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Is the Newest Baldness Cure a Hair-Growing Helmet?

by April Maguire

More than half of us will experience some degree of hair loss at some point in our lives. Sadly, though, between all the creams and vitamin supplements currently on the market, there is no surefire way to combat baldness and regrow hair. But now, a NASA scientist-turned-inventor thinks that he may have just the thing to stop hair loss in its tracks: a hair-growing helmet.

Wearing Lasers on Your Head

Developed by Dr. Tamim Hamid, this new hair-growing helmet is called Theradome. Despite the peculiarity of using a helmet the regrow hair, the mechanics of the device are actually quite simple. The inside of the Theradome is lined with 80 cold lasers, which stimulate the follicles on your head and help to promote the growth of new hair.

But why put this technology into a helmet? The answer is convenience. Theradome is by no means the first product to use lasers to regrow hair. The other products, however, are handheld, forcing the user to physically hold the devices against their heads. The Theradome, on the other hand, allows for hands-free usage, making it, by some measures, the most convenient option on the market.

Can Lasers Regrow Hair?

Lasers have been used for years to remove hair. So is it possible that these same lasers can regrow hair as well? The general scientific consensus seems to be yes.

The first documented case of lasers regrowing hair is commonly attributed to a Hungarian physician named Endre Mester. While testing the effects of lasers in the 1960s, Mester discovered that, at low levels, lasers actually promoted hair growth in mice. Even today, Mester’s research continues to be utilized for devices like the Theradome.

The science behind laser-stimulated hair growth is relatively straightforward. Light from the laser stimulates mitochondria within the hair follicle. This stimulation reactivates the growth cells at the base of the follicle, which reverses the natural weakening of the follicle and subsequent loss of hair.

Still, some scientists are skeptical as to the efficacy of laser hair regrowth. These scientists point out that laser light won’t reactivate hair follicles that are completely dead, which naturally limits its effectiveness. Moreover, laser-stimulated regrowth doesn’t work for everybody, which means the treatment is far from a surefire cure for hair loss.

Despite these drawbacks, laser-based products like Theradome do have the potential to help with hair loss, so they could be worth a try. Just make sure to check with your doctor before pursuing any kind of hair loss treatment.

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