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Henna Crowns and Hair Loss?

by Alexandra Kilpatrick

Whether it’s caused by cancer, alopecia or simply old age, hair loss can be a stressful condition that both weighs on the sufferer’s self confidence and changes how he or she is viewed and treated by others.

One company hopes to help alleviate some of the stress with a beautiful and creative therapeutic solution. With artists across the globe, Toronto-based company Henna Heals aims to help hair loss sufferers reclaim control over their bodies by drawing elaborate henna crowns on their heads.

The henna process both pampers and relaxes clients, allowing them to indulge in self-reflection, an important part of the psychological healing process. The henna itself helps restore a sense of beauty and self-confidence.

“Beauty itself is not what’s important,” photographer and Henna Heals founder Frances Darwin told Policy Mic. “It’s the effect that feeling beautiful has and the way that people perceive you.”

Darwin also points out that people tend to associate baldness with illness. She hopes that these henna tattoos help to open up conversations rather than invite sadness and sympathy at the sight of baldness.

“Even if people don’t say anything – which they often do – you can sense the pity, sorrow or concern,” Darwin explained to Policy Mic. “When you are rocking a henna crown, the perception of the public changes to: ‘Wow, that’s so cool.’”

Millions of people suffer from hair loss each year, not just those with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy. By the age of 60, about 65 percent of men and 80 percent of women have noticeable hair loss.

Darwin invites clients of all genders and ages, but the majority are women, since hair loss is viewed as far less socially acceptable in women than in men.

“The application of the henna felt very therapeutic, not unlike having a massage,” Henna Heals client Jana Buhlmann told the Huffington Post. “My sense of self was very strong afterward. I was compelled to take selfies until the stain faded.”

Darwin warned that many pre-packaged hennas contain chemicals and preservatives that cause burning and scarring. Therefore, it’s best not to try it at home, especially in the case of chemotherapy patients or those with alopecia.

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