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Sorry, Dracula, Garlic Linked to Hair Restoration

by Gregory S

Garlic breath never had it so good. According to a new report, garlic is getting a shot at redemption by offering numerous health benefits. Published by The Raw Food World News, the account links garlic to the treatment of over 150 ailments.

Holistic Potential of Garlic

Many people already associate the garlic treatment to cholesterol levels, heart health, flu and colds, and even protection against cancer. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. New studies connect garlic as a remedy for hair loss in both men and women!

What the Studies Reveal

New studies are underway to test garlic’s effectiveness in treating baldness. In a recent study conducted in Turkey by the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Iranian researchers are studying the effects of garlic on individuals with alopecia. In applying a garlic gel directly onto the scalp twice a day, the researchers users reported that the garlic “significantly added to the therapeutic benefits seen in the improvement of alopecia.”

Researchers identified a sulfur compound in garlic as well as onions, which have also been used to treat hair loss. According to Dermatology, the so-called crude onion juice offered drastically higher results in connection to hair re-growth than mere tap water. In fact, onions have been used in tropical therapy for the effective treatment of patchy alopecia.

Treatment Using Garlic

For hair loss treatment, rub sliced cloves of garlic directly on your exposed scalp. For maximum effect, holistic specialists recommend squeezing the garlic juices to achieve the full potential of the sulfur compound.

Holistic specialists also suggest infusing oil with garlic to create a simple concoction to massage into the trouble spots. Coconut oil, which is also known for improving hair damage to the cuticles and scalp, is routinely mentioned as a preference. For thicker hair and to halt hair loss, doctors also endorse adding rosemary essential oil to these treatments.

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