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Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair?

If you’re a woman experiencing thinning hair, you’ve probably considered a range of solutions for the problem. Maybe you’ve even considered hair extensions. The problem with hair extensions for women with thinning hair is that they actually put stress on your hair. For women who have had thin or fine hair all their lives, hair extensions are often a good option. As long as the hair that you do have is firmly rooted, hair extensions can help create a fuller head of hair.

There are many different kinds of hair extensions. With braided extensions, the natural hair is braided, and the extensions are woven into the braid, making the hair appear longer. Bonding extensions use a bonding agent to attach extensions to natural strands of hair using special tools. Weaves are similar to extensions and involve braiding the natural hair into a braid to form a long, narrow track to which a weft of hair is sewn to the braid. Another form of weave uses glue to bond the added hair to the natural hair.

As you can tell from the way the extensions work, they can put quite a bit of stress on the existing hair. If you are losing significant amounts of hair, you may have extensions put in, only to find that they fall out with your natural hair. Extensions can successfully add more hair to your coif, provided that your natural hair is strong and healthy enough for them.

When opting for hair extensions, you will need to be sure that you hire a highly skilled stylist, to ensure that your extensions are as well-integrated as possible, and are not visible. A trained and experienced stylist can help your extensions last for up to four months before additional maintenance or new extensions are needed. Your stylist should explain how to care for your extensions, as well. Finally, the hair extensions need to be quality hair as well, to avoid quick, straw-like drying out. Ultimately, hair extensions will require significant maintenance and money over time, in order to keep them looking good.

If you are experiencing rapid hair loss, you should see your doctor to ensure that the hair loss in not related to another medical condition. If your hair is simply thinning and cannot be tied to vitamin deficiency or other treatable conditions, and you want to permanently solve the problem without the constant upkeep and potential hair damage of hair extensions, there are other options available to you. Hair restoration through hair transplant surgery is one such permanent solution to thinning hair. The procedure involves using hair from the back and sides of the head transplanted to the thinning areas. A skillful hair transplant professional integrates the hair follicles into your scalp to resemble natural growth patterns, leaving you with full, natural-looking hair.

Other solutions, such as Rogaine, Propecia, and hair loss shampoos can effectively help women prevent hair loss. To learn more about options available for women with thinning hair, contact Hair Loss Specialists today. We will set up your personal consultation with a skillful, experienced hair loss specialist who will help you determine the best solution for your thinning hair.

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