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Nine Tips for Healthier Hair

by Angela Santoriello

There are nine ways to achieve healthier hair, so listen up for lovelier locks.

Often known for long and healthy hair, Indian women offers some solid advice to soft hair in the, saying there is no reason for a bad hair day. Beginning with shampoo and conditioner, it is important to pick the cleansers and moisturizers with care. “Many commercial shampoos are loaded with sulfates, which are responsible for all the lather that shampoos produce,” reports the, adding the use of a sulphate-free shampoo protects hair shaft.

As for conditioner, the advice depends on hair type. “If you have particularly frizzy hair, try a leave-in conditioner or serum,” and “if you are using a conditioner that needs to be washed off, leave it in your hair for a few minutes before you wash it off,” according to the report.

The third tip entails a gentle scalp massage three times a week with oil. By stimulating the “blood supply to the scalp,” with oils hair is strengthened at the shaft, which “reduces frizziness and makes your hair less prone to developing split ends,” according to the, adding to further fortify hair wrap hair in a hot towel after applying oil.

Tip four is simple. Turn down the heat since “hot water tends to dry out your hair and make it look rough.” The fifth suggestion talks of swiping out plastic for wood when it comes to hair tools. According to the report, “if you run a plastic brush through wet hair, it leaves static energy in your hair that makes your hair extremely frizzy.” The only times to use a plastic comb or brush is on dry hair and only use a wide-toothed wooden comb when hair is wet, according to the report.

Back to product use, both hair wax and hairspray are harsh on the hair shaft. Both drying out and causing frizz, the two taming products should only be used on occasion to style rather than daily. Speaking of styling devices, “hair dryers and straightening tongs tend to heat the hair shaft,” so also keep use at a minimum. And if used, never do so on wet hair.

“If they are used on wet hair, they generate bubbles inside the hair shaft, which dry up the hair shaft and make it prone to split ends,” reports the “If you need to use a styling device, wait for your hair to dry naturally and apply a layer of protective serum on your hair before using the device.”

While products and styling tools have everything to do with healthy hair, so does diet. “As strange as it sounds, think of the hair on your scalp as the grass on a lawn, where if the soil is healthy, the grass is healthy,” reports the “Similarly, if your scalp has a good supply of oxygen and nutrients, your hair will also be healthy.”

Add foods high in protein, iron and zinc to see healthier hair as well as drinking enough dairy with water. “Drinking 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day can help maintain the blood supply to the scalp,” according to the report. And finally, if you smoke, quit the habit. “Nicotine can reduce the blood supply to your scalp and deplete it of vital oxygen and nutrients,” reports “Quitting this habit can help fight hair fall and give you much healthier and silkier hair.”

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