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Protein Packs a Powerful Punch for Healthy Hair

by April Maguire

We all know that protein is vital to proper nutrition, giving us the energy to get through our day. Recently though, dermatologists have been examining the effects that protein consumption has on the health of our hair. Is it possible that getting a proper serving of protein each day could lead to a stronger head of hair?

Protein and Hair Growth

In the most general sense, hair is made up of proteins. Therefore, it stands to reason that eating protein would be a good way to give your hair the nourishment that it needs.

Anecdotally, scientists have seen evidence of this correlation for years. Women who are suffering from anorexia – and therefore not receiving the daily-recommended amounts of protein – commonly experience hair loss. However, following dietary changes and the reintroduction of protein into their systems, these women are typically able to regrow their lost hair.

Still, the science behind this connection is a bit more complicated. It’s not just a simple matter of consuming protein to meet your hair’s needs. The protein that we eat is packed with iron. Your body needs this iron in order to create hemoglobin, which it uses, in part, to transfer oxygen throughout your body. And if your hair doesn’t receive the proper amount of oxygen, the follicles will weaken and eventually die.

In order to help strengthen hair, doctors will sometimes recommend that patients take iron supplements. However, these supplements aren’t always effective at reducing hair loss, and this lack of consistency has caused some doctors to question whether or not there’s any connection at all between protein and hair health.

Not Everyone Agrees

According to some scientists, many hair growth supplements actually do very little to help strengthen hair or improve its rate of growth. These scientists claim that the studies examining the effect of iron supplements on hair health haven’t demonstrated any meaningful or measurable connection between the two.

This type of condemnation isn’t reserved only for hair loss supplements, however. Many doctors question the efficacy of supplements in general. Still, that’s no reason to entirely dismiss the larger connection between protein consumption and hair growth.

The science at the heart of this discussion is relatively straightforward. Your body needs iron in order to keep your hair healthy, and proteins are rich in iron. So if you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning, take a look at the amount of protein in your diet. If it’s too low, then you may have just found the source of your problem.

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