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Male Hair Loss

Hair loss in men is genetic about 95% of the time. This means that about 95% of balding men suffer from “male pattern baldness,” or in medical terms, “androgenetic alopecia.” This is generally characterized by the U-shaped edging of hair from ear to ear that is common in most balding men.

The different traits that make us all so unique do not stop at the loss of hair. We see men at all stages of hair loss looking for answers, including those who have a completely bare heads to those who are simply starting to get nervous about a newly receding hairline. Depending on the hair growth treatment these men might also see varying results. For instance, factors such as hair color and texture, and amount of donor follicles to work with, can affect the process of hair transplant surgery.

Hair Loss Causes in Men

Causes of hair loss in men can range from stress to hereditary baldness. Depending on the cause of hair loss and the stage of your male pattern baldness, you will have different hair restoration options available. Baldness in men caused by overstress can be simply cured by relaxation. For more serious cases of male hair loss, you might need to turn to hair restoration surgery, Propecia®, Rogaine®, or a replacement system.

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Research for Men and FAQ's

Hair restoration for men can mean anything from surgically restoring a full head of hair or impeding further loss with medication or lasers. It's all about finding what's right for you. Even a hair system can help. It can't restore your natural growth like hair transplant surgery, but a hair replacement system can help restore your confidence. Take a look at the different hair restoration methods available and find something that makes you happy.

It is important to understand these solutions and carefully weigh the trade-offs and appropriateness of each treatment option for your situation. Everyone's hair loss solution may be different because every one's situation is different. The only way to determine an appropriate hair restoration treatment is to obtain as much information as possible. Then schedule an appointment with an expert physician in medical hair restoration or hair loss solutions for men. Your physician will help you decide on the course of action appropriate for you.

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