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Have a Beer and Burger, Get Healthy Hair

by Angela Santoriello

You are what you eat.

And according to research, 10 foods that fortify hair and nails prove that what you put in your mouth will make a noticeable difference in your appearance.

According to Joshua Zeichner, MD, the Mount Sinai Hospital Department of Dermatology’s director of cosmetic and clinical research, a nutritious diet promotes healthy hair and nails.

“Since both hair and nails are made of keratin, through a similar process in the body, it’s thought that nutrients that help one can also help the other,” Zeichner said in a Health article.

Whey protein and red meat are excellent edibles for strong hair and nails.

“Your hair needs protein to produce keratin, the proteins that make hair strong,” Zeichner said.

Whey protein can be added to any shake, morning or night, to give the added boost for growth. As for red meat, the protein can be added to breakfast, lunch or dinner in many types of fare.

While you are eating a juicy burger, washing it down with a beer can be beneficial to better hair and nails, “since the alcohol is one of the richest sources of silicon in the average diet,” according to research from the Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture.

If you’re not that hungry, you can still get extra protein in different types of nuts. Not only are almonds a good source of protein, they’re loaded with magnesium, which helps maintain healthy hair and nails, according to Health, adding that according to the National Institutes of Health, 800 percent of your daily recommended value of protein can be met by eating six to eight Brazil nuts.

Blueberries and eggs are two types of fare that force growth and give strength. According to a WebMD report, blueberries have vitamin C that “is critical for circulation to the scalp and supports the tiny blood vessels that feed the follicles,” and “eggs are loaded with four key minerals: zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron. Iron is especially important, because it helps cells carry oxygen to the hair follicles.”

A bit more expensive, but just as stimulating, salmon and oysters are two seafoods that strengthen hair. While “oysters are rich in zinc, a lack of which can lead to hair loss (even in superstar),” according to WebMD.

Lastly, milk really does do the body good, with the high protein liquid helping to lengthen hair and nails. Health reported that “women with hair shedding had lower vitamin D levels than women with healthy hair,” according to a Skin Pharmacology Physiology study.

So when it comes to having healthier hair and nails, what you put in will definitely determine what you get out.

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