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Man Buns Wreak Havoc on Hair

by Angela Santoriello

The loss of locks is often inevitable either way, but recent studies show a top-knot doesn’t help hair matters at all.

Reporting on the hairstyle issue, ABC News points out how the ponytail causes loss in both genders, making it a particular problem for A-list men like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth. Not to mention ladies like Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya and Jennifer Lawrence, who have all been spotted sporting the style.

“You can see in Hollywood now actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth…I mean even David Beckham was wearing one, because it’s kind of cool and it’s kind of hot,” said Yahoo Style editor-in-chief Joe Zee in a Good Morning America interview.

Confirming the specific cause of hair loss, New York City’s Dr. Doris Day says “longstanding pull or traction on the hair can pull the hair out and ultimately lead to permanent scarring, which is something we call traction alopecia, that scars hair follicles when pulled too taut.”

Day explained that when the follicle is damaged and scarred “hair is permanently lost and that means it won’t grow back.” Confirming the theory, expert hairstylist Christine Thompson said you do not have to surrender your hair bun completely. “You absolutely can get the same look slicked back,” said the hair expert out of California, adding if you must wear a bun often, switch up the spots you top-knot so the scalp is not always stressed in the same spot.

“The things to avoid are putting it on damp or wet hair…and also making sure that you really don’t pull the hair while it’s secure with elastic,” Thompson said of two more top-knot don’ts. Googling ponytail and hair loss brings up dozens of reports on how damaging the style really is. According to YouBeauty, if you constantly style your hair in a ponytail, “or always wear them in the same spot on your head, you put yourself at risk of permanent loss around the hairline.”

And it’s not just the top-knot that is the culprit, according to the report, adding hair weaves and cornrows cause constant traction that leads to permanent loss. So what is a girl, or guy for that matter, to do when all she wants is that Arianna Grande look? Simply switch up types of hair bands.

“The most important thing is to have a fabric covering over the rubber of your rubber band, to decrease snags,” reports YouBeauty. “If the elastic becomes exposed, toss it and use a new one. Flat ribbon elastics are popular these days and might benefit your hair by distributing the tension more than traditional hair ties.”

Lastly, addressing the actual pain that comes with permanent hair loss from topknots, YouBeauty said if it hurts, it’s bad. “They say beauty is pain, but too much tugging on your scalp irritates nerves and can cause headaches. That’s not pretty, no matter how good your top knot looks.”

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