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Hair Loss Replacement Systems

Whether you call them hairpieces, toupees, rugs, or wigs.a hair replacement system can be an inexpensive alternative to hair loss treatments such as hair transplant surgery or drugs. Men's hairpieces and toupees are now called "hair systems" because that's exactly what they've become...a system. Today, hair systems are no longer "one size fits all," and most are custom made to fit your head shape, match your hair color and density, attach in a way that's easy for you, all while blending in naturally with your existing hair.

What modern hair loss replacement systems have over your father's toupee is advanced technology. Improvements have been made in the base materials and the hairs used in construction. Hair systems often use either real human hair or synthetic fibers, which are both lighter and have a more realistic look and feel than ever before. Durability does become a question with new hair replacement systems. Your hair system will typically need to be replaced 4-6 times a year. Since this is not living human hair like micro-grafts, your hair loss replacement system will become brittle and some hair loss is inevitable no matter how well you take care of your system.

Hair replacement systems have more options than ever, and it's all about finding the right hair system for you. You can get hair systems in any hairstyle, long or short, or hair color. You can choose hair replacement systems based on finding a more sturdy base system like a polymer (also known as a "skin base"), or if the most realistic appearance is your preference, you can go with a mesh lace system. Hair replacement systems even have options for both men and women. Women are actually choosing hair systems over wigs because the customized fit makes them more comfortable and they look more natural than store bought wigs.

A hair system can be less expensive than other hair loss treatments, but a hair replacement system definitely adds up over time. With up to 6 replacements a year necessary, with prices ranging from $200 to $500 per system, a hair system is an investment. Getting a hair system traditionally meant going to a salon or "hair club," but there are more and more online options available. Online hair systems offer great deals and savings, but you also lose out on personalized tailoring and one-on-one advice. If you find your hair is falling out quickly or your system has a loose or improper fit, you might want to look into a different, more permanent option like hair transplant surgery. Contact Us for more information and to schedule your free consultation!

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