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Little Known Reasons You May Be Going Bald

by April Maguire

For men, hair loss is almost expected. After all, since more than 80% of men experience thinning or loss at some point in their lives, it almost seems like a foregone conclusion, right? Well, it doesn't have to be. Even though most hair loss is caused by androgenic alopecia, a genetic condition that's commonly referred to as male-pattern baldness, there is a wide range of reasons why men lose their hair. Many of them you probably haven't even thought of before.

Underactive Thyroid

If you were to make a list about reasons women lost their hair, an underactive thyroid would be near the top, but in men this condition is largely ignored. It shouldn't be. Plenty of men lose their hair because their thyroid function is lower than it should be. So if you're experiencing fatigue, weight gain, depression, and brittle nails along with your hair loss, then you may need to have your thyroid checked by a doctor.


In addition to being unsightly and embarrassing, dandruff can actually result in thinning hair. Think about it. Dandruff doesn't just occur all on its own. Those white flakes are the result of excess oil, which also leads to dry patches and itchiness on your scalp. Those kinds of problems can wreak havoc on your follicles and cause hair loss. Luckily though, dandruff is usually easy to treat with the proper shampoo.

Hair Dye

For many men, going bald may be acceptable, but going grey is not. As a result, a lot of men use hair dye, which somewhat ironically can actually result in hair loss. Regularly dying your hair can cause the strands to become weaker, and the chemicals in some dyes can interact negatively with the follicles and damage your scalp. Therefore, if you're a fan of dyeing your hair and you've noticed some thinning, it may be time to lay off the dye for a while and see if your hair starts to grow back.

Styling Damage

The age of the schlubby guy who falls out of bed, throws on some clothes and heads out into the world is over. Nowadays, men buy almost as many hair care products as women, which may be causing some problems. Over time, certain products like gels and waxes can weaken hair strands, leaving them brittle and prone to falling out. On top of that, blow-drying at too hot of a setting can damage follicles and inhibit growth. And for men with long hair, wearing it in tight styles, like the bizarrely popular man bun, can put undue stress on the follicles and cause hair loss.

Most men may be destined to lose their hair, but that doesn't mean you should engage in practices that make your hair fall out even faster. So avoid these common hair loss pitfalls, and hopefully you can keep more hair on your head where it belongs.

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