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Onion Juice used to Treat Hair Loss?

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

Using onion juice for hair loss is an age old phenomenon. Believe it or not, the vegetable does, in fact, treat hair loss effectively.

Due to its high sulphur content, onion juice is considered very useful in both minimizing hair loss and facilitating hair growth. One of the best suited remedies for managing hair fall, onion juice is both entirely natural and free from side effects.

It’s important to get your facts straight when it comes to treating hair loss with onion juice.

Use Onion Juice on a Regular Basis

You need to make sure to treat hair loss with onion juice on a regular basis for noticeable results. Using the onion juice only once or twice a week will not help treat the hair fall to a significant degree.

Do not Consume Onion Juice!

Some believe that consuming the onion juice directly will help prevent excessive hair loss. Not only will doing so be an ordeal due to the onions’ offensive odor but the notion that it will prevent hair fall is a myth. Instead, you should simply apply the onion juice to your hair and scalp externally and wash it off later to effectively treat hair loss.

Extract the Onion Juice

The best way to extract onion juice is to cut the vegetable into fine pieces, place them into a blender and blend them into a fine paste. Make sure to cut the onion into small pieces, as they are easier to blend. After blending, strain and extract the juice. Hold onto the pulp to prepare onion hair masks, used for topical application.

Counter the Onion Juice Odor

People often worry about the onion’s pungent odor when applying the juice to hair. Simply use a mildly scented shampoo for washing off 45 minutes after applying the onion juice to counter the onion’s odor. You could also mix honey into the onion juice to apply it to your hair. Honey will both help manage hair loss and cover the onion juice’s odor.

Use Onion Juice to Treat Post Partum Hair Loss

Post partum hair loss is a common problem among women after giving birth. If you are suffering from post partum hair loss, applying onion juice to your hair on a regular basis could be the answer to preserving your strands.

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