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Keep Your Hair Loss at Bay, Comb Your Hair the Right Way!

by Alex Kilpatrick

Failing to take the time to comb your hair well may be ruining your luscious locks. Hair experts claim that combing your hair is the best way to keep your hair healthy, shiny and lustrous. Combing your hair the right way can also keep hair loss at bay.

Forget the expensive treatments, shampoos and conditioners and instead, simply try combing your hair the right way to prevent hair loss.

What you need

A wooden comb is the best tool to use when combing your hair, since it helps get rid of static. Static tends to make hair frizzy, brittle and susceptible to damage. Make sure that the comb is well rounded and does not have sharp edges on its teeth. You should also sit on a comfortable stool or chair while combing.

Steps to comb your hair the correct way

Sit comfortably on a stool or chair without a back. Make sure not to choose a chair with a back, since this can restrict your movement while combing. Then, bend at your waist and allow your hair to fall over your head. Hold the comb so that the index finger rests on the spine of the comb. Begin brushing your hair gently yet firmly from the back to the front, making sure to only apply a little bit of pressure. Try not to be too rough with your scalp.

First comb the midline of your hair and then go to the sides, making sure the strokes you make on the side overlap the midline. You can comb the area multiple times, then move to the next section, continuing until your scalp feels warm.

Benefits of combing correctly

The occipital region at the back of the head contains most of the blood vessels that supply blood to the scalp. You’re most likely to go bald in the occipital region, which supplies all parts of the scalp with a fresh blood supply and nutrients.

Poor health originates in the head, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). As known in TCM, combing therapy is good for the body, great for the hair, combats hair loss, reduces the appearance of split ends and gives the hair a healthy shine.

Combing the hair both helps the mind relax and energizes the body. Combing can even help you sleep, so if you’re unable to sleep, try combing your hair before hitting the sack.

Combing helps properly distribute oils across the scalp, allowing it to receive the natural nourishment necessary to grow. The body’s natural mechanism to fight off infections, the oil adds a healthy shine to your hair.

Combing helps get rid of dirt, chemicals, products and grime, usually deposited at the roots of the hair and on the scalp. The process helps open up pores, allowing your hair to breathe, and rejuvenates dull hair with dandruff.

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