time-consuming for some patients. Fortunately, a new variant of FUE offers the exactitude patients want in their hair transplants at a more wallet-friendly rate. Automated Hair Transplants also cut down on the length of FUE, so that patients can get out of the clinic and out showing off their new head of hair.

Automated Hair Transplant: How it Works

Automated Hair Transplants are form of FUE that rely on a machine, rather than a human, to perform the procedure. A tool uses pneumatic pressure to quickly and efficiently punch out follicles, without the traumatic twisting or tearing caused by a human hand. A robotic arm implants the follicles, using advanced software to measure exact depth and location. Meanwhile, the follicles awaiting implantation are kept in a sealed canister and constantly misted in order to keep them in prime condition.

Automated Hair Transplants Pros and Cons

If you’re trying to decide which type of hair transplant is best for you, the best thing you can do is visit a hair transplant doctor for a consultation. He or she will be able to give you recommendations and advice relevant to your type of hair loss. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to weigh the pros and cons yourself:


  • Uses small groups of hair follicles for a natural look
  • Less expensive than non-automated FUE
  • Margin for human error is reduced
  • Machines allow exact positioning of follicles
  • Quick, minimally-invasive procedure


  • Lacks the artful positioning of a human eye
  • Still more expensive than strip hair transplants or FUT
  • Not yet widely available

Scheduling an Automated Hair Transplant Consultation

The most popular system for Automated Hair Transplants is called NeoGraft. To find a NeoGraft hair transplant provider in your area, use our free directory. Hair Loss Specialists selects only the best doctors for their exclusive network. Contact our representatives to schedule a personal consultation to determine which hair loss treatment is best for you.

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