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Aromatherapy: the Remedy for Temporary Hair Loss?

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

Aromatherapy passes the smell test when it comes to helping treat temporary hair loss, according to Scottish researchers.

The alternative therapy, which uses essential plant oils, effectively and safely treats a form of temporary, often stress-related ‘patchy’ hair loss called alopecia areatna.

Researchers at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland tested the aromatherapy on 84 patients with the temporary hair loss condition.

About half of the patients in the hair loss study massaged the aromatherapy treatment into their scalps daily. This treatment group received a mixture of essential oils with hair growth –stimulating-properties: thyme, rosemary, lavender, and cedar wood (Supplementary placebo oils lacking in stimulating properties were also mixed in). The other half of the study's patients in the control group used only placebo oils. Neither researchers nor patients were informed of whom was receiving the treatment during the seven-month hair loss study.

Natural Hair Loss Results

About 44 percent of the patients in the aromatherapy treatment group showed noticeable improvement over the course of the hair loss study, while only 15 percent of those in the control group improved, according to the researchers. The researchers' findings point towards evidence that at least one essential oil used only in the aromatherapy treatment contained a compound that promotes hair growth.

Although studies have shown that stress can cause hair loss, the researchers in the aromatherapy study concluded, based on the control group's lack of response, that it was not the relaxing effect of massaging the oils into the patients' hair that promoted hair growth and treated their hair loss. Instead, it was the pharmocoactive property of the aromatherapy itself that stimulated growth.

A 'Stimulating' Hair Loss Experiment

Some essential oils, like thyme and lavender, have been known to help hair regrowth due to their ability to stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp, where hair follicles develop. The oils' stimulation aids in increasing the blood flow that carries nutrients vital in helping hair follicles grow. By massaging these specific essential oils into the scalp, the microcirculatory system becomes stimulated. In addition, the oils relax and tone the scalp muscles.

The aromatherapy treatment also proved safer than most conventional steroid and other treatments for alopecia areatna, according to researchers. While these conventional hair loss treatments can cause considerable side effects, the aromatherapy treatment caused no significant adverse side effects.

To create your own aromatherapy routine to promote hair growth, choose essential oils with hair growth stimulating properties. The most effective in reversing hair loss are bay leaf, cedar wood atlas, clary sage, chamomile roman, juniper berry, lavender, lemongrass, rosemary, spikenard, thyme white and ylang ylang. Mix 5 drops of these oils for every 10 milliliters of carrier oil and blend well. Pour a tiny amount of blend into your hands and massage the mixture into your scalp in small circular motions. Keep the mixture in overnight if practical then shampoo out!

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