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Hair Line Lowering Surgery

A hairline that's too high or a forehead that's too big can seriously throw off the balance of an otherwise beautiful face. It can also make people look older than they really are or uncomfortable wearing their hair off of their face. High hairlines and large foreheads are a problem for both men and women. Fortunately, hairline lowering surgery will permanently reduce the size of your forehead. There are two ways to go about hairline lowering surgery: hair grafting or forehead reduction.

Hairline Lowering through Hair Grafting

If your large forehead is due to a receding hairline or other hair loss along the front of the hairline, hair grafting can restore that hair so that you can get your old look back. Since this type of hairline lowering surgery is commonly performed after hair loss, it's the most popular method for men.

Follicular units from elsewhere on the scalp are removed in follicular units. They are usually removed manually by the surgeon, but some very new advancements have given that responsibility to ultra-efficient machines. The follicular units are usually taken from the sides of the scalp, where there is plenty of hair to choose from. These grafted areas will resume normal hair growth after the surgery. The grafts are placed directly in front of your natural hairline. Your surgeon can simply lower your overall hairline in the same shape it was before, or change it to fit your desires-- the specifics of your hairline readjustment are up to you. Some people want a slimmer forehead, so more grafts are added to the sides of the hairline. In three to six months, hair growth will look completely natural. Hair grafting is also a good option for men and women who want their hairline lowered, but don't want their forehead to look tighter or more “lifted” than before.

Hairline Lowering through Forehead Reduction

If you've always had a large forehead, you may be a good candidate for a forehead reduction. Rather than dealing with the hair, a forehead reduction involves surgical removal of a portion of the forehead. The forehead is then pulled together and sutured, creating a new forehead that's smaller and more proportional to your features. Although it is less invasive than hair grafting, it may cause more noticeable scars. That's because the skin is removed from the center of the forehead, rather than hidden within the hair.

Hairline lowering through forehead reduction is a popular way for women to reduce the size of their forehead without altering their existing hair line. It's also a good way for men without hair loss issues to shorten their forehead.

Benefits of Hairline Lowering

In addition to making you look younger and more proportional, a lower hairline can help reduce the appearance of a low or heavy brow without a brow lift. Since large foreheads take up a lot of space, they are naturally a focal point for the eye and call more attention to a low brow. Hairline lowering is also a popular procedure for transgender or facial feminization patients. Men have naturally higher hairlines than women, so hairline lowering is a common step in the shift from man to woman. These transgender patients often choose to have their hairline rounded in addition to lowering, for a softer and more feminine look.

Scheduling Your Hairline Lowering

If hairline lowering is something you're considering, the best way to get all of your questions answered is to speak directly with a hair loss specialist. If you'd like to learn more about hairline lowering or to schedule a private consultation with a hair loss specialist in your area, contact us today!

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