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Sunscreen is Just as Necessary for Your Hair as It is for Your Skin

by Angela Santoriello

Sunscreen for the hair. It may sound silly but is actually seriously needed when scorching temperatures burn an exposed scalp, reports Bustle.

Dr. Heidi Waldorf, a top dermatologist with Mount Sinai Center in New York, advocates adorning the scalp with sun-hats; however if this is simply not an option, “at the very least, apply sunscreen down your part and on your ears.”

As for hair itself, though it doesn’t burn like skin, there are still reasons to seek protection from UV rays. Edward Tricomi, Master Stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salons, pointed out “how the rays can lighten natural hair, promote fading in color treated locks, and, processed or not, too much sunlight will dry out hair and make it brittle.”

While Bustle boasts beauty brands including Redken Color Extend Conditioner, Aveda Suncare Protective Hair Veil, L’Oreal UV Filter Hairspray, Fekkai Pre-Soleil Hair Radiance and Protection Mist and Garnier Fructis Shine Spray, Teen Vogue also reports on hair sunscreen.

Consulting three experts, the magazine points out why protection is more important than most people believe. Getting right past the fact that youth does not equal invincibility, global creative vice president for Alterna Haircare, Ric Pipino says that “by stepping outside without protection, you're putting your hair at risk for faded color due to oxidation, lack of moisture and overall distress.”

“The summer also brings wind, chlorination and salt water that produce free radicals which attack the hair fiber," says Pipino, promoting ALTERNA Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray, which is blended with organic bamboo, Tahitian coconut and color hold technology.

Sachajuan founder Sacha Mitic explains when hair loses moisture it also loses volume, with chemically treated hair “more prone to moisture loss." Promoting Hair in the Sun, a coconut and cinnamon co-polymer blend for hair protection, and Hair After the Sun, a moisturizing agent specifically for sunburned strands, Mitic said he wanted to create products “that follow the same logic as sun protection and after-sun restoration remedies for the skin, just with different ingredients."

Bumble and Bumble hair stylist Allen Wood branded his own sunscreen for hair with Bumble and bumbles Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer, which according to the hair expert is like a “makeup primer [that] acts as a base for your foundation” and “serves as a protective layer against the elements.”

And when the sun sets, “sleeping with a product like Sachajuan Over Night Hair Repair will provide maximum moisture," says Mitic, who also suggests swathing a teaspoon of coconut oil on the ends of hair overnight for added moisture.

Continue to wear that bun in the a.m. suggests Wood. “By applying a conditioner, like Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco, all over, then throw your hair in a knot during a trip to the pool or beach," guarantees extra protection to sun damaged hair,” added the stylist.

While all products are affordable, ranging between $10 and $30, the cheapest and easiest way to protect hair from the summer sun is to simply not use heating tools. "Allow your hair to air dry to really give it a break," adds Wood.

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