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From Minoxidil to Low-Light Therapy: Four Tips for Hair Growth

by Angela Santoriello

Terrence Keaney founded the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery W For Men with one thing in mind—male skin.

As the “world’s first clinical practice dedicated exclusively to advanced laser and other skin treatments by men,” the D.C.-based center treats all dermatologic conditions, including acne, scar revision, rosacea, vein treatment, tattoo removal, anti-aging treatments and more.

“By taking into account the differences in male anatomy and physiology, we have been able to customize an appropriately male-eccentric approach in the care of men’s skin,” reports W For Men. “This area of focus is evident immediately upon entering our facility—an environment of inviting privacy and masculine appeal.”

Men’s Fitness consulted with Keaney to find out the cold hard truth on losing tresses. “By the time a man has noticed hair thinning, he has already lost approximately 50% of hair density,” said Keaney.

Seeing a dermatologist early is rule one of four to help prevent hair loss, according to the doctor, who uses a trichoscope—digital hair imaging tool— to enhance videos and photos of the scalp at 30x magnification. By being able to see the future of the hair follicles, Keaney sets forth individualized treatments for each of his clients since reasons for hair loss range from “genetic predisposition, sensitivity to the male hormone the dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and shortened growth (anagen) phase of the hair follicle.”

The second secret in protecting the scalp and preventing hair loss is eating high amounts of protein. Detailing how hair itself is essentially formed from the matter, Keany suggests serving up fare high in protein like poultry, eggs and Greek yogurt that also promotes high amounts Omega-3 fatty acids and iron. Specific fish such as sardines and salmon high in the fatty acids and iron found in shellfish, red meat and dark green vegetables promote both growth and protect from breakage.

The third tip is probably the simplest. By applying topical Minoxidil found in Men’s Rogaine Foam onto the scalp twice daily, the 5 percent application in the a.m. and p.m. proves to prevent hair loss. “In addition, Propecia—the key ingredient here is Finasteride—is prescription-only, taken orally, and has been clinically proven to block the actual formation of DHT, a male sex hormone that interferes with hair’s natural growth and shedding cycle,” reports Men’s Fitness.

The final and fourth tip is low-light therapy. Illuminwave “improves hair loss through multiple mechanisms including increased local blood flow, growth factor promotion, and induction of prolonged hair growth phase.” With dozens of painless, 30 minute treatments, committing to the process means patience. With 2-3 weekly visits for the first few months followed by weekly maintenance at $100 per treatment, patience and a pocket full of cash is needed; however, most professionals offer a plethora of package deals for the expensive, effective procedure.

So with four great tips from seeing a dermatologist early, watching what you eat, applying medicine and getting some sun on the scalp, hair loss can be prevented. And according to the doctor, “each product on its own can be effective,” but combining them all together offers up the best results possible.

If you or someone you know would like more information about hair loss and how to treat it, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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