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Started From The Bottom, Now We're Here...With Healthy, Natural Hair

by April Maguire

Sick of suffering through long hours with hair straighteners? These days, many women are ditching their hot irons and expensive weaves in favor of rocking their beautiful, natural ‘dos. However, it’s important to remember that natural hair has its own set of strict care requirements. While some women assume brushing natural hair is a big no-no, the truth is that this type of hair care can be essential for removing knots and tangles and keeping hair smooth. Here are a few tips for brushing and caring for your new natural hairstyle.

Prep Hair with Detanglers

When it comes to brushing natural hair, a great deal of the work is in the preparation. For a snarl and tear-free experience, take the time to apply a good detangling product to your ‘do beforehand. For best results, spray your leave-in conditioner or detangler on to damp hair well before picking up that brush. You can also use a DIY hair butter made from shea butter and various essential oils.

Start at the Bottom

It’s only logical to want to brush your hair from the top down. However, those with natural hair expertise know that it’s better to start at the bottom and move up. Because the ends of hair tend to catch stray curls, natural hair typically tangles more at the bottom. When you start brushing at the ends, you increase the odds of hair being smooth and knot free by the time you reach the root. The end result is that you can run a brush from top to bottom without shrieking in pain.

Use a Quality Hairbrush

Got your hair brushing method down cold? If your natural hair brushing results still leave something to be desired, the problem may not be your techniques but your tools. To improve your style, invest in a high quality hairbrush specially designed for natural hair. In general, natural beauties should seek brushes with a minimum of six rows of bristles and plenty of space between. By spending a little more money now, you can enjoy beautiful burr free hair for years to come.

The time has never been better to let your natural hair flow freely. Whether you have kinks, coils, curls or all of the above, you too can leave the relaxing products behind and embrace your natural style. With some careful brushing and a few great detangling tools, you will enjoy beautiful natural hair for years to come.

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