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Propecia Hair Growth Treatment

Propecia®, active ingredient Finasteride, is one of two FDA approved drugs for treating hair loss, the other being Rogaine. Propecia, however, is vastly different than Rogaine. Propecia is an oral medication that suppresses the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT is the hormone that causes male-pattern baldness. Your genes target hair follicles that are sensitive to DHT, causing them to shrink, which leads to hair loss. Propecia pills can stop the development of DHT hormones, which will in turn, stop hair loss. Propecia has been found to stop further hair loss in 80% of men and in some cases even reverse hair loss to some degree.

Propecia Finasteride was originally developed to shrink enlarged prostates, with hair restoration being an unexpected side effect. Propecia tablets come in 1mg as opposed to the prostrate medicine that comes in 5mg. As a drug, Propecia was designed to treat only mild to moderate male-pattern hair loss at the crown and mid-scalp. There is no evidence that Propecia affects receding hair loss at the temples. Propecia pills are taken daily and results should be seen in 3 months. If you were to stop taking Propecia, any hair loss results will gradually fade away after about 12 months.

Prescription Propecia costs between $45-55 for 30 tablets. Less expensive generic Propecia alternatives include Finpecia and Finax. Remember that Propecia is a prescription drug and only a qualified physician can provide you with a prescription. During your complimentary consultation with a hair restoration specialist, you can discuss Propecia and how it may work to prevent future hair loss.

Is a hair transplant even necessary with things like Propecia ™ on the market?

While Propecia ™ and Rogaine ™ have been proven to regrow hair, they will not grow all your hair back. Unfortunately, they tend to fall short of many patients' expectation. Their greatest benefit seems to be in slowing down hair loss.

It becomes repeatedly apparent that the best route for Propecia ™ and Rogaine ™ is as a complement to a hair transplant. They provide the ideal enhancement for the results of hair transplantation.

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