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How One Woman Corrected Her Embarrassing Hair Loss

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

When 32-year-old event planner Victoria Gibson saw pictures from her office Christmas party she was shocked by the extent of her hair loss. She had noticed some hair loss and thinning after a particularly stressful period of time that saw her facing trouble at work and the end of a long-term romantic relationship, but thought she was managing her hair and that the changes weren’t noticeable.

After seeing the pictures, which showed a highly visible bald spot, she consulted a doctor. With his help she was able to take measures - through altering her diet, taking supplements, and changing hair care products - that allowed her hair to recover and grow back thicker and fuller.

Two Kinds of Hair Loss

Trichologist Richard Spencer explained to the Daily Express that there are two kinds of hair loss patients. The first is losing enough hair to make it quickly noticeable (in a matter of months), which can be caused by a range of triggers. These include stress or mental health problems, nervous system troubles, hormone issues, iron deficiency, thyroid problems, or even ovarian cysts.

The second kind is more gradual, presenting as thinner or less dense hair without the patient noticing hair falling out. This kind of hair loss occurs over a matter of years. It is usually caused by hormones as well as genetic factors.

Gibson’s Diagnosis

After Victoria’s regular doctor, noting her lack of family history of baldness, diagnosed her with alopecia (hair loss) caused by stress, he referred her to a trichologist who specializes in stress alopecia. As Gibson told the Daily Express, "He said that hair loss generally took three months to show up, due to the life cycle of the hair, which actually made sense as the time three months before my hair loss had been the most stressful for me – I had just split up with my partner and I had the company restructure review.”

Measures for Recovery

The scalp doctor told Victoria that now that her life had settled down stress-wise her hair should start to grow back naturally, “but in the meantime, to speed up the process he gave me some great advice about how to wash, dry and style my hair without causing more damage, what to eat to make my hair stronger, and he also recommended Nourkrin, a natural hair growth supplement,” Gibson said to the Daily Express.

Gibson followed her doctor’s advice. She switched to a diet with more leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale to boost her vitamin E and iron levels, and also began eating more almonds and walnuts for magnesium and iron. She took her supplements and switched to a new shampoo and conditioner without harsh sulfates.

Seeing Great Results

In just a couple of months, Gibson had already begun to see her hair getting thicker. "I noticed dramatically better hair growth around my bald patches and within time, my hair started to feel much thicker and fuller," she observed to the Daily Express.

The reversal of her hair loss was the first of several positive developments for Gibson. "I feel more confident, I have started dating a lovely person and I am hopeful for the future," she told the Daily Express, going on to say that "It’s surprising just how much hair loss can affect your confidence. I have just purchased the dress that I will wear for the office Christmas party and my hair has never looked better.”

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