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The ‘Man Bun’ Ain’t So Fun

by April Maguire

Male pattern baldness is a common problem among men of a certain age. However, according to new reports, genetics isn’t the only factor contributing to hair loss in members of the masculine sex. Popularized by celebs such as Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth, a new hairstyle known as the man bun could be causing dozens of dudes to suffer hair loss due to a condition called traction alopecia.

History of the Man Bun

These days, women aren’t the only ones who need to pull their hair back now and then. Men are also wearing buns for all occasions ranging from yoga classes to holiday parties. Also called a topknot, the man bun has been gaining in popularity in Hollywood and beyond of late. And while it’s based on the Japanese samurai chonmage and the sikha made common by Hare Krishnas, today’s man bun is tighter than its predecessors. As a result, a number of adoptees have suffered from something called traction alopecia.

A type of gradual alopecia resulting from force applied to the hair, traction alopecia may occur as the man bun pulls on the wearer’s scalp. Over time, hair follicles may loosen and even fall out, resulting in a thinning hair look. Because the hair loss is caused by situational factors instead of genetics, the follicles will likely grow back in time. However, seeing hair fall out can be incredibly upsetting for man bun wearers.

Solution to Bun-Based Hair Loss

Fortunately, man bun aficionados need not give up on their favorite hairstyle altogether. Simply loosening the bun for a more disheveled look can prevent hair loss due to traction alopecia. Additionally, stylists should advise clients to limit the amount of time they spend wearing man buns and take hair down when sleeping. By changing the way they style their hair, most man bun wearers should see a significant improvement in their traction alopecia.

While most cases of traction alopecia are temporary, there is a small chance of the condition becoming permanent. Donning the man bun or another tight hairstyle that pulls on the scalp for too many years can result in lasting damage to the follicles. In some cases, undergoing a hair transplant is the only way to correct the damage caused by overly aggressive styling choices. If you are thinking of incorporating the man bun into your style routine, take care to avoid becoming just another fashion statistic.

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