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What’s Causing Your Hair Loss?

by Matthew Dello Russo

Studies have shown that men are more likely to lose their hair than women, due in part to the prevalence of male pattern baldness. But realizing that hair loss is also common for women around the globe, can be just as upsetting and inconvenient. Reasons for hair loss can range from the simple and temporary—a vitamin deficiency—to the more complex, like an underlying health condition.

In many cases, there are ways to treat both male and female hair loss, but it all depends on the cause. Here are some reasons why you might be seeing less hair on your head.


Nothing will torch your lovely locks faster than a 65-hour work week. Trying it find your zen between meetings, conference calls, family dinners, and soccer practice can be almost impossible even for super moms and dads. But did you know that the stress you carry around may be leading to hair loss?

Hair loss as a result of emotional stress, shock, or trauma to your mind or body is often referred to as telogen effluvium. Fortunately, this type of hair loss is temporary, and actually begins to dissipate as stress levels drop.

Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency

Who knew vitamins and minerals could actually cause hair loss? A specific form of vitamin B, called biotin, is extremely important in the growth and health of the hair. Keeping high levels of biotin in your body is essential for healthy hair and skin. Most individuals find this to be the most successful remedy for hair loss, often noticing a clear cease in hair loss and even hair growth.

Quick Fixes

Before spending a fortune on professional grade treatments, try these solutions hair loss solutions.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is probably the oldest remedy on this list – it’s been in use for more than a hundred years! The incredible effect of jojoba oil can be easily achieved by direct scalp application. Try Jojoba oil in your daily regimen to bolster your hair health!


A super ingredient in foods like bananas, potassium also contributes to healthier hair. Similar to safflower, potassium is a vasodilator that encourages blood flow and circulation to all parts of your body, including the scalp. In addition, regular potassium intake assists with managing the body’s fluids, properly maintaining cells and thereby preventing the breakdown of hair follicles.

Sweet Potatoes

Adding sweet potatoes to your diet will boost vitamin A levels, crucial for combating early aging. While generally noted for their ability to fight wrinkles, these spuds can also strengthen your mane in no time at all.


One of the most versatile foods known to man, spinach is loaded with super-strong ingredients and should be added to every diet. Rich in iron and sebum, spinach acts as a natural hair conditioner. This leafy green also provides omega-3 acids, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. All help keep hair lustrous, shiny and, most importantly, out of the drain!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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