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Is Your New Diet Causing You to Lose Your Hair?

by April Maguire


Currently, some 60 million Americans are wrestling with hair loss. And it’s not just a problem for men, as roughly 20 million of those hair loss sufferers are women. Although there are a number of factors that can contribute to hair loss, researchers have learned that the food we put into our bodies has an enormous impact on the health of our hair. So if you’ve noticed that your hair is thinning, maybe your diet is to blame.

Calories Are Good

One of the cornerstones of every health-conscious diet is to limit your daily caloric intake, and this advice is perfect if you’re trying to trim your waistline. However, it’s not such great advice if you’re looking to maintain a healthy head of hair. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t consider the hair on your head to be vital for survival. So when you cut down on your calories and your body has to prioritize where to expend energy, your hair may stop getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Don’t Just Cut Out Meat

It’s common for people on diets to limit the amount of meat that they eat. In some cases people eliminate meat from their diets altogether, opting instead for healthier foods like fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, those fruits and vegetables don’t contain the nutrients that your hair needs.

Meat is rich in iron, which is essential to maintaining the hair you already have and to growing new follicles. Commonly, people who have recently switched to a strict vegetarian or vegan diet will notice an uptick in hair loss. So it’s important to try and supplement that loss of iron with other iron-rich foods and vitamins.

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

People who go on diets tend to stress about their weight, and that stress isn’t doing your hair any favors. In fact, scientists have noticed a direct link between stress and thinning hair. That’s why it’s important, even with our hectic schedules, to try and find time each day to relax and let the stress melt away, if only for a little while. Your hair will thank you.

The silver lining when it comes to diet-induced hair loss is that it’s totally reversible. Unlike hair loss that is caused by genetics or damage to the skin, the hair that you lose as a result of your diet often grows back, usually over the course of several months. So if you recently started a new diet and you’ve noticed your hair is starting to thin, it’s not too late to do something about it.

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