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Stopping the Genetic Hair Loss Process

The first concept that should be grasped when attempting to find a method of hair replacement is that of donor area dominance. You might have noticed that a lot of bald men (perhaps yourself included!) are missing hair on the top of their scalp, yet still have healthy-looking hair around the back of their head and on the sides.

This is easily explained.

The hair follicles in that section of healthy hair possess different genetic instructions than the ones on the top of the head. They are not susceptible to the hair-loss inducing hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT. This is why they are the follicles that are used to fill in balding areas, and why the section they come from is referred to as the "donor area."

The donor area follicles are important because of their genetic makeup, of course. But, of even greater value is their ability to retain this genetic coding even after being transplanted. This is what makes hair transplant surgery a permanent procedure.

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