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Elementary School Provides Massive Hair Donation to National Charity

by Greg S

In Hillsborough Township, a small town near Somerset, New Jersey, a very, very big donation has been made.

Sixty-six students, parents, and staff members of the local Amsterdam Elementary School have donated over a whopping 660 inches- over 5.5 feet- to the Locks of Love, a non-profit charity that provides for disadvantaged children suffering from hair loss.

Pattern Hair Gain

Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada who are suffering from medical hair loss. Many of the children helped by the organization have lost their hair to alopecia areata, an ailment which has no discernible cause or cure.

Locks of Love aims to return a sense of normalcy to children suffering from hair loss. A major goal of the prostheses is to assist self-esteem and confidence in these young people. Additionally, many of the donations are actually given free-of-charge.

A Stable of Pony-Tails

For the Hillsborough Township community, this is the tenth year that the Amsterdam Elementary School has donated their hair to Locks of Love. Collectively, the school has donated over 4,000 inches (over 333 feet) of hair.

Teacher Tresses

This extraordinary tradition all began when one of the fourth grade teachers, Lisa Caudill, made a personal decision to donate her own hair. Apparently, Caudill convinced others or was convinced to cut her hair in front of the entire class. The rest of the story (as was her long hair) is history.

This year marks the third time Caudill has donated her hair to the Locks of Love charity. Her husband, Brian Caudill, a physical education teacher for the Amsterdam and Woods Road School, proudly does the cutting. The donations have become a tradition not only for the community but for former students as well. Daria Grastara, a former student from that special fourth grade class ten years ago, returned to Amsterdam Elementary School to donate her hair. This is Grastara’s third time, as well.

Additionally, the Locks of Love charity campaign has gone beyond hair donation. In early June, over 100 students and staff managed to collectively raise $2,080 for the public non-profit organization.

Offering a Hand (and Hair)

If you are interested in donating your hair, contact us for more information. Visit the official Locks of Love website for additional help and assistance, including a list of participating salons, and donation guidelines.

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