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Propecia Over the Counter?

Propecia® can be a wonder drug for anyone who has ever experienced hair loss. The drug works on a molecular level, by blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. Although Propecia will not replace hair that has been lost, the drug can stop more hair from being lost. When used in conjunction with Rogaine, for example, it can be a helpful solution to an unfortunate problem.

Propecia Available Over the Counter?

Propecia is currently available only as a prescription. While it is a miracle drug for some men, Propecia can actually be quite dangerous for women who are pregnant, or potentially pregnant. The active ingredient can interfere with a baby’s sexual development. As a result, it will probably not be available over the counter anytime soon. Luckily, there are still plenty of other alternatives for those who are suffering from hair loss.

Visit a Hair Loss Specialist

Scheduling a consultation with a licensed hair loss specialist is always a good way to begin. A hair loss specialist will be able to analyze your individual situation and provide you with medically informed guidance about which treatment plan is right for you. Hair loss is both an aesthetic and a medical concern, and a good specialist will approach the problem with both of these issues in mind.

Hairpieces and Other Camouflage

Medicines may not be right for everyone. Sometimes, a quick cosmetic fix such as a hairpiece might be adequate. The major plus about products like these is that they are completely noninvasive, with no true alteration of your body’s appearance or chemistry. A hairpiece may even offer some opportunity for creativity, enabling you to sport the hair you’ve always wanted, but never had. Hairpieces and sprays do, however, lack the verisimilitude of hair regrowth or surgeries.

Hair Transplantation Surgery

If medication is simply not enough, surgeries can actually replace hair where it has been lost completely. Normally, candidates for this surgery will have full hair on the sides and back of the head. These healthy areas will serve as donors for grafts and flaps. There are several different potential surgeries, including hair transplantation, tissue expansion, flap surgery, and scalp reduction. Since all of these have potential side effects, your hair loss specialist will be able to advise you on the correct direction to take.


Most hair loss is caused by elements that are out of your control, such as genetics or hormone imbalances. To reduce your potential for hair loss as much as possible, simply eat healthier, and cease use of damaging hair products. Some studies have even tied fatty diets to hair loss. While eating a diet rich in vitamins may not restore your head of hair, it certainly can’t hurt you.

No matter what your hair loss concerns, scheduling a consultation with a hair loss specialist is a smart way to begin, particularly with over-the-counter Propecia likely still a ways away from becoming a reality.

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