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Five Best Practices for Healthier Hair

by Angela Santoriello

Often seen with long, healthy black hair, Indian women are known for terrific tresses, and according to The Times of India, there are least five reasons why: proper diet, scalp stimulation, avoiding styling tools, supplementing to counteract blood deficiency, and acupuncture. Before delving into these five practices, defining hale and hearty hair should be noted. WebMD writes that “healthy hair is hair that's growing appropriately out of every follicle, not easily broken, and connected to a healthy scalp”. Now let's take a look at some best practices.

“Hair thrives on protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. So, eat more lean meats, leafy greens, nuts, beans, and fish. Iron, protein, Vitamin D,” reports The Times of India, also suggesting supplements when vitamins and minerals from said fare cannot be consumed. After dieting, rubbing the head helps hair growth since “massaging your head in the shower improves blood flow to the scalp,” according to the report.

Along with stimulating the scalp, massage, “improves circulation and reduces stress,” reports LIVESTRONG.COM. Whether wet or dry, but always on clean detangled hair, scalp massage should be performed through the "checkmark" method. “Spread your fingers, and then place your fingertips on the scalp,” reports the website. “Keeping fingertips on the scalp at all times, extend and contract the fingers two to three times; similar to the shape of a checkmark. Move fingers around the scalp, covering all areas.”

As for a standard massage, LIVESTRONG.COM reports after spreading the fingers, place “the fingertips on the scalp. Use slow, gentle movements to move fingertips in a circular motion, alternating fingertips around different areas of the scalp.”

After avoiding frequent use of “hair dryers and irons, especially if you are colouring your hair frequently,” according to The Times of India, it is important to ensure your blood levels are strong to avoid weak hair. “A blood test can detect your ferritin (iron stored in the blood) and vitamin D level,” according to the report. “Low levels of both can lead to hair loss, and the fix could be as simple as adding an iron or vitamin supplement to your diet.” Confirming the importance of blood levels, WebMD reports “that treatment for hair loss is enhanced when iron deficiency, with or without anemia, is treated."

Lastly, acupuncture is the final reason for strong hair according to The Times of India and LIVESTRONG.COM. “Acupuncture stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, which increases nourishment of the hair follicles,” reports the website, also adding that blood and kidney energy promotes hair growth. “The kidneys control the nourishment of the hair. When the body has an insufficiency of qi, blood and kidney energy, hair loss results. Acupuncture improves qi and blood flow within the body, strengthening the kidneys and promoting healthy hair growth.”

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