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Rub Some Java On Your Head, Sit Back and Watch Your Hair Grow!

by Angela Santoriello


While the “hair of the dog” is drinking alcohol to help with a hangover, consuming caffeine can put hair on a human, according to Dr. Adolph Klenk.

The German scientist said applying the stimulant topically on the scalp can not only help keep your hair on your head, it stimulates as well. Presenting his findings to colleagues at a South African conference, Klenk backs his belief with a product by developing caffeine topical applications with Litha HealthCare Group. The gender specific tonics and shampoos are residue free, leaving no sign of use.

Klenk is often asked whether drinking enough coffee would have the same effect as his products. According to the doctor, it wouldn’t.

“You’d have to drink to 40 to 50 cups of coffee to get a therapeutic dose of caffeine able to make its way up to your hair root,” said Klenk to “Because caffeine is quickly diluted and excreted by the body.”

Though drinking that much coffee is not advised and even toxic, having the jump of java on the scalp is a good thing, according to the doctor. While the doctor suggests not consuming too much caffeine and only applying topically, oppose the opinion, saying drinking java does help hair grow.

“There are several ways to expose your hair follicles to caffeine, to potentially stimulate hair growth,” reports Caffeine consumed via food and beverages enters your bloodstream, and eventually reaches your hair follicles. In addition, your hair follicles can absorb caffeine directly via topical application of caffeine-enriched shampoo.”

According to the food and fitness website, caffeine has the capacity to work together with hair follicles, guiding and regulating hair growth. Noting an International Journal of Dermatology study that showed “the presence of caffeine stimulated laboratory-cultured hair follicles, increasing hair growth,” LIVESTRONG reports the stimulant may also prevent unnatural hair loss.

“As a result, hair products containing caffeine might represent treatments for hair loss, if caffeine eventually develops into a drug therapy for alopecia,” reports LIVESTRONG.COM.

But until then, Klenk’s brand line or other caffeine induced products continue to do the job. Also citing the journal’s study, the Daily Mail spoke to lead research doctor Tobias Fisher who designed the study. “Hair follicles that were treated with caffeine showed a highly significant growth rate at 24 hours, and still showed further significant growth at eight days,” explained the doctor.

Along with Klenk, other companies including Garnier, Ultrax Labs and Sally Hershberger are taking caffeine to the next level. Claiming to save up to 1500 strands of hair in a month through its Fall Fight Strand Saver, Garnier sells a shampoo and conditioner that promise to keep hair on the head and off the brush. Also offering caffeine infused shampoo and conditioner, Ultrax Labs claims its powerfully potent caffeine compounds will save hair.

“If the overwhelming positive reviews on Ultrax on Amazon are anything to go by, this product does appear to make a difference over time for those experiencing hair loss,” reported the Daily Mail, adding it is much more expensive than a cup of java, priced $50 for average sized bottle. Sally Hershberger wastes no time covering the head with caffeine and jumps right to hairspray with her Major Body 3-in-1 that the Daily Mail reports “it builds volume, acts as a dry shampoo and holds hairstyles in place.”

Though more expensive than a cup of java, the cost of caffeine induced topical applications are seemingly worth the price.

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