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How Can Men Regrow Their Hair?

by April Maguire


For men, hair loss is incredibly common. In fact, with more than 80% of men experiencing a noticeable about of thinning or baldness in their lifetimes, it's basically a foregone conclusion. The overwhelming majority of this hair loss is due to a condition known as androgenic alopecia, or simply male-pattern baldness. It's a genetic condition for which there is no surefire cure. That doesn't mean, however, that men have to take their hair loss lying down, so here are some easy-to-find drugs and supplements that men can use to curtail their hair loss and even help their hair to grow back.


When it comes to reversing hair loss, Rogaine has been the king for years. The drug that powers Rogaine is called Minoxidil, and it's been clinically proven to stop hair loss in its tracks for a majority of users and even regrow hair for some men. Rogaine works by stimulating hair growth and reactivating follicles that are starting to go dormant. And best of all, it's available in different forms, including a topical solution or a foam, so you can pick which version works best for you.


If Rogaine is the king, then Propecia is next in line of succession. Propecia is the brand name of a drug called finasteride, which was first used to treat prostate issues before it was discovered that it had hair restorative properties as well. It works, in part, by interacting with a testosterone byproduct known as DHT. When DHT collects on your scalp, it causes your follicles to shrink and male-pattern baldness to ensue. So DHT help to limit the amount of DHT in your system, saving your hair in the process.


In the battle against hair loss, vitamin supplements can help too. One of the best options is biotin, which is also known as B7. While biotin doesn't interact with the hair directly, this vitamin is crucial in the formation of keratin, which is one of the building blocks for your hair. So the most keratin you have in your system, the easier it is for your body to grow hair and the healthier the strands will be.

Hair Surge

The name may sound a little hokey, but this shampoo can work wonders. While it has a number of ingredients, two of them do the bulk of the heavy lifting. The first is called ketoconazole, which is an antifungal drug that reduces inflammation and soothe the skin, making sure your scalp is nice and healthy. The other driving force behind Hair Surge, believe it or not, is caffeine, which when applied topically has been proven to prevent hair loss. Hair loss may be an unpleasant reality for the vast majority of men, but it doesn't have to progress unchecked. All of these products can at the very least slow the rate of hair loss, and they might even help your reclaim a full, thick head of hair.

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