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Hair Loss Drugs

Propecia® and Rogaine® are the only two hair loss medications that are approved by the FDA. With the ability to partially stabilize current hair loss and to prevent future hair loss, Propecia and Rogaine products can provide adequate results for plenty of patients. More often, though, hair growth drugs act as the perfect companion to hair transplant surgery.

What is Propecia®?
Propecia is the oral medication of the two hair loss treatment drugs that the FDA has approved. Its active ingedient is Finasteride and can provide a defense against DHT—the hormone that causes hereditary hair loss—and help to stave off balding. The Propecia drug also has the ability to improve the amount of shedding a patient suffers in as few as three months. Hair transplantation will restore the hair you've lost, but Propecia can be added to help keep the rest of the hair that you are genetically destined to lose.

Rogaine® Hair Products
Rogaine with Minoxidil is an over-the-counter hair loss treatment that can, like Propecia, provide a defense against the initial stages of hair loss. Rogaine can also sometimes be used after hair transplantation to promote new hair growth. The first FDA-approved unisex hair loss drug, Rogaine can also be effective for women. Rogaine comes in Men's Rogaine, Women's Rogaine, Rogaine Extra Strength, and Rogaine Foam. It is a topical solution, so patients apply this hair loss drug directly onto the scalp in the thinning areas.

Both Rogaine and Propecia are hair loss products that can be further explored and purchased at most of our listed locations.

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